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With the holiday season just around the corner, here's news which will be welcomed by those who've been meaning to lose weight but haven't got around to it.
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Rapper 50 Cent's drastic weight loss for a role as a cancer-stricken football player in his upcoming film has sparked debate over rapid weight loss.
50 Cent might have to change the lyrics to one of his hits: a€?Yo skinny, ita€™s your birthdaya€¦a€? The rapper, who was born Curtis Jackson, recently set the Internet aflame after posting pictures of himself looking emaciated on his Twitter page. The rapper-turned-actor says that he went on an all liquid diet and ran on a treadmill for three hours a day to drop from 214 pounds to 160 in just over two months. 50 says he took inspiration from other actors like Robert De Niro (for Taxi Driver) Christian Bale (for The Machinist) and Tom Hanks (for Cast Away), who also shed pounds.
50 has been gaining the lost weight back, though, and said he currently weighs 198 pounds as he embarks on his latest tour.
That said, the weight loss methods that celebrities use that often result in fad diets, and in particular extreme cases, like 50s, that experts advise definitely should not be tried at home. In particular, Westona€™s concerns about rapid weight loss are impact on metabolic rate and metabolism.

Celebrities also often have the resources to make the process easier a€“ hiring personal chefs, trainers and even medical professionals to monitor their systems a€“ that is likely out of reach of the average person. Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really Work For Weight Loss Virtual Gastric Band medical care may be a weight loss psychotherapy program designed to vary your feeding habits and assist you to lose weight in a The Best Weight Loss Pills In Australia My friend says to lose weight I really need to quit sugar.
It turns out the usually muscular rapper lost more than 50 pounds over nine weeks for a role as a cancer-stricken football player in his upcoming film, Things Fall Apart.
50 told the Associated Press that it was the second time he was on all liquid diet; the first was in 2000 after he was shot in the mouth, and he dropped to 157 pounds.
As for the liquid diets, he warns that you dona€™t get the satiety benefits that you get from chewing your food. And doctors warn that rapid weight loss can result in hormone imbalances and the physical effects of a yo-yoing weight loss can also have an effect on mental health. Despite health warnings from nutritionists, research showed that dieters who shed the most weight in their first month also lost more in the long run. The message, says the study, is that the first few weeks of a diet are critical and may spur dieters on. University of Florida researchers followed more than 250 obese women who were asked to cut their calorie intake and increase their exercise for 18 months.

Those who lost more than 1.5lb a week during the first month lost more than two stone within six months on average. But those who initially lost less than half a pound a week ended up losing just 11lb overall. Although women in both groups did put some weight back on, those in the speedy group fared no worse than the others. DVD Workbook Give your health and fitness routine a boost for life by joining the body+soul revolution - a 10-week program designed to help you lose weight and feel great Breakfast and Weight Loss - Is it really important bacterial infects can often be weight really work cambogia loss garcinia does treated with antibiotics.
Writing in the International Journal of Behavioural Medicine, the researchers said: 'Because weight regain reverses the health benefits achieved with weight loss, considerable efforts have been placed on identifying behavioural factors that may be associated with long-term success. In weight cambogia loss really work does Do Meal Replacements Really Work For Weight Loss The Rapid Loss Weight Loss Program really works! Studies have shown that rate of initial weight loss, even within the first few weeks of treatment, may serve as an important predictor of long-term success.

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