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Maija is a busy mom to three busy children – children who insist on eating every day. The days of backyard barbecues and fun in the sun are almost here and these are the drinks that will help you celebrate. These hacks - from natural methods to "sprint" tips - will have you finished in no time! Plus, you’ll learn how to know when your child is ready for a smartphone and help them navigate the wired world.
This soup is also perfect for when you have had too much sugar and need to give your body a little break and reset (holiday time!!).

If you don’t like certain veggies in this recipe, feel free to add in ones that you do like.
In a large crock pot combine the veggie mixture you just cooked and the remaining ingredients. I know this is going to sound crazy, but while my husband loves soup and is all about watching his weight, he WILL not eat any kind of bean.
This sounds really good, and I happen to have some chicken stock in the freezer waiting for me to do something with it.
57 is a number I can see from my windshield, just up ahead, on the left of my next milestone.

Green, black, brown, lentil(not a bean) or mushrooms(something about horses!)Long story short, what other vegetables would be good in this soup.
After 45 years he’s not going to change and I do love him enough to make him soup he does love to eat.

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