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No Carb Cloud Bread2015-07-02 08:43:05 This could bread is ZERO CARB and fluffy as can be! LoveSurf is an activewear brand and a way of life that is all about fitness, happiness and adventure. We’ve shown you all the creative ways in which you can drink it, eat it, brew it, and even wear it. Sweet Potato Maple Vegan Beer Bread: This sweet potato maple beer bread is perfectly balanced and perfectly moist. Stout and Rye Bread: This rye bread is bolstered with a dark stout and leavened with baking powder — giving it a dense texture, similar to soda bread. Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Chip Beer Bread: This cinnamon chip-studded beer bread serves as only further evidence that pumpkin ale season should last all year long.
Jalapeno Pale Ale Cornbread: The spicy bites of jalapeno play nicely with the extra punch of hoppy goodness, brought to you by the pale ale in this cornbread recipe.

Cherry Berry Beer Bread: With fresh cherries and blackberries, this easy, no-rise bread is a no-brainer.
Cheddar Wheat Beer Biscuits: These Oktoberfest biscuits use a cherry-wheat beer and a sharp Irish Kerrygold cheddar. Beer Bread with Jalapeno + Garlic-Stuffed Olives: This recipe takes a smart approach — keep the batter simple, then spike it with something marvelous.
Amber Ale Hot Dog Buns: Go green — by conserving water and using beer in your next batch of homemade hot dog buns. Pumpkin Beer Bread: This boozed-up take on the autumn-spice loaf uses a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale as its weapon of choice. Here you will find stories about people who live this lifestyle and the work we're doing behind the scenes. You don't want any lumps so it's very important that this is room temperature cream cheese!Add baking powder to egg whites.

Its secret weapons are the porter and the apple butter, both of which are stirred right into the batter. Maybe you could find something cheesy to put in these beer and pretzel bread bowls to complete the holy trinity.
Mixed up with roasted pumpkin, ground pecans, and all the cinnamon and nutmeg you could ever wish for, this beer bread is a sure thing. But, this recipe limits the sugar and carbs, so you can eat more of the good stuff;) Enjoy!
Whatever you don’t need for the batter is yours for the sipping —  warming you right up.

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