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Disclaimer: All information on this site is general info and does not constitute advice on any medical or psychological condition. Photo: Raw Jersey Cream, raw homemade butter, and raw Jersey Cheese, all from grass fed cows at a local farm.
Pasture raised beef and lamb are a highly concentrated source of some of the healthiest vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other compounds found in plants!
By a process called 'biological magnification,' these nutrients build up in the animals' tissues, becoming much more concentrated than they are in the plants!
Pasture-fed livestock are great concentrators of the rich array of beneficial compounds in what is essentially wild plant material - tough grasses that are hell to get out of a garden, wildflowers, berry plants, and herbs that are always trying to get a foothold in the grasslands, plus the bark, leaves and twigs they strip off trees. These plants are FAR more full of beneficial compounds than anything humans have domesticated! All those powerful phytonutrients are transformed by pasture raised animals into a form that is VERY easy for us to absorb! Pasture raised meats are actually healthier than commercially raised organic for a variety of reasons. Additionally, grass fed beef and lamb are considerably higher in omega-3 essential fatty acids, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, Vitamins A and D, Vitamin E (chlorophyll rich foods contain natural Vitamin E) and other nutrients. Raw milk, butter and cheeses from grass fed cows, goats, and sheep is one of the healthiest foods for a low carb diet.
Bile which balances pH in the gut, carries toxins out of the body, prevents constipation by stimulating peristalsis, and more is made from - you guessed it - cholesterol!
Raw milk, cream, butter and cheese from grass fed cows and goats is MUCH safer than pasteurized dairy!
Pasteurized milk, on the other hand, is vulnerable to whatever floats into it from the air.
Chlorella is the premier green super food, with more chlorophyll than any other plant form!
A superb detoxifier of mercury and other toxic metals, chemical poisons and a host of other hazards, it is also a super nutritious food. In fact, Chlorella contains more lutein (a deep yellow carotenoid needed especially for the health of eyes and skin) than marigold petals - it is just not visible because the yellow of the lutein is overpowered by the deep green of all the chlorophyll! The best and most delicious salads for low carb diet include a generous amount of (organically grown) dark greens. Arugula (one of my favorites), Romaine lettuce, green and red leaf lettuce, Butterhead lettuce, cilantro, parsley, dandelion greens like the ones on the right (the best ones come from a pesticide-free lawn) and chicory. Porphyrins (new window) in chlorophyll help to bind and carry toxins such as heavy metals out of your body. When red and white blood cells become more flexible, they pass easier through the tiniest capillaries, improving micro-circulation. Low-spray apples (like the Fujis in the photo), correctly grown are even more gorgeous than their conventional cousins. Blueberries: It is easier to grow blueberries organically than apples, since their ripening time is much shorter. Low-bush blueberries: These are the ones you find growing very low to the ground in the wilds of coastal Maine and other parts of New England.
They are my favorite for flavor, much smaller and more concentrated in taste than their high-bush relatives.
When you buy frozen blueberries, take along a cold-pack and immediately put it over them to keep them from thawing. High-bush blueberries: They are larger, less concentrated in flavor and contain less purple pigment than low-bush ones. So pure, it is well toleratedby even my most sensitive customers!BUY the Best Chlorella!
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The owner expressly disclaims liability for any product, manufacturer, distributor, service, or service provider or any opinion expressed in answers or comments. This style has a terry lining in the foot area, but is not considered thick and uncomfortable. Improved clinical outcomes of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus utilizing integrative medicine: a case report.
Comparison of low- and high-carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes management: a randomized trial.
During the initial phases off injury it can be useful to think about your emotional response to the injury. Sometimes an injury can make an athlete want to return to an even higher level of competition. In other cases the athlete may want to continue their sport at a recreational level for the sheer love of it. Early in the rehabilitation process goal setting can improve both productivity and performance.
One approach to early rehab is the ego-orientated approach where outcomes are measured against the achievements of others. Setting personal goals and believing in your ability to achieve your goals leads to better sports performance.
