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When I moved here to North Texas, everyone always told me that I should eat local honey to get rid of the sinus headaches and allergies.
I was so excited to find this local honey at a new Farmer’s Market that is open all year.
There are so many ways to use this honey — in salad dressing, in an afternoon cup of tea or in this Breakfast Bowl! This bowl is made up of non-fat greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and protein & fiber-filled granola. One of the moms at my school is a local beekeeper, so when she brings us all honey, it is the best! Burnt Macaroni is a food & lifestyle blog, written by Chris Huston, celebrating recipes for a simple, stress-free life!
Cheerios says 3 servings a day will help your cholesterol level - but they forget to mention that it would also contain 570 mg of sodium!

Below is a table showing the 10 best selling cold cereals in the US and their sodium content.
Post (formerly Nabisco) Shredded Wheat and Shredded Wheat Spoon Size are the only mainstream cold cereals that contain virtually no sodium. You might also want to make a yoghurt spread by placing unsweetened nonfat yoghurt in a strainer with cheesecloth and letting liquid drain out to make it thicker but with the same tangy taste. These little potato and herb cakes make a nice side dish recipe for beef or chicken but could also be served as an appetizer. Lightly coat an unheated very large nonstick skillet or griddle with nonstick cooking spray.
My beekeeper friend just gave me a jar of fresh honey from her bees and I think I’ll make this! Low salt cookbooks do have modified recipes for low salt or even no salt bread - but don't expect no salt bread to be the same as Wonder Bread.

I love the combination of the yummy breakfast flavors included in your delicious breakfast bowl. For each cake, scoop a slightly rounded measuring tablespoon of the potato mixture onto skillet or griddle. Using a wide spatula, carefully turn potato cakes (be sure not to turn cakes too soon or they will not hold together).

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