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The real key to preventing heart disease is to use a combined approach, one that treats all facets of your physical and emotional health.
Avoid processed foods, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and grains as much as possible, and eat a good proportion of your food raw. Incorporate a high quality animal based omega-3 fats into your diet to optimize your omega 6:3 ratio. Make sure you are getting adequate vitamin D (ideally from sun exposure) and vitamin K, since both are necessary for good cardiovascular health. Optimize your body weight and composition, and keep an eye on your blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin levels, iron level and lipid profile.
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And I worry that some of the parents who have their head in the sand about their children's' weight problems will have a motivator taken away if they are told the measures used to determine fatness are unreliable.
Though you say that you are against shaming, in your very next paragraph you reveal that you think a significant enough number of parents are so ignorant (possibly willfully so) that they need to be given bad information to save them and their kids from their own stupidity.
I'll repeat again, I'm not trying to say that no child is overweight or that there aren't kids who are living unhealthy lifestyles. We have good friends with a young son who eats very healthy and does not (from what I can see) overeat but is very overweight, technically obese at boarderline.
Let me say that again -- children are designated as overweight just because they fall at the top of a chart. Piggy backing off of that and Latia's posts, how many people today are feeding things like pretzels, fruit snacks, sugary low fat yogurt, etc. I think a lot of kids are hungry frequently because they eat crackers, pretzels, sugary stuff like fruit snacks and sugared yogurt, etc. I've noticed that most kids in my life (friends' children, neighbors, kids I've worked with professionally, etc.) regulate their overall appetite and portion size much, much better when they snack on or eat whole foods with some fat and protein vs. I agree that our children are going to be looking at a lifetime of medical costs if we don't change the way we feed them. Gum disease occurs when dental plaque is not regularly removed, and begins to irritate the gums. Gum disease is fairly simple to acknowledge, as its warning signs can be identified visibly. If you’re noticing any of these symptoms and fear that you have gum disease, the most imperative action to take is to review your daily oral hygiene practices to make sure that it covers all the necessary bases for treating gum disease. All of the above mentioned conditions are quite serious in their own right, but they can easily be prevented if the first warning signs are noticed early enough.
We’ve discussed how gum disease is primarily caused by the buildup of harmful oral bacteria. Plaque will eventually calcify (harden) and become tartar, which can only then be removed by your dentist.
A majority of the commonly available foods these days contain a plethora of sugars, preservatives, and various other artificial ingredients. If you’ve noticed some of the above symptoms and signs, and are concerned that you may have gum disease, then you need to carefully examine your oral hygiene practices.
If you’re following an oral care plan like we outlined above and still suffering from symptoms of gum disease, the problem may be lurking in your very own medicine cabinet.
Most toothpastes that are found in stores contain a number of chemical agents that while good in theory, are terrible in execution.
The majorities of toothpastes on the market today also contain fluoride; even tout it as a major accomplishment in preventative dental care.
As we’ve discussed, the most important thing to do to correct gum disease before it is too far gone is to implement a solid oral hygiene program. Did it you know that the least expensive and painful option might be found in nature? Why not try a great product that provides natural relief? An attractive happy African American, smiling family of mother, father, two daughters eating salad and healthy food at a dining table.

