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Based on new scientific evidence and the findings of expert scientific panels, on Thursday, November 7, 2013, the FDA has tentatively determined that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), which are the primary dietary source of industrially-produced trans fatty acids (or trans fat) are not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for any use in food. If finalized, this would mean that food manufacturers would no longer be permitted to sell PHOs, either directly or as ingredients in another food product, without prior FDA approval for use as a food additive. For several generations, the Patek family at Shiner Smokehouse has known that trans fats are unhealthy, and all of our sausages contain zero trans fat.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Now, when you buy any Aldi store brand product with coloring, you can be assured that they are using natural sources over synthetic coloring, like beets, paprika and turmeric.

In addition to this news, Aldi also has several brands worth buying, like SimplyNature natural and organic products, LiveGfree gluten-free products, Never Any!
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Trans fat is a specific type of fat that is formed when liquid oils are turned into solid fats, such as shortening or stick margarine.
Some of the most common foods that contain trans fats are commercially-baked pastries (cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pizza dough), packaged snack foods (crackers, microwave popcorn, chips), stick margarine, vegetable shortening, fried foods, and candy bars.
Not all fats are bad for you — our high-quality sausage is made with pride, using the healthier animal fats from beef and pork, just the way our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed them. Aldi’s store brand products no longer contain any synthetic colors, trans fat and msg as part of their new healthy commitment to their customers!

During this process — called hydrogenation — hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to increase the shelf life and flavor stability of foods. I hope that by Aldi taking the lead in these important changes, that other major stores will soon follow.

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