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Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson gleamed in gold at the Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary party. Hudson is currently starring in Smash on NBC with American Idol alum Katherine McPhee and is currently working on her third album with producer Salaam Remi. I liked the first episode, and I don’t blame Nene for being upset over this show; the similarities between this show and Atlanta are hard to overlook.
Since being named Weight Watchers' celebrity spokeswoman in 2010, Jennifer Hudson has shed an impressive 80-plus pounds. What gets hard is when I get underweight, or under my goal weight, and then I have to eat, eat, eat.
Your fiance, David Otunga, just made his big-screen debut in "The Call." Did you give him any acting pointers? NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 25: (L-R) Andrea Shapiro Davis, Jennifer Hudson and Cheryl Callan attend Weight Watchers Founder Celebration Day at the Weight Watchers Center NYC on March 25, 2013 in New York City. So far, the Married to Medicine reunion has covered the unspoken hierarchy among the cast, arrest records, broken friendships, never-ending gossip, and the season-long feud between Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris. Looking back at season one of Married to Medicine, the show's creator and star, Mariah Huq, shares a few regrets about the first season and hopes for future season(s).
Paging Married to Medicine fans – the show is slated to return next month!  That is the good news. Last night was the season premiere of Married To Medicine and things kicked off with a bang! The reality TV viewer numbers are in – 2.4 million viewers watched the season two premiere of Married to Medicine on Sunday. Last night on Married To Medicine we briefly met new castmember Lisa Nicole Cloud and gained confirmation that Dr.
Friendships are falling apart left and right on Married to Medicine – first it was Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq and now it is Toya Bush-Harris and Dr.

The reality TV viewer numbers are in with two returning long-running shows on the list, 16 and Pregnant and Real Housewives of Orange County. Married to Medicine is all new tonight – and we learn more about the demise of Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq's friendship. The series premiere of Married to Medicine scored 1.9 million viewers, making it  the most watched non-spinoff series in network history. The  31-year-old Oscar and Grammy award winner stunned in a black top and gold Donna Karan skirt showing off her svelte figure at a tribute to the organizations founder, Jean Nietch in New York City. So it's no surprise that the "American Idol" alum was on hand Monday for a 50th-anniversary celebration in which Weight Watchers dedicated its New York flagship to company founder Jean Nidetch. But you don’t want to lose control because you stopped checking points to maintain your weight. And right now, I’m a huge fan of the Snickers ice cream bars, because it’s only five points. Due to the holiday, I'm going to keep this recap of the Married to Medicine reunion short and sweet. The crummy news is that Mariah Huq is still using and abusing her co-stars to execute her own selfish agenda – INCLUDING her BFF Quad Webb-Lunceford.
The "big deal" this season is that Quad Webb-Lunceford and Mariah Huq are no longer friends.
This is the second largest audience ever for Married to Medicine – the most watched episode was Mariah and Toya's nasty fight of course.
With the help of the organization, Hudson lost 80 pounds even after the birth of her son with fiance wrestler WWE David Otunga. HuffPost Celebrity caught up with the svelte singer, 31, to find out her cheat meal of choice, the challenges to staying slim and the accoutrement she's finally excited to wear.
And then I can have chocolate, ice cream and nuts, but it’s almost not cheating until I go over.

Hud on" or they want to go to the gym, and I’m the role model for what they want to look like.
But then I guess it could be, and sometimes the ladies get catty, so that’s probably what’s happening. Ahem… Toya Bush-Harris And she's weighing in on all the drama surrounding her fellow-Bravo stars at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. How anyone can be friends with Mariah is beyond me.  What happened to their friendship from Mariah's perspective? Since it can hold up to 2,000 hours of entertainment space; I can record the full season and the full seasons of my other favorite shows.
And that’s part of keeping the weight off -- okay, how can I get back to my target weight, and let go, and not fall off the plan?
When it happens and you achieve it, people somehow try to find a way to try to discredit you for it, and it’s "Oh, they had surgery.” I think other people’s experiences of doing things like that have cut people short of believing that it is possible. Special may not imply amazing.  Quad Lunceford-Webb pays a visit to Lisa Niccole's house to discuss Dr.
I mean it wouldn't be Married To Medicine without a drunken Mariah getting her purse-whack on, would it?
And also, to be magnified, versus before nobody was checking to see every single detail, and now it’s like every single detail, which adds a whole lot more pressure than before. And for those who want to stay the same, I hope I can be an example to you, too; I was proud of being a big girl.

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