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As this timeline illustrates, integrative medicine is a natural outgrowth of many different healing systems, and it continues to blend cultures and ideas a€“ both old and new.
We recommend you begin by reading the Introduction, followed by the Overview, then The Interview With Dr. It is not an exaggeration to say that there has been a long and concerted effort to constrain and silence Hamer. The Scientific Chart is integral to understanding biological conflict responsible for all diseases. Caroline Markolin has as a result also committed an act of fraud in this process by cutting and pasting Dr.

Hamer in conversation with 2 interested parties that wanted to know the truth about the allegations Caroline Markolin had made against me on her website. Hamer it has come to our attention that Caroline Markolin has decided to become the voice of Dr. Hamer’s language and his approach to medicine, disease and the causes of disease may be something of a shock to those of us who are accustomed to modern Western medicine as it has been practiced for the last fifty years. Despite the harassment, the indignities and the humiliation that he has had to suffer, Hamer continues to stand by his findings, continues his research and continues to write.
This self - imposed authority has resulted in vicious, uncalled for attacks against the owner of this web site, Ilsedora Laker.

This forged document is a warning to the public against Ilsedora Laker as a teacher of the GNM.

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