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Take a look at the photos below and don’t hesitate to try these outstanding makeup ideas as soon as possible. Use a flat, somewhat stiff eyeshadow brush to apply a dark brown or plum slightly above the socket of your eye along the socket bone. Adele is wearing a cut crease and it goes directly where the socket of your eye starts from the bone. Apply a light matte eyeshadow shade over your entire eyelid. Adele is rarely caught wearing shimmer eyeshadow. Go in with a black eyeliner pencil and apply it generously to your lower lash-line and water-line. Her eyeliner is very thick along the bottom lashes, so make sure you apply it below your lashes as well. Using a felt tip liner pen or gel eyeliner, line your entire upper lash line and flick it out into a wing in the outer corner. My personal favorite is Tarte Tarteist Clay Eyeliner.
Using the same eyeliner, extend the inner corner line at an angle toward your nose on both the upper lash line and lower lash line. Connect these two lines together to create an inner wing. Again, because every person has a different eye shape, width, and length, this will look slightly different on everyone. If you’re a die-hard anime fan, you’re sure to love this YouTube makeup tutorial that will transform you into your favorite cartoon character. This YouTube makeup tutorial is fun and whimsical, transforming the space between one’s brows and lashes into an anime eye that is incredibly lifelike and even a tad creepy.
Once opener, one’s eyelids feature a heavy makeup print but transform into cartoon character eyes when closed. When stars post their own photos on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr of themselves supposedly not wearing makeup when they very clearly are, I am suspicious and also irritated.
Wash your face using a light exfoliant or cream cleanser to keep it looking so fresh and so clean clean.
You can feasibly use BB cream here if you’d like a little more coverage, but a lightly tinted moisturizer will also work just fine. This stuff looks the most natural since it blends into your skin, whereas powder blush can rest on any hairs or bumps and be more obvious.
Curl your lashes and apply one coat of mascara (black-brown if you have light hair, black if it’s darker). Fill in your brows with a bit of eyebrow powder using an angled brush in small, light strokes. To my eye, the only difference between all those shots is your confidence is up in the last one… it makes your beautiful eyes shine. I have friends who always say they get carded and nobody at bars believes they’re over 21 without makeup.
I tend to mix whatever tinted moisturizer I have (usually just Cover Girl) with face sunscreen to dilute it and make it fit my skin tone more.
Eye makeup designs are the new thread, we have seen it go viral- from video tutorials to pictures, from catwalks, to celebrities. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.

Some of them are perfect for a night out, while the others are good for a coffee with friends or a date!
She has a cut crease that extends just slightly above her eye socket and heavy eyeliner all around her eyes.
If you mess up, keep a makeup remover wipe handy or a cotton swab with makeup remover so you can clean up the line and keep it crisp. I have shallow sockets and semi-hooded eyes, so I had to make my eyeliner a bit thicker to get it to show up and look dramatic like Adele’s.
Inspired by anime imagery, this impressive beauty guide is the work of YouTube user KatrinaMakiyazh who shows you how to put together your own anime eyelid look. This vibrant makeup look is a perfect Halloween costume alternative and is sure to turn heads at anime-themed events like Comicon. It just encourages the media to write pieces about how beautiful women are without makeup and faux-concern-trolling us to not do so.
I just am sick of media outlets sending these absurd mixed messages obnoxiously critiquing celebrities who are actually not wearing makeup and are caught by paparazzi while on the way to yoga, then simultaneously praise others who take their own snapshots and certainly have products on their faces. However, it’s important to note that she is (A) wearing makeup and (B) still informing fans on how they should look. The only time I can wear them is in the summer, when even wearing sunscreen religiously makes me go slightly darker.
I used Smashbox BB Cream because I had packed up my tinted moisturizer (I’m in the process of moving, sad face), but I often just mix together a little bit of of MAC foundation plus an equal part of moisturizer and use that to get the perfect shade + sunscreen without it being too pigmented. However, I don’t believe there is a way to tell if Demi is wearing makeup from a photo. She encouraged girls to go without make-up and use no filter in their photos to send the message to not be ashamed of themselves.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The natural makeup looks glam up your original appearance and they are suitable for all occasions in our everyday life. When you make an artistic eye makeup, the eyelashes extensions are a must in order to complete the final look.
In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof.
Both the inner and outer corners have a wing, which makes the eyes look super almond-shaped and cat-like.
I personally have more shallow eye sockets than Adele does, so I changed up a few techniques a little bit.
Whether the classic black smokky eye makeup or the advanced colored smoky eye makeup, you will find what you want in this full collection of stunning smoky eye makeup tutorials. I wear makeup for me, as many women and men do, and I don’t need somebody telling me why I should stop or how I should look instead just to appease their sensibilities on female self image.

I do makeup tutorials because I love makeup and know many of you do, too, but I also never would criticize a woman (or man) for being unmade up because frankly, that’s stupid. The reason why I am not quickly condemning Demi as definitely wearing makeup is because I happen to look very similar to this without makeup.
It’s obvious that Demi wears make-up and use filters in photo-shoots for magazines and album covers and on live tv-shows!!! If you are looking for some amazing makeup art ideas combined with lashes extensions, below are some amazing ones which will inspire you all. We’re sharing with you some tricks and tips and you can achieve these amazing looks by yourselves only by following our step-by-step tutorials.
She was recently in i-D Magazine as their cover story, and the makeup really caught my attention.
The lips are kept matte and bare, but the face has a chiseled contour along the cheekbones and nose. Do not blend out the actual crease when you’re finished, only the end of where the eyeshadow is.
Im not as pale, but I have naturally rosy cheeks (some might say ruddy), dark pink lips, clear skin, and long black eyelashes. I also filled in my eyebrows to make them slightly darker than usual and kept my lips a matte nude shade. We are going to share with you 13 stylish smoky eye makeup tutorials for your next party and night out.
She was just saying that a normal girl should not wear a lot of make-up or use filters to change her aspect!
She almost always wears eyeliner flicked into a cat-wing and contours her cheekbones, while leaving the rest of her face bare.
All these tutorials are good to try and they will be an excellent teacher to tell you how to do an enviable smoky eye makeup. Every time you go to the public occasions, you should do some makeups so that you will be more sophisticated. If you just start to do makeups for yourself, then you need more practice and you will find the most great makeup style for your look.
You’ll be in the center of attention if you bring them into focus with some amazing eye shadows and mascara.
In this case, the eyes are the center of the attention as usual, and the cheekbones and nose are carved out by contouring.

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