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We currently have a fantastic opportunity for a motivated individual to join our experienced team. Keep your clients on track whether you have a session with them or they are doing a workout on their own.
Track everything, from body composition and measurement results, to fitness assessments and nutritional intake. Regardless of whether you have years of experience, or are a brand new trainer, you will benefit from the latest industry best practices. A medida que envelhecemos ficamos menos ativos, perdemos massa muscular e ganhamos peso em forma de gordura. Uma forma de conter esses danos que o tempo, associado ao sedentarismo, provocam no nosso organismo e praticar musculacao.
A musculacao pode ser praticada por variados grupos de pessoas desde adolescentes a idosos passando por portadores de deficiencias fisicas e mentais, individuos com doencas como diabetes, cardiopatias (disturbios no coracao), hipertensao (pressao arterial acima do normal), pessoas em quadro pos-operatorio ou recuperando-se de lesoes, que necessitam de fortalecimento muscular. Os resultados provocados pela musculacao podem ser variados e dependerao da genetica do individuo que pratica a modalidade, do objetivo que ele deseja alcancar, do tipo de treino e da forma em que as variaveis utilizadas na musculacao serao trabalhadas (frequencia de treino, grupos musculares trabalhados, numero de exercicios para cada grupamento, numero de series, repeticoes, intensidade, volume do treinamento, pausa entre os exercicios, tempo de repouso entre os dias de treino, etc.).
Da mesma forma que os resultados, os beneficios da musculacao tambem dependerao de todos os fatores citados e poderao ser os mais variados, dependendo, portanto, do objetivo e do treinamento proposto pelo educador fisico responsavel.
Para que os beneficios da musculacao sejam alcancados da melhor forma, o individuo devera ter disciplina para praticar a modalidade regularmente,  sempre dispor da orientacao de um educador fisico e respeitar seus limites.
Um espaco aberto e de referencia para troca de experiencias, conhecimento e interatividade na area da saude. The 8 Minute, No-Excuses Guide To Fitting Exercise Into An Extremely Busy ScheduleWhat’s the minimum time you need to do a workout?
It turns out that short intense bursts of exercise regulate insulin levels, improve fitness, burns fat & improves heart health more effectively than doing longer periods of less intense workouts (1) (2). To get results in such a short period of time you’ll likely have to make some changes to the way you work out. Focus on whole body movements (on top of the metabolic effects, focusing on whole body exercises will make sure you tone up evenly leaving you long and lean without any bulking. To get results from just 8 minutes, you’ll need to go all-out and push to your personal max.
But to keep things simple, I’d suggest starting out with the Tabata timings, which are 20 seconds of maximum effort, and 10 seconds recovery.
We all have different fitness levels, so what’ll get you there will of course depend on how fit you are now. If you’re unsure about the proper form of these exercises, you can either look them up on youtube (there are endless great tutorials available there) or ask a personal trainer (which I’d highly recommend if you’re new to all this).
There really are hundreds of exercises that fit beautifully into an interval-timed workout, so much so that I rarely ever do the same workout twice. Once you’ve got into it and you’ve got some basic moves under your belt, you can branch out and get creative with your movements.

But the key thing to remember this: if you’re not finding your tabata workout difficult, then you’re not pushing hard enough to get results.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there’s no point in going for your Sunday morning run, or Thursday evening dance class. How does this compare with your current workout style, and how might you mix up your workout to maximise your results in less time? I’m Melanie Stephens a qualified nutritionist, chef and workout enthusiast who’s wildly passionate about helping people get healthy, lean and energised so they can lead truly exceptional lives of their own design.
I help men and women all over the world transform their health, their bodies and their lives through health, nutrition and fitness coaching via Skype. If you love training clients and want to kickstart your career then we have the ideal opportunity for you. The Complete Training System allows you to easily stay in contact and impress your clients daily.
Provide custom workout programs with handy workout cards and online tracking to record their results. Complete meal planning and tracking based upon government approved USDA Food Pyramid guidelines. For example, simply enter your clientA’s measurements or clothing size and let the system perform a Body Composition Analysis.
Let your clients view your schedule or even book their next appointment with you directly from their web portal.
Isso se torna ainda pior nos casos de pessoas que sao sedentarias.  Quando nao exercitamos nossos musculos, eles vao se tornando fracos, reduzem seu volume e, com isso, diminui sua forca, sua resistencia, a protecao das articulacoes e ossos.
Dessa forma, podemos dizer que nem todo mundo que pratica a musculacao ficara com o aspecto fisico de fisiculturista, tudo dependera dos fatores citados anteriormente e da manipulacao das variaveis da musculacao. Apos a identificacao do problema de desvio postural por um profissional de fisioterapia, o educador fisico podera planejar o treinamento para fortalecer os musculos afetados pela ma postura.
Working out intensely for a short period of time, meaning under 30 minutes, will get you more benefits than your friend who’s wasting an hour time reading magazines on a stationary bike.
So essentially, by doing high intensity training, you’ll be getting a lot more in a lot less time. What busy professional really has large blocks of free time to dedicate to working out regularly anyway? But to maintain the intensity we’re talking about, you’ll need to break the workout up into smaller alternating periods of workout time and recovery time. The rest time is the very thing that lets you to push at 100% for the next interval, and the next, and the next.
If you have a smart phone you can use one of these free apps (iPhone here & Android here), or if you want a physical (and cheap) timer that you can pin to your workout pants, pick up a Gymboss timer here. I tend to swap around each day, letting my energy levels and the exercises I’ve chosen dictate the times.

As I said earlier, focus on working your large muscle groups (your butt & legs) that ideally involve your whole body. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, you may find interval power-walking will be enough for the first couple of weeks.
That means that every week or two, you’ll almost certainly need to step up the intensity a little, and try out new movements that keep your body challenged.
I give myself around 20 minutes for a workout session on most days, and that includes a quick warm-up, 3 or 4 x 4-minute rounds of tabata and a stretch. A practical model of low-volume high-intensity interval training induces mitochondrial biogenesis in human skeletal muscle: potential mechanisms. MY name is Jason Fiorini i have been among one of the top NYC personal trainer for 10 years. Add new revenue streams with online training and nutritional consulting, and decrease lost revenues from missed or forgotten appointments. Como consequencia a falta de forca e resistencia muscular aumenta-se as chances de se adquirir lesoes musculares, osseas e articulares.
Looking at my own schedule, I’d count myself lucky to fit in a single 1-hour workout each week. They also need to be intense enough that you really feel exhausted by the end of each 20-second work period.
On the other hand, if you’re pretty active you’ll probably need to add in a lot of explosive jumps & sprints to get you there.
Interval training is short yes, but if you’re doing them properly they should be brutal too, as you’ll see when you try them. The software will even track skipped workouts and allow you to send custom messages to keep your clients motivated.
So essentially it’s the rests that let you push to your max, which is where all the magic happens!
So on those days, when things are crazy, time is short, or you just can’t be bothered to do much more, remember this: there is almost always enough time to fit in a short but powerful 8-minute HIIT workout. Hard Bodies personal trainers believe nutrition in combination with supplements to be the number one rule in successfully reaching their client's fitness goals. Our health and fitness programs are very unique compared to other personal training NYC companies. Our NYC personal trainers offers its clients a service that goes above and beyond anyone else in the NYC personal training fitness industry.

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