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Cauliflower as vegetable offers good amount of fibers to the body to make it feel filling and fuller. Beans are great fat fighters because they contain a potent combination of fat-busting nutrients ranging from proteins, resistant start to soluble and insoluble fibre. Only good food and balanced diet do not constitute the path to losing weight and getting into shape. A good start to complete Your custom Go Bag and be prepared for any emergency or STFU situation are make list with items you already has and can use right now to build useful bug out bag. To make things clear at first – what is definition for Go-Bag, bug-out bag, 72-hour kit, bail-out bag? The following a list of items that I plan to put in, You can found some of them not so useful, but I have reason to include them. At least 2 litters of drinking water per day per person in average climate or 3 and more in warm climatic zone.
Always think of extra warm clothes, one of the first bad things that happen to victims of various disasters are hypothermia, even in warm climates so weather appropriate clothing like wool or fleece sweater, warm headwear or even gloves (you can use them to protect your hands) are a must. Portable gas or propane stove with some extra fuel, spoon, small kettle with cover where you can put in all cooking supplies (including tea, coffee and some species) can save your time and bring some happier moments to current situation. At least one folding knife like Swiss-Army knife or even better multi-tool like Leatherman with various functions which can be useful for quick field repairs.
There are ready to use first aid kits available, but I suggest You compose one which fit best your needs including personal medications. Waterproof and shockproof LED flashlight with 2x extra batteries, LED headlamp with 2x extra batteries for keeping your hands free. Stay away from blankets, get a good sleeping bag which you can use at camping and have as your sleeping gear at emergency situations, sleeping bags are more useful and can keep you warm more efficient, consult with experienced campers to find what fit your needs best. Scan and make backup copies of all your family important documents like passports, birth certificates, drivers license, prescriptions, insurances, credit cards, pet registrations and so on and write it on CD and extra flash drive.
Get copy on some CD’s or external hard drive, good for regular backups and just keep your data safe. A must, you must know where you go and where you shouldn’t go, good compass AND GPS with same type batteries as Your other devices use.
Duct tape, 550 parachute cord (7 strand MIL-C-5040H Type III), clothing repair kit – needles, buttons and sewing thread. Finally, have a PLAN, yes without good plan also prepared and stuffed with gear for every situation you most likely fail. All logos, product names and company names, trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. This is also why the aquarium traditions of lower GH for certain fish are only half correct as they miss the aspect of balancing water with important mineral cations as well as with acid buffers. Often aquarium keepers utilize RO water (which is excellent when used correctly), but often fail to add anything more than immediate electrolytes.
Worse, which should never be done, is the use of products that soften water by driving out mineral Cations or water from home water softeners which does the same. A KH (Alkalinity) above 50 ppm helps prevent sudden drops in pH (although any KH will act to prevent sudden pH drops, but often lower levels do not handle large bio loads or large sudden changes). KH (carbonate hardness) is an important source of energy for nitrifying bacteria that eliminate ammonia and nitrite.
The production of Nitrates (via processes that are similar to the production of nitric & carbonic acids) will slowly reduce your ph, but an adequate KH will keep a more stable ph.
Please also note that product recommendations are based on controlled use, research, and recommendations by other trusted aquarium professionals; NOT because I work for SeaChem or any other company listed here. An important consideration of KH is that you can safely add the buffers (both freshwater and saltwater) that effect KH (Alkalinity) without sudden changes in chemistry, unless your freshwater KH is under 50 ppm (3 dKH) already. An often overlooked aspect of buffering is acidity, which is a measure of the water's ability to resist change in pH with the addition of base. The chemistry behind an alkaline buffer (KH) is quite complex, so I will not go into too much detail, however in the most simple terms I can think of; adding these carbonate (or bi-carbonate) buffers will raise pH to a point of stability and the continued use of certain carbonate buffer “mixes” may raise pH even more. KH is the capacity of water to neutralize acids and KH is made up of compounds such as carbonate, bicarbonate, hydroxide, and sometimes borate & silicate.
