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After trying unsuccessfully to find a good raw food pyramid, I decided to design one myself. His journey began with a 233 pound fat body that now is 60 pounds lighter and much more athletic, running marathons barefoot. Watch and read the interview, then  leave a comment below if you agree or not with the above statements. Right now, I am just inspired to keep going, keep gaining health, going further and getting healthier as possible as I can. I don’t know how much more weight  that I have to lose but maybe I should start putting more muscle and take on some more challenges. And then when I went vegan, I started to lose a little bit of weight but it is possible to be unhealthy as a vegan as well, because you can eat pretty much anything that people on a standard American diet eats.
It’s just a vegan alternative and I think a lot of the foods that are vegan are geared towards vegan life like the fake meats and fake cheeses and those stuffs are not necessarily healthy. I think there are circumstances like the weather, having a job, financial situation, all of that  comes into place with being healthy.
I was not really expecting to go there this year, but it was my friend who actually flew me and my wife right down there.
There are some ideas discussed like the high fat diet and transitional foods I call them raw vegan junk food.
There seems to be a debate from people from two different camps: the low fat and the high fat. What’s more important is how can you thrive on a raw vegan diet, is it low fat or high fat? From my experience and from what I have seen from other people is that I feel best when I eat low fat. Anyway it’s a great experience to see the different ideas that were coming out from people. Luis: I watched a video where you mentioned that your father who has tried going raw vegan.
But for the most part, I tried to get him watermelon for breakfast and a large salad at night. Luis: My next question would be what advice would you give to other people who want to start a raw vegan diet?
I think it’s really important being really honest with yourself about why you want to be a raw vegan. I would say that planning ahead and having a meal plan for yourself is really important to start a routine.
If you wake up in the morning and you don’t exactly know what you need to do. So you go to a grocery store.
I go to the grocery store a few times a week and I buy food like I can show you, on my counter I have a bunch of bananas.
It’s so much different than just simply going on the run and running free in the environment.

Do you struggle with understanding what is best in regards to a raw vegan diet for children?
For the first time ever we hosted a live lecture event via webinar on June 27, 2015 with extended Q & A July 13. Advocates of the raw diet claim it promotes improved health and weight loss, while also supporting the environment.
Although fans of the raw diet claim that cooking food gets rid of its nutrients that boost the immune system, there is little scientific evidence to actually support this theory.
While there is some positive research being done about raw vegetables, many experts are concerned when it comes to eating raw foods such as eggs or raw meat because cooking kills harmful bacteria and these raw foods could cause food borne illnesses- according to the The American Dietetic Association which says that the body makes its own enzymes for digestion. The claim that you will lose weight on the raw diet is most likely true because the average person who adheres to the diet ends up consuming only about half the calories of a cooked diet.
Does a Raw Food Diet Help Alzheimer’s Disease?Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine who performed mice studies found that in mice that were genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s disease, reducing calorie intake slowed the development of the disease, eliminating the onset of amyloid plaques. There are many delicious recipes for Healthy Raw Broccoli Slaw Salad available online as well as other healthy raw food recipes.
Although studies have not really proven that a raw diet is recommended in Alzheimer’s prevention, integrating some of the principals into your daily diet such as eating more raw fruits and vegetables and eliminating processed food while decreasing your intake of bad carbs is certainly part of a balanced Alzheimer’s diet. She was a vegetarian, so I went vegetarian as a challenge to myself to prove to her that I could do it and it was really easy.
When I first went vegan I just incorporated more fruits and vegetables in my diet, but I wasn’t trying to gain health. I do not know if I am right but it seems that you gained some weight or it’s just my impression? It was actually taken last year, just after I did a 21 juice fast that I did   and I lost a lot of weight.
I think the healthiest  that I ever was actually in October or November  after  I ran a marathon. I am not opposed to fasting or juice fasting but I don’t think it’s not necessarily for me anymore to just all of a sudden drop all my weight really fast. There were a lot of sponsors and the sponsors were like chip companies, dehydrated nuts and high fat stuff like chocolates. Although everybody’s raw vegan and raw foodist, there are a couple of ideas brought out, like some people think you have to eat high fat raw vegan diet. I want him to get off animal products altogether and maybe I’ll try to incorporate some cooked food now. You might fail in your plan to go raw vegan because you might not know that most of the foods that you buy in the grocery store are not right. It’s a perfect alignment and a perfect form when you want to understand how our bodies are naturally made to run perfectly without shoes.
The theory of a healthy raw diet goes all the way back to the 1800′s when a doctor discovered that raw apples cured his own condition of jaundice.

The raw food diet is comprised of food that is unprocessed and not been genetically engineered (GMOs) has not had any pesticide or herbicide exposure, and food is not microwaved or cooked in any way.
One study revealed that eating raw vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and kale may even reduce the incidence of bladder cancer and oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, esophageal and gastric cancer. The diet was started when the mice were considered young adults (the beginning of amyloid plaque formation in humans) and fed  the lower caloric diet from 3 months to 12 months of age (when the plaques normally started developing in mice). Why not serve up a healthy tray of mixed vegetables and fruits or a healthy raw broccoli salad as a great start to your next meal for Alzheimer’s prevention? I think I didn’t have the worst health that time, I was unhealthy and sedentary but I could still pick up the girls.
I was trying to keep his fat intake low so he was eating a little bit of avocado and drinking some coconut.
I understand where he is coming from.  He’s been into a standard American diet for about 60 years. He did not go all the way as far as he wanted to go but we’ll pick it up again, he’ll get there. But what foods comprise the raw diet, is there any real scientific evidence to back up these health promotion claims of eating uncooked food, and what if any affect could it have on Alzheimer’s prevention? The result was fewer amyloid plaque formations in the group of mice that were fed the lower caloric diet according to United Press International.
Also, sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates in AD treatment and prevention news. I was recently in Sedona, a warmer place and had a lot of sunshine there. I had to stay more active there because I was around with like minded people too.
It’s best if you live your life into a place where everything is balanced and where you have a routine, you wake up in the morning, you stay hydrated, you have exercise regimen and you have a lot of time and money to put forward your diet.
It’s kind of mixed ideas. A couple of people were really into the health aspect and others who were there wanted to learn about health. Nearly 80 percent of the food eaten on a raw diet is plant based including; nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, raw cashew and almond butter, sprouts, vegetables, dehydrated foods, raw organic legumes, whole grains, seaweed, raw coconut, extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) and fresh vegetable and fruit juice as well as herbal tea. If he can lose weight he could get off his medication that he is taking for his high blood pressure.
Some individuals on a raw diet eat raw animal products such as raw unpasteurized milk, and cheese, raw fish, sashimi, and some types of raw meat. And that to thrive in a long term raw vegan diet, people need be  40% fat on a minimum which I disagree.

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