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A model prepares backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show at The Armory on November 19, 2009 in New York City. Makeup: Kako poput profesionalaca oblikovati i naglasiti crte lica pomocu highlight i contour tehnika sminkanja?
For a model, getting asked to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show is like being asked to be the Super Bowl of modeling. We headed backstage at the annual fashion show which taped last night (but doesn’t air on TV until December) to get the dish on how the Angels exercise and diet before the big show. From the workout machine that Victoria’s Secret newbie Martha Hunt calls “torture” to Elsa Husk‘s juicing strategy, it truly doesn’t sound easy to be an Angel.
As for her exercise regime she shared: "I've been using a Megaformer—it is like the pilates reformer with a carriage in between two platforms and you change the springs for restistance—so you have to resist these pullys to strengthen your body. Not surprisingly, the top models asked to walk in the show, everyone from Adriana Lima to Erin Heatherton, prepare for months and months.

That is, of course, unless you’re Jourdan Dunn, who shared with us that she doesn’t work out at all. British beauty Jourdan Dunn told us: "I don’t really do anything [to prepare], I'm really bad, I'm probably the worst. In fact, the best runners in the world do depend on them to make it certain that everything will be fine whenever tough competitions are underway.
Along this juncture, medical practitioners have significantly revealed that there are actually 5 Best Things that You Should Know About Your Knees. Upon discovering all of these, many of us will surely take care of these very vital parts for our most convenient mobility for a lifetime.The human knee is a complex but a harmonious symmetry of different parts to make our movements much easier.
It is best characterized as the sudden inflammation of your cartilage just beneath your kneecap.
First, you should learn how to run on ground level to be able to minimize its torque effect.

In this way, a direct injury to your knee will be avoided.Remarkably, these Top 5 Knee Secrets will make you more efficient than ever before to do diverse tasks that will make you even more efficient and productive just like a cheetah which can run so fast than a speed of light. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Other Stories Want to Have Slim Knees? Know the Basics Top Secret Places Where Germs Hide Henry Sy is Philippines’ Top Billionaire Top Essential Oils to Enhance Your Lifestyle Beyonce, Eminem and Azalea Top MTV Awards NomineesOther Write-Ups Dana Delany Reveals Wine as One of Her Anti-Aging Secrets What are Aneurysm Signs and Symptoms?

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