More simply put; maintaining a certain KH does not guarantee a certain pH due to many other chemistry aspects. Carbonate hardness (KH) is sometimes called temporary hardness because it can be removed by boiling water. To stop the Sodium Carbonate ions from consuming too much H+ and to keep a pH of 7.0 we need to restrict the amount of Baking Soda used, as it is always looking for H+ ions to consume.
Marine Buffer in particular will stabilize pH at 8.3 and no higher when used at full strength, assuming no problems with exceptional acid production such as decomposition in live rock. For marine reef aquariums, SeaChem Reef Builder is an excellent buffer that raises alkalinity without an immediate impact on pH. I recommend countering the KH Buffer with natural Acid Buffers such as Pillow Moss, Atison’s Spa, peat, or Driftwood etc. Before I over promote Wonder Shells in this article, these can aid in proper water management, but they are not a magic bullet in any aquarium for poor aquarium husbandry such as mulm build up under gravel or decorations. I should also note that I do NOT find the use of Neutral pH regulators helpful for community aquariums. A more natural balance of carbonate buffers and acid buffers (or a mix both natural or supplemented buffers) is much better for long term keeping of a healthy aquarium chemistry equilibrium. Another proof of this unnatural stability is if a Wonder Shell is used, it will produce a "dust" on the bottom that is easily stirred into a cloud in the water (due to phosphates in these products). Sea Chem Marine Buffer: This is multi-ingredient product that not only raises KH and pH, but also GH as it is very balanced in its mineral balance.
SeaChem Alkaline Buffer: This is more straight forward KH buffer that has less added minerals when these are not desired (often by planted or softwater aquarium keepers). I strongly suggest dissolving powdered buffers in warm to mildly hot water prior to addition to the aquarium.
As an example, if your KH is low (under 50 ppm) in say a Discus aquarium yet with little acid buffering; when you seek to bring up your aquarium KH for more stability, you can immediately "bounce" your pH. Aragonite or crushed coral is sometimes employed for KH and GH stabilization, however aragonite and crushed coral (as with Wonder Shells) only aid to stabilize KH (they are poor buffers, especially crushed coral) and should not be used in place of a true KH buffer such as Sea Chem Alkaline Buffer when true buffering is necessary due to fluctuating KH or pH whatever the cause may be.
For this reason, the use of crushed coral is more effective in a “Filter Bag” to release these minerals when used in Freshwater, especially African Cichlid aquaria.
This is an unfortunate “aquatic myth” that many forums still perpetuate when a quick search of the chemical makeup of crushed coral would expose this folly.

Please note that these ratios are not hard and fast rules as each aquarium is very unique; so testing is 100% required and even then testing should be performed hours or even a day later to allow the chemistry to "settle".
If you have a very unstable KH level (drops rapidly), look into causes such as a large amount of decomposing organic material. General hardness (GH or dGH) refers to the dissolved concentration primarily of calcium, magnesium and other mineral ions. Other ions can contribute to water hardness but are usually insignificant and difficult to measure.
When fish are said to prefer “soft” or “hard” water, it is GH, not the KH that is being referred to.
Intercellular junctions are specialized areas of attachment between epithelial cells preventing the loss of ions and fluids from the membrane which bathes and surrounds the cells beneath. Similar processes are also at work in marine aquariums, which is why the popularity of Kalkwasser, although GH is not referred to in Marine Aquariums, rather separate Calcium and other tests are performed.
It is for this reason, then, that calcium and magnesium supplies MUST be constantly renewed; without this “fresh” calcium, etc. It is also noteworthy that a GH test is not always an accurate measure of positive calcium and other mineral ions (cations), as with many Ammonia test kits, which are inaccurate after using products such as Prime and give false positive for ammonia NH3 as they cannot discern the difference between the NH3 and NH4+. Water changes and additional supplements are generally necessary to replenish these mineral ions (cations). Also beware that not all calcium is the same for adding positive ions (Cations); you want to use a bio-available calcium. As well the use of aragonite in filters can also be employed for mineral cation maintenance although my experience has shown the method of using aragonite to be less responsive to rapid changes in positive mineral ion needs in FW (especially planted aquariums) than the use of Mineral Blocks or drip methods. As noted earlier, another product that can be used for this process is SeaChem Replenish (or SeaChem Equilibrium) mixed into a volume of water and then dripped into the aquarium (this is an excellent product for Amazon River biotope tanks).
