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Adorei ele, rende bastante, fica super macio e o sabor e muito parecido com os paes integrais. Bata bem os ovos (na mao msmo) e depois acrescente a coalhada (ou iogurte) e bata ate misturar bem. Coloque em uma forma e leve para assar em forno pre aquecido a 180°c por cerca de 25m.

1 scoop PhD Pharma Pure WPI Vanilla Creme flavour  (you can use a 30g scoop of another protein powder but this will change the taste a bit.
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It is low in carbohydrates with only one third of the carbohydrates of standard full strength beers.

You can enjoy them as is or top with anything of your choice (I chose warm raspberries & blackberries).

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