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At the end of this week I will be completing the Level 1of  30 Day Shred and starting Level 2.
Clean Eating : I was ok on this, as I had some goodies sent by my mom from India and I am munching on that, but most of the days I am eating pretty much healthy. Try to complete LiveFit Trainer: I didn’t do one single workout of this in the month of March.
Be more organized: I was quite good at it, by planning everything the week ahead and making lists of all items required to do. As I am already doing 30 Day Shred and registered for 30 Day April Arms Challenge I thought to share my weekly workouts too.

Mainly I cant customize it to do at home and my apartment gym doesn’t have all the necessary equipment required to do.
A wife and mother of a cute little daughter & I love to blog about healthy food , workouts and family who lives in beautiful Denver. A lifestyle blog about at home workouts, healthy recipes and adventures as a working wife and mom. Athena of Fitness & Feta started the 30 Day April Arms Challenge and today is the first day. She emails the participants week long exercises, how to do them and a spreadsheet to keep track of the challenge.

Any ways I am hoping to lose the 5 pounds in the next couple of weeks due to my 2 challenges.

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