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Given my ridiculously pitiful past attempts at weight loss and diets, I honestly did not think this was even possible.
I wish I could bottle this up and share it with everyone who is thinking about starting their own weight loss journey. I got my 4 year old daughter to stand on the scales today and she weighs just over 2.5 stone. By sharing my journey, I do hope that if any women out there are feeling unhappy with their bodies right now, this may just be the inspiration they need to make a change.
To kick-start his new fitness regime, he paid a visit to military-style bootcamp No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk, where Made In Chelsea stars Binky Felstead and Spencer Matthews have also lost weight, where he lost 8lbs in three days but he still wants - and needs - to lose more.The 26-year-old, who weighed in at 17st 7lbs on arrival, said he is determined to shed the pounds and become the new heartthrob of his ITV2 reality show, which returns later this month. In April 2012 he completed the Virgin London Marathon having only put in six weeks training. Nutritionist Nigel Penny warns Arga€™s love of food and yo-yo weight loss is putting his health at serious risk. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Your Next Level FitnessPersonal trainer in Hull, John Cammish, be the best you can be, lose weight and Positively change your lifestyle! Yo yo yo!  Hope you’re killin’ it with your training, and are enjoying all this ace weather! It’s such a great feeling when you look back at where you were and how far you have come. I STRUGGLE to carry her for more than a few moments, but that is the weight (and more) that I carried all day, every day. With a BMI of 32 he is clinically obese and according to NHS guidelines needs to lose 5st 6lbs to reach a healthy weight. And as part of the Mena€™s Health Challenge last year, James lost a 2st in six weeks and 10 per cent of his body fat.In the past he has talked openly how hurtful he finds Twitter abuse about his weight.
Nigel said: 'With a BMI of 32, James could be heading towards Type II Diabetes Mellitus and he is putting immense pressure on his heart. Taking drastic action to slim down, he is determined to lose weight and keep it off to prove his a€?hatersa€™ wrong.

I don't want to be skinny but I want to come back and look handsome again.'Arg aims to shed his excess weight in record time and it wona€™t be the first time hea€™s proved his doubters and critics wrong. We also need to consume the correct amount of calories for our age and sex, and for our individual activity levels.'Only time will tell if the only way is weight loss for Arg.
Losing two stone in a matter of weeks is harmful to health.'Short-term effects include nausea, dizziness, headaches and long-term health issues could include osteoporosis. People who a€?yo-yoa€? diet tend to put the weight back on incredibly quickly (and often put more on than before).

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