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While low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-sodium is still the common wisdom – even among most medical professionals – those theories have been debunked.
They focus on keeping him active and try to make sure he isn't eating when bored or for other reasons. I am continuing to go to Weight Watchers to keep me in check, but it is hard and it's a slow process for me. She weighed 32lbs, and was 38" high and for whatever reason the BMI chart had her at 85%. I worry about him constantly and it really does present problems for him (primarily with hypoglycemia, but also with regulating body temperature). This plaque is made from many types of bacteria in the mouth, and when these bacteria feed off of sugars and food particles in the mouth they produce waste that is toxic to the gum tissue. The majority of cases are due to oral bacteria that are left to flourish by neglect in dental care. Not only to be considered are the time lost, and pain endured by these severe conditions, but the cost. As plaque forms and hardens, the bacteria contained within produce waste that is toxic to your mouth.
Make sure that you’re hitting all the important areas that we outlined above- brushing, rinsing, and flossing. A number of commercially available products for dental care today can create a vicious circle when it comes to treating gum disease.
You can’t quite fault the manufacturers for this claim, because alcohol will definitely kill germs. If you’re already doing that and still suffering, it may very well be due to the chemical laden products you’re using. Thanks to a Rolling Stone profile, he finished college with a reputation as the country’s biggest party animal. She performs cabaret songs plus Kurt Weill's wickedly delightful The Seven Deadly Sins in concert with all-male vocal quartet Hudson Shad. Some of the NSO's Friday night programs are taking on a whole new vibe with a fresh mix of sound and vision plus exciting pre- and post-concert activities, all at a great price. For years we’ve been told that low fat, low salt is the way to go – to the detriment of our health! In fact, science can’t prove that aspirin does what it’s intended to do for heart health! Over the years, the diet name has changed from Protein Metabolic Type to Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diet, and now Caveman or Paleo Diet - but the benefits have remained. His weight is probably mostly baby fat but with the new focus on weight he's in the spotlight.
So some people, even those in the same family, are perfectly fine eating a high grain, high carb diet and their weight is not affected at all, while others gain weight, become insulin resistant, etc eating any carbs at all even when they are working out regularly. I don't know anyone with a kid who is just a little overweight that struggles like my underweight one does. He is alll muscle, built like an elite runner, and eats a ton of carbs (cereal and coffee cakes for breakfast, etc.). If the proper measures are not taken, these bacteria spread below the gum line and lead to more serious complications as they can eventually destroy the supporting bone structure that holds teeth in place.
The good news is that if you have the correct plan and tools at your disposal, gum disease can be easy to treat in the early stages. Advanced dental procedures that are needed to correct severe cases can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have performed.

Without the power to delegate what ingredients go into your food, it’s best to do what you can in this scenario and focus more on preventative care.
Many of the products on the store shelves may initially do just what they say, but leave you in a position where you can see no improvement whatsoever, or even worse, a decline in oral health. Combining good oral hygiene with a natural product that will eliminate the bacteria which cause the problems may be the answer to a number of these problems. He spun that into TV hosting gigs and a stand-up comedy career – Bert is always on the hunt for adventure, and he loves sharing his experiences on stage.
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But there are safer and more effective alternatives to medical intervention – following a heart healthy lifestyle.
I am hoping it will slowly go down, but I have to remember the longer it takes to come off the longer it will stay off.
I chalked it up to maybe just maybe she was eating too much sugar as we had been bribing her with Starburst to get her to potty train. This may seem quite staggering, but consider all the prescription medications out there today that help one condition while also presenting a number of other side effects. When this happens, you think that it’s foaming up to reach all the areas in and around your mouth to clean them. We would love to see and hear how you're doing and maybe even share your story to help encourage other TurboChargers!
I think parents need to feel more responsible for making sure their children grow into adults being fit and knowing how to maintain a healthy weight. In an ideal world I would weigh 138lbs again, which was my lowest weight since I was 14 when I was 22, but even now as I am pushing 36 I am not holding that as a realistic goal because it might set me up for failure.
Thankfully her school lunches push the protein and not the carbs, and anything I send in does the same.
While this may be true, SLS is a clinical skin irritant that has been proven to weaken the tissues of the mouth, and in many cases, even cause canker sores and mouth ulcers.
What this means as far as mouthwash goes is that while it may kill bacteria, it also dries the mouth- and as we’ve previously mentioned, these bacteria thrive in an environment without oxygen and without saliva. And realistically there is just no way that my family can do something like Whole30 on a long term basis. Four years later DD1 is still a stick, but because she is shorter and her weight with clothes and athletic shoes on is almost always within a pound or two of height (she is 48" tall and is 45lbs naked) she is labeled as being close to overweight.
She hasn't given up the occasional donut, cake, icecream - but she knows that to eat a treat like that, she needs to have a pure protein snack first. The problem is not these bacteria themselves, but that lack of proper oral hygiene will allow these bacteria to bond with food particles and sugars in the mouth and form the whitish, sticky substance known as plaque. While those facts carry a massive amount of weight on their own, it doesn’t mean much regarding oral health directly. Certainly screens are a factor and processed food is a factor, but I don't think it's that simple.
My pediatrician friend says that this is the way they want to identify kids these days because they think it will help the parents make their kids healthier. Because of this, there is less saliva- and when saliva is absent, so is your mouths natural bacteria fighter and cleanser.
Well, how about the fact that fluoride destroys cells in tendons and ligaments- specifically the ones that attach the gums to the teeth? Since this is a major issue regarding gum disease, it should be carefully considered if you already have pockets in the gums caused by bacteria and plaque.
If this is the case, using a toothpaste with fluoride could actually prevent the pockets from ever healing.

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