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With summer fast approaching, everybody starts to panic about getting their winter bodies out. Add to this, the party season approaching in December and we have a recipe for 1 piece costumes at the beach and ankle length skirts for the girls.
It really doesn’t take that long to change your tastebuds and reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. If you are keen to join the challenge, enter your name in the comments and any other info you might like to add and then consider yourself part of the challenge.
Mission accepted – melbourne Cup and settlement celebrations will be an interesting start to the month! Yes, honey will have the same affect on blood sugar levels and insulin as sugar, so it is out as well! Stay away from those minties, we are aiming to change your tastebuds, it won’t happen with a sweet hit all the time, even if it was an artificial sweetener.
So the theory goes that when we eat too much salt, our bloodstream has more sodium in it than the surrounding areas of our body.
The conversation about salt and hypertension began to circulate among health organizations. Despite their objections, publicly, the idea of high sodium diets causing high blood pressure was here to stay, and remains today. Despite the seemingly unified front presented by these distinguished organizations, the controversy among scientists is extremely heated. In 2011, two Cochrane reviews found no evidence that low salt diets either improved or worsened peoples’ health.
Even in the face of no clear scientific evidence to support it and some to the contrary, in 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Society of Hypertension all continued to promote low sodium diets as a means of controlling high blood pressure. In the end, being a medical professional and someone who needs clear evidence to make a decision about whether I get to add copious amounts of salt on my fries, I am pleased to find that so far there is very little!
The first known experiment to measure the exact pressure of blood was performed by Stephen Hales on December 1, 1733. I think the point is that recommending a lower sodium diet, that maybe affects a specific set of people, those who already have hypertension and are salt sensitive, to an entire population is ridiculous.
As for Sugar, women should limit their sugar (Total Carbs is what matters and watch out for certain sugar alcohols) 20g-30g a snack and 30g-45g each meal.
Keep believing doctors who take 3 credits of Nutrition in college and pitch compounds that cause worse side effects than the actual disease.
Even, I’m not a specialist in the area, the lacks of a literature review in source about this matter is disturbing.
For a medical professional (which leads to an assumption of advanced education), you have a horrible grasp of grammar and spelling. But really, the strength of Scott’s arguments are never based on his extensive medical knowledge.
Any conclusions drawn from a few measurements are nothing more than speculation and wishful thinking.
In the 2014 released documentary “Fed Up” experts team up to explain why everything we have been told about food and exercise for the last 30 years is wrong. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when people eat too much sugar, it overloads the liver, which is forced to turn the sugar into fat.
If these are the sugar amounts in the “HEALTHY” alternatives for our children, how appalling are the facts for the things that aren’t considered healthy? Even diet sodas that claim to have 0 grams of sugar use different names for sugars in order to “hide” from USDA and World Health Organization guidelines regarding the definition of “sugar free” while still using high amounts of sugar. These facts aren’t even half of the information that is out there regarding the research on added sugar in your diet.
Here at Oahu Spine and Rehab and OSR Weight Management our goal is to help you have the highest quality of life possible. If you are worried about the health of you or your family, contact OSR Weight Management here. Most of us had grand intentions over the past few months of getting in great shape and some of us have. Guys, that 6 pack you dreamed of sporting at the beach this year looks more like a keg than a 6 pack. I don’t like to make outrageous comments, but I am positive if you follow these rules, you will get leaner!
No matter what the time of yera, there are special events, parties, nights out or for some people just a Friday night poses a problem, but it is learnign to curb habits and being able to enjoy your selves without the use of alcohol or junk food.

