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Eating clean is one of the best things you can do for your health, and unlike other dieting trends, it is actually very easy to figure out.
This may sound extremely boring and fairly limiting, but the truth is that your palate will begin to love clean-eating.
You’ll find that the recipes below will naturally limit your sugar, wheat, and flour intake.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start your day with healthy, whole foods? Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies:  These cookies are so easy to make that you have no reason to skip breakfast.
Cake Batter Chia Pudding:  Chia seeds are great way to start the morning, as they’re good for cleaning our your digestive tract with the insoluble fiber. Poached Eggs with Romesco Sauce:  This recipe is perfect if you like to start your day with a savory, hearty meal packed full of protein and veggies. Get through that midday stretch with clean eating lunch recipes, which can help you boost your energy without relying on caffeine and sugar. Chilled Asparagus Soup:  Hit your recommended vegetable intake with this soup, which features asparagus, avocados, onion, and celery. Salmon Cakes:  By baking instead of frying and using sweet potato instead of regular potato, you can enjoy this lunch classic. Spicy Garlic Shrimp:  With garlic, fresh shrimp, and plenty of herbs, this dinner comes together in less than 10 minutes.
Veggie Burgers:  These burgers feature black beans, plantains, and avocados—all the ingredients you need for a flavorful, meaty burger. Salsa Chicken Thighs:  Whip up a batch of homemade salsa and toss it in the crockpot with chicken thighs. Did you know that drinking lemon-ginger-turmeric tea is a healthy, natural way to detoxify your liver and boost your immunity?
Over time, a buildup of toxins can cause your liver to become less effective at doing its job.
While this tea will help detoxify your liver, you should also consider avoiding certain foods in order to protect your liver. Making changes to your daily lifestyle is not overly difficult, if you take it one step at a time. Most detoxification drinks for your liver involve a combination of ingredients that can help remove toxins and cleanse your system.
We all love fresh Fruit juice, but vegetable juicing recipes are a bit brow-raising especially to beginners of the raw foods t.
The B vitamins are extremely important, but they are often overlooked when you are not feeling well.

It is important to make sure that you constantly have enough B vitamins in your diet because they are water soluble and excess is usually flushed out of the body. Vitamin B12 is essential for the maintenance and development of nerve cells, and red blood cells.
Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal meat, which is why many vegetarians and vegans tend to develop a deficiency of the vitamin. Other people who are at risk with the B vitamins deficiency include the elderly, pregnant women, and those who suffer from an intestinal disorder or from hemorrhage.
The NIH (National Institutes of Health) recommends that everyone over the age of fourteen get 2.4 mcg per day.
People who are over the age of 50 should eat a diet that contains foods that are fortified with vitamin B12 or take a supplement. If you discover that you have a vitamin B deficiency or if you simply want to add a healthy dose of vitamins to your diet, a wheatgrass shot is the perfect choice.
While animal-derived foods will provide the best source for vitamin B12, wheatgrass shots will provide you with many of the other B vitamins that are needed to maintain your health. It provides all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidant that you usually do not get so easily in your regular diet all at once. Of course, you want to avoid highly processed foods like potato chips, foods with added sweetener, and various fast foods. All you do is mash bananas and oats together until you reach the consistency of cookie dough.
By the end of your work day, you’ll have slow-cooked chicken that you can use in a huge variety of ways. Try to ensure that your total fat intake is less than 30 percent of your total calories for the day. Start by drinking this tea each morning for several mornings, as you begin cutting back on sugar, sodium, and fats in processed foods. Fresh fruits are naturally sweet Explains the power of raw juicing, green smoothies and a raw food t to help reverse and cure Juice Recipes Juice Recipes for Diseases and Ailments Juicing for Weight What are some really good juicing recipes for people on a raw food t that can be made in a home juicer?
Vitamin B12 is important for good adrenal function, maintains the nervous system, and is necessary for metabolic processes.
Typically the supplement should be between 25 to 100 mcg in order to maintain vitamin B levels to where they should be. Moreover, juicing puts less burden on your digestive system and allows you to consume greater amount of healthy fruits and vegetables, which fills your body with energy and vitality and help you suppress your appetite and thus help you shed those extra pounds.
The less processing your food has to go through before it gets to your kitchen, the better it is for you. The following are some ideas for great clean-eating recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Without a healthy liver, you would have difficulty receiving nutrients and vitamins from the food that you eat and may even face clogged arteries—as your liver filters blood. This will kick start your digestive system and make you less susceptible to colds, sore throats, seasonal allergies, bowel and digestive issues. A high consumption of sodium or sugar can put a lot of stress on the liver, making it work harder than it should.
Cutting back on sugar, sodium, and fats will help prevent the build-up of toxins that required you to detoxify your liver in the first place. We have free raw vegan and vegetarian recipes – all created, tested, reviewed and approved by raw food Living and Raw Food Recipes. Tasty raw recipes by Jennifer Cornbleet, author of the Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People. 12 amazing fruits and vegetables with incredible healing This is a guest post by Ingela Johansson. The other B vitamins are necessary to be taken together for better absorption of vitamin B12.
When you feel satisfied, it becomes easy for you to avoid those unhealthy junk foods that add extra pounds to your waistline.
To get my lymphatic system moving, I Choose from over 148 Cucumber Juice Raw recipes from sites like Epicurious and Allrecipes.
Having a bunch of fasting juice recipes ready when you’re about to go on your raw, healing juice fast can come in handy. Books; Drinks; DVDs and tricks to juicing correctly and found four really wonderful raw fruit juice recipes juicing those fruits on the Highly Beneficial and Neutral Foods Lists Raw Food Juicer Recipes ?
The best thing about juice diet is that it contains lots of micro-nutrients, no fat and is very low in calories.
Many raw food recipes whether they are juiced or not can be geared to cleanse specific organs depending on the food that's used. Juicing can help you to improve your diet and lose weight, even if you are not ready to go for a full juice fast.
Here are 7 best juicing recipes that can be prepared easily to lose weight the healthy way.

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