As you return to full training and competition after injury anxieties about your skill levels are likely to be paramount. As you approach a return to sport go through some simple tests of balance, strength and endurance. When athletes have been out of action for a while with injury it is natural to worry about what teammates and coaches think about them. Having rewards for achieving smaller goals can help you achieve the long-term goal of getting back to your best athletic self.
Many of the top 10 super foods are the ones you wanted to eat but were told are 'bad' for you. Imagine grabbing a handful of crab grass, some bark off a maple tree and a bunch of red clover plants and stuffing it in your mouth. The feed grains used for commercial livestock (assuming they get food that is even THAT good) is not fit for humans, spoiled and moldy. Did you know that consumption of cholesterol is important for keeping the membranes surrounding every one of your cells strong and healthy? They are never fed hormone-laced moldy grains and garbage given to commercially raised animals. Raw, organic grass fed milk contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), higher vitamin A and D and many other nutrients not naturally abundant in factory produced milk.
Experiments in which salmonella and other harmful bacteria were added to raw milk showed that the disease-producing bacteria DISAPPEARED after a day or so.
Left at room temperature for a day, or even in the refrigerator beyond its expiration date, it rots. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it also contains very high concentrations of carotenoids such as lutein, beta carotene and others. If it is grown in a contaminated environment (sadly, most are), it will ADD toxins to your body rather than binding and removing them! The problem with organic apples is that you need patience and a good paring knife to carve away the little tunnels,brown spots, etc. Expert orchardists know how to use very biodegradable sprays that have minimal impact on the environment (and of course on you). Organic apples contain more mycotoxins because the tunnels, blemishes and other damage by insects and microorganisms makes them more susceptible to rot. I have been known to keep the cold pack on the blueberries even on the check-out conveyor belt!

You can buy them in season in large quantities, spread them out on cookie sheets in the freezer, then pack and keep in freezer. Jason Fung said he now advocates a dietary intervention to diabetes as first resort – what he calls the “rational, natural approach”.
Thinking about these questions in depth allows you to focus your rehabilitation on the outcome that you want. This approach is associated with lack of persistence, a feeling of the outcome being by chance and higher anxiety levels.
Having not had an opportunity to show your ability for a while it is common to worry about appearing unfit, de-skilled or not up to the same standard.
Even if you COULD chew and swallow it, most of it would exit the other end in about the same shape as it was swallowed. Potassium activates the parasympathetic (rest and digest) part of the autonomic nervous system. Molds and fungi are not addressed, so organic apples tend to have more mycotoxins for that reason.
Unfortunately, while doctors are (usually) great at treating the injury itself the emotional side of recovering from injury is often ignored. This is followed by the rehabilitation-recovery phase and then the return to full activity phase. It is also a great opportunity to plan, share decision-making and review progress with doctors, therapists and coaches.
A task mastery approach instead is associated with persistence and optimal performance outcomes. Goal setting and concentration on task mastery mean you are more likely to stick with your rehab. You should also fee comfortable in your surroundings, it may be useful to continue to use your usual training environment.
Maintain your autonomy and set a realistic target for return to competition. If you are anxious about re-injury relaxation and guided imagery sessions can help.
It has also been shown, most notably in adolescents, to improve adherence to rehabilitation.
This approach promotes maximal effort from the outset; the focus is on executing each task in your rehab programme as well as you possibly can. A structured and progressive rehabilitation programme will allow your coach or therapist to provide performance-based feedback and allow you to grow in confidence. Gradual improvements will give you the belief that you will be able to perform to your previous standards. This guide to the stresses felt at each stage will help you to take the best psychological approach.
As Taylor would say “Shake it off.” Appreciate the effort you have made in your rehabilitation. Injured athletes tend not to have an optimistic view when it comes to estimating their ability to return to previous levels of performance.
Know that you do not have any control over other peoples thoughts so don’t worry about them. They also worry about the risk of re-injury. We know that when the medical team considers the psychology of the athlete compliance with rehabilitation improves.
Focus on specific goals that are under your control, such as mastering a specific skill or gaining a particular time in a performance test.
It is important to feel that you are technically ready and not under any undue pressure to return to sport. Close liaison with doctors, coaches, friends and family improves adherence to rehabilitation.

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