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This is Steven Salzberg's blog on genomics, pseudoscience, medical breakthroughs, higher education, and other topics, including skepticism about unscientific medical practices. It's a holiday weekend, and many of us will be eating chocolate, especially chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. Last week, a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine claimed that eating chocolate more frequently is associated with a lower body-mass index, or BMI.
Of course the media ate this up (pun intended), with headlines like "The Chocolate Diet?" at The New York Times. Because the thinner people in the study ate less chocolate overall, they must have eaten much less at each sitting. On this note, I have to give kudos to Gary Taubes at Discover magazine, who isn't buying any of this.
Taube looked at multiple observational studies done at Harvard's School of Public Health, by one of the top epidemiology groups in the country. Yeast infections, known medically as Candida albicans, are common among people with diabetes. Uncontrolled high blood sugar levels increase the risk of yeast infections, as does a weakened immune system – both of which are common in diabetes.
Extra blood sugar in these tissues among people with diabetes can disrupt the normal balance of microorganisms by promoting Candida growth. Yeast infections are equal-opportunity infections of the genitalia in men and women with diabetes, and men suffer many of the same symptoms in and around the penis that women experience in the vaginal area.
People with diabetes can help prevent yeast infections in any of these areas by taking certain precautions. Read more →John MyersSeptember 19 2014 10$10 bucks if you pull a Christ move and tip the table over and stomp on the lunch bags, $10 Andreas! 3LouSeptember 19 2014You're a pretty healthy guy Andreas, so I'm guessing no higher than 175. 5FrankGSeptember 19 2014 2Even ignoring the irony of their poor choices, I'd say that if that were offered me as a "lunch" rather than just a "snack" I'd be demanding my money back!
6CarmenSeptember 19 2014This is so typical, every time I attend a conference I am very disappointed with the lunch boxes. 7TakedaSeptember 19 2014 4Not surprising really when the money isn't in curing anyone … just maintaining the recommended dosages of drugs.

Scheduled Obsolescence … it's this principle that a customer that will keep coming back and buying their crap which drives the worldwide BUYBUYBUY economy. They've created a market for a ton of things that are toxic to us but we're told is necessary. Funny how we've been doing just fine as a species for millions of years without anti-statins, injectable insulin for people forced into metabolic syndrome, low-fat high-carb slow-death.
8mezzoSeptember 19 2014Looks familiar - I got almost exactly the same terrible stuff at a conference on a very different subject. If you are in ketosis for a long time, it can go over 200 easy - body is very efficient in blocking glucose from entering cells.
15John MyersSeptember 19 2014 10$10 bucks if you pull a Christ move and tip the table over and stomp on the lunch bags, $10 Andreas! Reply to comment #16 by Vita17erdokeSeptember 19 2014 4If you see a banana from industrialized agriculture, stick to the green pieces.
I used to work for a HUGE multi-national software company, and conference lunches always included salad options in addition to special-needs meals (Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, etc.).
FWIW, we also had to post little signs saying how much the lunches were worth so that US Government employees could (theoretically) skip ones that were worth more than $5.
29Johnny D.September 19 2014 3It would seem that they are supporting the disease rather then the cure.
Their focus is on technical research and drug development - stuff they are highly trained on. The fact that people coming to the conference need to eat is a bit of an inconvenient distraction from the issue at hand.
Very sad to hear there is no discussion about ways to use nutrition, exercise, lifestyle modification, etc. Here's where I can say what I really think about abuses and distortions of science, wherever I see them.
Even though the questionnaire is anonymous, we still want to look like we're doing the right thing. In fact, these infections may be one of the first signs of diabetes, which can also include fatigue, unexplained weight loss and increased urination. First and foremost, it’s crucial to keep blood sugar levels under control to prevent not only yeast infections, but also other diabetes complications.

I just came back from one and it was sad to see that there was nothing but, mushy bread sandwiches, brownies and chips in it. You're paying for packaging, product-placement in the store and in the media (movies, TV shows, etc.), and a pittance for what's in the box when the massive markup from the manufacturer and the retailers goes right into their pockets. To be sure, there was also lots of junk - sodas, ice cream bars, cookies - but they weren't in the lunch boxes. And lately, when he needed to get CME credits, he found some offerings for such a low cost right in the nearest large town.
To deal with this catering issue they have contracted a snacks company ( probably the lowest bidder) to provide a typical snack pack commonly enjoyed by the public.
I guess that just supports what I hear diabetics tell me, 'I can eat anything I want as long as I take my insulin'. Good hygiene in the mouth and genital areas can also lower the risk of yeast infections in those regions. I'd be interested in how many start to nod off during the afternoon sessions after eating that. The Cure for diabetes is not eating high-glycemic carbs … but those are the most profitable. When I woke up they offered me orange juice or a sugary soft drink, fully aware of my medical record.I had to specifically ask for plain water instead!
She told me that her dietitian recommended that she eat a healthy serving of carbs with every meal!!
I need to report that if I must eat ice cream, however, to lower my body mass, I prefer strawberry. Read more blog posts Patient is one of the most trusted medical resources online, supplying evidence based information on a wide range of medical and health topics to patients and health professionals.

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