On the 1st of November I vowed that no sugar or alcohol would pass my lips until the 30th… Yesterday I broke my vow, however slightly.
Unless they are making your sushi with basmati rice, it is against the rules of the challenge, so start doing burpees for the minties at least.
Almost every major governmental health organization embraces the idea that eating too much salt is damaging to your health. The theory behind their supposition is sound, and there are some studies that show a minor risk of elevated blood pressure with extremely high salt intake.
Osmosis is the movement of a solvent (in this case water) across semi-permeable membranes (like cell walls), from areas of lower solute concentration (in this case salt) to areas of higher solute concentration.
After all, we can make the process of salt pulling water through membranes happen time and time again in the lab.
The Centers For Disease Control, The National Institutes of Health, The American Heart Association, and many other organizations currently promote low sodium diets. He also noted that the difference was even more remarkable considering the absence of published research that actually tested the theory. In 2008, Italian researchers began publishing the results from a series of clinical trials, all of which reported that, among patients with heart failure, reducing salt consumption increased the risk of death.
All the major health organizations seem to promote low sodium diets, but none have actually published consistent studies that show low sodium diets help in health, particularly not in cardiovascular health. For reference, 1 psi (pounds per square inch) is equal to 51.7149326 millimeters of mercury. My mum has hypertension and was on a low sodium diet but she was not getting enough potassium and her blood pressure was not stable.
You have to be careful (it sneaks up on you good) and adjust your diet to limit sodium intake and watch for signs of your pressure raising. If you are lazy or not that active, take 30 minute walks 5 days a week (150 minutes total) minimum to get a decent exercise. But even on the sources of the video, the rise of blood pressure on high-salt diets is evident. It is mostly a geopolitical historical account of salt in our civilization, but it also has a good deal of science in it. I’m going to have to look up the history of theory and see if anyone knows how it ended up with two such different meanings. That just helps him thoroughly vet the various studies on the subject where most would get lost in the terminology, let alone be able to think critically about them and their methodology. The movie follows the process of childhood obesity and dives deeper than what meets the eye.
When you are eating foods with little to no nutrients, your body processes them immediately and turns the sugar into fat. The food industry’s main concern is making money, not the nutrition that is going into our families bodies.
If you would like more information, read 10 Disturbing Reasons Why Sugar is Bad or check out the documentary Fed Up now streaming on Netflix.
And we can't stop watching.The clip shows the woman's 88-pound transformation in the space of just five seconds.
Unfortunately though many of us have slipped up far too aften and the results we should have achieved didn’t come to fruition. Most major news outlets report on these recommendations and people tend to try and follow them.
Unfortunately, there are many other studies that show no increase, and still some that show reducing salt intake might actually raise your blood pressure! The increase in water within the arteries and veins causes an increase in the pressure within those arteries and veins. The question is, does this actually happen within our bodies, and does this actually cause long term hypertension (high blood pressure)? He was concerned about the high concentrations of sodium in baby foods and thought this might cause increase in people’s blood pressure long term. As their evidence, they pointed out observationally, populations who ate very little sodium had low incidents of high blood pressure. On the flip-side, Sir Micheal Rawlings, the chair of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, who promotes salt reduction diets argued that, “Guidance (in policy making) is based on the best available evidence.
These studies were followed by others which showed among Type 1 and 2 diabetics, healthy Europeans and patients with chronic heart failure, those that ate salt at the lower limit of the normal range were more likely to have heart disease than those who ate salt in the middle range of normal.
What I find most annoying, a pet peeve of mine, is that none of these organizations tell people that the science behind their policies is controversial and they might be flat wrong.

For instance, if you have chronic high blood pressure, your risk of having a heart attack or stroke goes up significantly. If you were bleeding and wanted to stop the blood-loss with direct pressure, and you should, you would only need to use about 3 psi to stop it.
Attached a tube to her left crural artery, then allowed her blood to rush through the tube and it rose to a height of 8’3”. As a population, American’s are quick to blame the obese person for their obesity, when this is not actually the problem. Now say you were to walk into a grocery store and pick up something that your family considers healthy, well now it’s time to take a look at the nutrition labels. One example is Coca Cola, who targets their marketing at younger generations while providing zero nutrients with any of their products. Amanda - who wishes for her last name to remain a secret - started taking pictures of herself in 2011, to help her stay on track during her weight loss journey. There is nothing like being accountable to keep you on track, let alone being accountable to everyone in the challenge! This is most likely why most of us, especially the elderly with heart problems, know to reduce the amount of salt we eat.
His reasoning was that studies done on rats showed increases in the blood pressure of the rats. This high pressure could be caused by excessive plaque on the inside of your artery walls, making those arteries in effect, smaller. The truth is a low salt diet is less harmful than a high salt diet and like all things the real moral of the story is moderation. The problem is the food industry and the processed food that they are glorifying in order to sell, while providing little to no nutrients to our bodies.
This is why we implemented OSR Weight Management in order to help our patients with their overall health.
If children have been ingesting food and drinks that are high and sugar since they were at a young age then it will be harder to break habits when they are older. Those of us who like the idea that any recommendation be backed up by solid evidence, have to step back on this one. Scientists at the time questioned this, as the rat studies had them eating 60 times what the average person does.
Furthermore, in one of books it pointed out that salt is used to make stomach acid, and it’s ironic that as we age, the low sodium diet so often touted leads to digestive problems.
We are far from knowing everything, but it’s certainly not black magic or just guess work, as that would seem to imply.
Often, parents don’t realize how much sugar their children is actually taking in per day, especially when their diet is made up of mostly processed foods. And she has managed to keep the weight off."The Ketogenic diet is a sustainable way to eat," Sam Feltham, founder of Smash The Fat diet, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle.
As stated, currently there is no solid evidence that salt will chronically raise your blood pressure. They also pointed out the populations who ate low sodium diets, also ate low amounts of other things, like sugar (which also affects osmosis). When the pipes that transport fluid get smaller, the pressure that same volume of fluid exerts goes up.
Sure sometimes we are far from knowing but in this case there’s enough science behind salts impact on BP to make it worth considering.
Also remember the human consumption of high salt quantities is a fairly new thing on the evolutionary scale, so it’s impact on our bodies is fairly unnatural.
If there is too much gunk inside your pipes (plaque inside your arteries), that ball of gunk could get too big and clog off your pipes!
You spring a leak in those organs, and your family finally gets that big paycheck from your life insurance policy!
Not really the best way to get paid, well, unless you’re really a jerk and everyone in your family hates you!  Then they might not mind so much, but you certainly would.

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