It is noteworthy that with high bio load aquariums or high mineral need aquariums such as Molly or other livebearer tanks, water changes are often not adequate.
Magnesium is essential for Calcium assimilation, so when magnesium levels are low, the calcium supply becomes exhausted. Sulfates, one of the major components of Epsom Salt, have been shown effective in improving nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. The pH of a solution is calculated to be approximately -log10 of the molar concentration of hydronium ions (H3O+) in solution. Bases are also referred to as alkaline since the alkaline metals are often the metals that can form basic compounds. When an acid and a base is reacted, the product they form is water an a salt (ionic compound).
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The advantage of this substitution is of course the similarity in taste and fewer calories and fats.
An apple eaten for breakfast followed by a whole-wheat meal leads to ingestion of fewer calories than those ingested if the apple is substituted by anything else for breakfasts. The best thing about it is that it leads to no extra calorie intake and thus helps keep the weight in check. It has been studied that those who had eggs (fried, half-boiled, half-fried, beaten, scrambled etc) have experienced feeling fuller for a longer period than those who consumed a heavier non-vegetarian breakfast.
This curbs the insulin surge that leads to the piling up of excess kilograms and increasing the production of fat cells in the abdominal area. As mentioned earlier, sincere efforts in terms of exercises and good food are essential to see the desired results in the desired amount of time.
This is essential at this harsh times have at least basic set of necessary items so even and worst scenario you have chances to survive.
This is portable grab and go pack, box or shoulder bag, whatever end user found more useful for their needs and transportation purposes, which contains essential emergency and survival kit.
Don’t forger include rainproof poncho or lightweight rain coat to be sure that you and your gear do not get wet or at least can use it as shelter from bad weather.
They are small enough to be carried in extra quantities, packed into sealed zip lock bags or canisters. One fixed blade knife is a must along with small axe or folding saw depending on environment.
Red filter for flashlight or additional red filters for headlamp is a good option as red light do not degrade your night vision. Simple, NON inflating camping mat is a must, you can sleep on bare ground even in winter, small rocks and still feel yourself comfortable. Do not rely only on GPS, it can fail, batteries can run out and you stay without reliable navigation.
Do not put everything in one place, hide well about 80%, other part keep near in case you need em fast for something, small value and coins is a must in your wallet. Basic hygiene set with small antiseptic soap bar, toothbrush and tooth paste, pack of wet antiseptic wipes (take medium pack and use them for anything). Make sure that everyone in your family knows what to do when disaster strikes, where your gear are stored, where to go and who to call (if possible).
The information provided on this web site are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified personnel.
It is helpful to also add a more complete and often continuous supply of mineral cations to this RO water. GH (non-carbonate hardness) by comparison cannot be broken down by boiling the water, so it is also known as permanent hardness.
Just a little Sodium Carbonate will absorb free H+ ions, and this causes alkalinity (which is the lack of H+ ions).
Step B uses sodium bicarbonate along with step A which uses calcium chloride dihydrate, along with step C with is complete sea salt minus the sodium chloride. For this reason, Magnesium is better added in the proper balance with calcium (which both are essential to each other for proper utilization), in such products as Wonder Shells or aragonite sand in a small bag in the filter (although the later is not as reliable). The reason for this difference in pH is further explained on our chemical equilibrium page. During production, acid-free paper is treated with a weak base (generally calcium or magnesium bicarbonate is used) to neutralize the acids naturally occurring in wood pulp in addition to the acids from chemicals used during refinery. This leaves calcium or magnesium carbonate (depending on the original weak base added) in the acid-free paper. Mushrooms can be stir fired, roasted, cooked, tossed in spices and herbs and served as a side dish along with other starters.

In addition, the anti-oxidants in the apple helps in burning the excess fat accumulated at the abdominal region. To add to the weight control benefit, cauliflower offers Vitamin C and other cancer fighting benefits, which keep colorectal, stomach and lung cancers at bay.
