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A large number of people begin a diet program with the aim of losing weight, appearing slimmer and fit.
Researchers in the USA claim, in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that by consuming healthy foods, in larger portions thus greater quantities you can remain slim without going through strict and depriving diets. The scientists of the Public Health school of the Harvard University have noted, by observing the eating habits of people, that those who have increased the intake of foods with a lot of fiber like yogurt, nuts, fruits and vegetables systematically lost weight.
It was also observed, that the food that was associated with and contributed the most to the increase of the weight of the people involved was potatoes and specifically the potato chips. Dr Darius Mozafarian, head of the research team, explains that the vegetable content of these foods explains the results.

Eating healthy, and by introducing or including vegetables, nuts and fruits in your diet, you lose weight and stay healthy. Each and every extra daily portion taken was contributing to a weight increase of 2.86 lbs every 4 years. Their inverse relationship with the weight increase shows that their increased consumption reduces the consumption of other high calorie foods thus reducing the amount of calories consumed in total by the person. A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine comes to give a different perspective about weight loss. This research has been focused on more than 100.000 people who have been put under medical monitoring over the last twenty years.

Similar results were observed for people who were eating additional meat portions, toasted bread products and sweet or sweetened drinks. The more vegetable fibers a certain food contains and the slower it decomposes therefore the less chance exists for the consumption of a food which has undergone more processing and easier for the digestive decomposition. However, people who were taking yogurt, vegetables, fruits and cereals, had the least weight increase and in most cases they experienced weight loss.

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