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People are being advised to do all sorts of crazy things, most of which have no evidence behind them. Over the years, however, scientists have found a number of strategies that seem to be effective. Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories (1, 2). One study showed that drinking a half liter (17 oz) of water about a half an hour before meals helped dieters eat fewer calories and lose 44% more weight (3).
Studies show that replacing a grain-based breakfast with eggs can help you eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours, and lose more weight and more body fat (4, 5). Studies show that the caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism by 3-11%, and increase fat burning by up to 10-29% (6, 7, 8).

Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine, but it is also loaded with powerful antioxidants called catechins, which are also believed to work synergistically with the caffeine to enhance fat burning (9, 10).
Although the evidence is mixed, there are many studies showing that green tea (either as a beverage or a green tea extract supplement) can help you lose weight (11, 12). These fats have been shown to boost metabolism by 120 calories per day, and also reduce your appetite so that you eat up to 256 fewer calories per day (13, 14).
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It is high in special fats called medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently than other fats.
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