In addition, eggs have lots of proteins and other nutrients to add to your body and keep it healthy. In addition, people who have beans incorporated into their diet weight less and have slimmer abdomen- bodies that all of us crave. In addition, it helps control the insulin surge after food and stops the aggressive food cravings that follow.
Thus consuming different soups, especially those with spices, can serve the purpose of losing those extra inches around the abdomen. They are also packed with fibre that can help with better metabolism and aid in the process of digestion. What can be worse then notice that You have lost your water bottle in middle of the nowhere or flashlight at the deep down, so good traveling shoulder bag in neutral color works the best.
Space blanket, dust mask and heavyweight thick leather or protective synthetic gloves goes as an good option.
Diabetics and other people which live depends on proper medication should add at least three times more supplies then needed for estimated evacuation period. Portable, wide receiving rage emergency radio with same type interchangeable batteries as your LED lights for actual news.
Tent square and sleeping hammock or lightweight tent, you choose, but I suggest go to some camping trips and then decide what fits you best. Give this document copies to all your family members, it cost a little but you have several copies in case some of them get damaged or lost. Preset possible evacuation or just well know places way points in your GPS device is a good way to start. Whistle, small mirror and lightweight binoculars or monocular with magnification around 8x.
A low pH will indicate a high concentration of these ions, giving it acidic properties, while a high pH will indicate a low concentration of these ions, giving it basic properties. The weak base also helps prevent formation of additional acids that may develop during sizing.
It is estimated that there must be a reserve amount of alkaline in the paper of 2% or more for the paper to last at least 100 years. Well, losing weight needs a lot of dedication, discipline and self-control especially with your regular exercises and diet plans.
Eating an almond butter sandwich helps the blood sugar to remain balanced more than eating the bread alone. Incorporate it into the quintessential sandwich that once contained beef or other kinds of red meat. Avoid over eating the egg yolk as it contains all the calories that you do not really want.
Cinnamon can be used a natural sweetener instead of adding some extra sugar for the same purpose and gaining calories through it.
Oatmeal can be complete with the addition of fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts and sugar as per taste. A note of caution for people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases- take it in moderation only.
Food, non-perishable high calories food like beef jerky, energy bars, canned meat or even complete canned meals, anything which You can use also uncooked. A good substitute for radio is small portable radio scanner if you are a bit more into radio thingies as this type of equipment often has wider receiving range. Also know where your originals are stored, keep them organized and ready to put into watertight container fast to get them with you when time comes.
And as a golden rule – keep your mouth closed about what you have (anything, not only money and valuables), you never know who listen.
Small bottle of strong alcohol, preferably vodka or cognac for various uses like fire starting, wounds disinfection and so on. There are a set of strong acids, meaning all the acid is nearly completely dissolved in water, versus the majority of acids which are weak acids. Following this, excess amounts of bicarbonate are added to give the paper an alkaline, or basic, reserve. Though mushrooms are not calorie free but the number of calories you ingest through red meat is far greater than you do with mushrooms. Cinnamon is a perfect example of how spices can help you to lose weight by adding them to our food instead of using oil, butter and other condiments.
Another possible option are Meals Ready to Eat or MRE’s, but they often cost more then more quality food you can complete by yourself. Some various color light sticks do not overweight you but can be really useful for signalling or just general lightning.
Weak acids only partially dissolve in water, therefore there are not as many hydronium ions formed in solution from adding this acid to water. This protects the paper from acids that remain in the paper or acids present in the environment, such as sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. This leads to severe hunger pangs, which can be satiated with food and more food thus making the person pile on weight.
Main rule, choose foods that are lightweight, has suitable shelf life, are high in calories and which you can eat without cooking as who know if you are able set up your stove or fire place to boil rice or make tasty spaghetti. Solutions with a pH value between 0 and 7 are considered acidic and solutions with a pH value between 7 and 14 are considered basic. The amount that can be dissolved into solution depends on when the acid reaches its equilibrium.
In addition, changes in blood sugar will lead to the production of insulin by the body, which again increases abdominal fat.
Hence, eating almonds can be one answer to regulated blood sugar levels thus suppressing hunger pangs and fattening food that follows.

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