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More than two million of us now run regularly but most could improve technique and avoid injury.
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Just don’t try to eat one, unless you want to fill your mouth with moisturizing vegan soap. These are the secrets to a long life, according to the record-breaking nonagenarians from a tiny village on the Italian coast. These detailed cinnamon bun soaps are made by Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary, and are sure to fool even the most avid of pastry connoisseurs. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest LinkedIn Weight loss & FitnessIs running the best way to lose weight?1,500 Views4 Min Read Running is definitely one of the best ways to lose weight but running alone does not produce optimum results. The trick is to find a proven solution that’s fast, inexpensive, and customizable to suit your particular needs, life-style, and personal goals. Whether you want to manage stress, lose weight, or overcome limiting beliefs or habits, Self-hypnosis is an excellent self-help tool. And, with a little practice you will be able to use it where and when you want it.“But don’t you need a professional hypnotherapist?” you might ask.
Compared to other 30 minute workouts running is among the most efficient forms of exercise for shedding pounds. In hypnosis, you will experience phenomena such as, heightened imagination, improved memory and altered sensations.

In the majority of the cases you only need a good pair of running shoes, a training plan to follow and lots of willpower.Flexibility – You can run outdoors or indoors (treadmill) any time you want.
In hypnotherapy, we use these phenomena to help you overcome problems and achieve your goals—this also applies to self-hypnosis. If you don’t have any injury or joint problems you can choose where and when to run without any special preparations or restrictions.How to begin with running?Check with your doctor first. Running increases the heart beat rate so it’s better to make a health checkup and get your doctor’s approval before beginning running.Get a good pair of trainers – From experience having the proper shoes can make a difference when running.
You can assume that it may take you up to 2 months to get into proper shape and run for at least 30 continuous minutes. To ensure that you achieve a true hypnotic state, follow the protocol below.Self-Hypnosis Using a Modified Elman InductionThe Elman induction is one of the most commonly used hypnosis inductions (that is, the process of taking someone into the state of hypnosis) used by professional hypnotherapists.
In addition HIIT is better for fat loss since it increases calories burn after exercise.Is running the best way to lose fat?Aerobic exercises can help you lose weight from different parts of the body but for fat loss you need to combine both aerobic and anaerobic exercise to your schedule. Resistance training and weight lifting exercises are more efficient for burning fat and if you combine your efforts with a balanced diet you can get the results you want. Then start “sending” this relaxed state down your body, to relax every muscle, all the way to the soles of your feet.2.
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Count down from 100, deepening the relaxation with each count, until your mind is relaxed to the point where the numbers are gone. You can deepen the relaxation by imagining that you’re stepping down a staircase, going down an escalator, riding down an elevator, etc.5. Now give yourself the suggestions, framed according to the guidelines above, slowly going in and out of this state.
To emerge, simply count up from 1 to 5, becoming more aware of your senses with every count.With a little practice, you should be able to pop in and out of self-hypnosis whenever you want to. It’s a great self-help tool to help you overcome many issues or just relax and bring out your best self. Try it today!About the Author Luke Chao is the founder of The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis in Toronto, Canada, where he lives.
His latest project is Hypnotizr, which offers custom hypnosis downloads through its unique online store.

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