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The plans have helped mums lose over 100,000kg and regain their body confidence post having children.
In the Lose Baby Weight Review, mums will receive the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and gain access to the website tools all in the name of weight loss. In addition to the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan, 10 lucky MoM Reviewers will also receive product from The Healthy Mummy Range … so keep your eyes open for those reviews popping up! In the Lose Baby Weight Review, we asked mums to put the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet & Exercise plan to the ‘Real Mum, Real Life’ test and post their review and ratings.
I started doing the challenge and got sick 2 weeks in and still ate te reciepes but couldnt keep up with the exercise.
Just started the 28 day meal and exercise plan, thought I better post a before pic so we can see where I end up…. The shakes: They are very easy to make, although initially I found the flavours a bit strong and overwhelming. The Motivation: I have found the Facebook page, daily emails and the website to be such a source of inspiration and motivation and I feel so connected – the support element of the LBW programme should not be underestimated! Overall: I feel happy, I have more energy, I am getting out in the sunshine and fresh air more, I am motivated, I am more regular, I am sleeping better at night (when bub lets me), I look forward to cooking and for the first time ever I think I have found a plan I can stick with.
The book is a 200 page book, big and square and is of a very high quality and on thick paper stock – we are confident you will love it and love using it! It is the same great book with all the info and the plan but the set out is amazing and the pictures of the meals and smoothies are gorgeous. WOW – I  am so impressed at how wonderful the new and improved 28 day diet and exercise plan looks! I had previously been using the online version which was great but it’s so convenient to have the new book available to hand! I have two children under 4 and am always sleep deprived but the 28 Day Plan has made eating healthily so much easier to do and I have lost over 4kg in 4 weeks. The design is so great, everything is laid out perfectly and the photos of the recipes are great.
The exercise plan is also great, has step by step instructions and photos which are great if you are beginning and a bit unsure of how to do it. Our best selling 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has sold over 40,000 copies in Australia and due to popular demand by our fantastic American followers, we have created an American version.
The 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has helped moms lose over 2million pounds with our plans and you can get your FREE recipe sampler from the 28 Day Plan by entering your email below. Your email may be used for future marketing from Lose Baby Weight, however we will not sell your details to any 3rd party.
The eBook usually costs $28 but as a RED HOT launch offer you can purchase it for $20 Australian dollars and on the current conversion rate $20 Aussie dollars is $15 USA dollars – so that is just over 50c a day. 4 weeks of meals and a detailed daily diet plan diary showing what to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and drinks. Our 28 Day Plan is about making health and weight loss achievable and arming you with the knowledge to lose weight and get healthy – which is our mission in life!
Our expert-designed weight loss exercises and diet plan will easily help you feel fit and healthy post pregnancy.
We hope you love it and as well as losing weight will feel inspired to live a healthier life for the long term. Angela says “The team at Lose Baby Weight just make it all so easy to follow  so I can make it work for what suits me and my family best. Lose Baby Weight has helped mums lose over 1 Million kgs of their baby weight and to give mums even more help we have launched the 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan. The weight loss plan is designed to help you lose your weight, lose stomach fat, boost your milk supply and get fit.
Many of the mums that I work with are looking for a lifestyle change and a healthy eating program that is simple – not where they will be left hungry or take ages to prepare. Now we don’t, It really is one less thing to worry about and it gives me peace of mind to know without any effort I am on the right track to getting into shape. WOW – I am so impressed at how wonderful the new and improved 28 day diet and exercise plan looks!
I remember people saying to me that I will never get rid of my ‘baby belly’, so I was determined to.
After seeing so many encouraging stories I decided to purchase The Breastfeeding friendly Lose Baby Weight 28 day Diet and Exercise Plan.

After 1 week on the plan I felt like I had so much more energy and I just felt healthier overall! I continued with the plan but I will admit that I did go off it a few times, but I kept getting back on it and trying again. I love how Lose Baby Weight keeps sending motivational emails and tips like ‘weight loss friendly treats when you need something sweet’.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine. Hi  Lose Baby Weight, here is my pregnancy weight loss story from following the Lose Baby Weight plans Before becoming pregnant with my little girl I weighed 58.7kg.
As we reach the middle of summer and the middle of the school holidays for those with kidlets of school age, what to serve for lunch or dinner to a hungry, hot family becomes a daily challenge.
We went to school together 10+ years ago and both had our third babies (boys) within a week of each other in September 2012. Both of us struggled to lose our pregnancy weight we had gained amidst the business of caring for our young children.  Together we decided to give the Lose Baby Weight plans and the 28 day diet & exercise plan a go!! Having a friend to support and encourage me every week was invaluable!  Every Monday morning we weighed in – this kept me accountable and spurred me on for the next week. Breastfeeding I found I was always hungry and wanting to snack so having a range of healthy tasty alternatives was wonderful. After 28 days I had lost a total of 7.5kgs – halfway to the goal I had set myself!  After being on the diet for 12 weeks (with a few Christmas treats) I lost my goal weight of 15kg!!  And a few weeks later I can proudly say I have lost a total of 16.6kg! We both recommend the 28 Day Lose Baby Weight Plan – it is so affordable and easy to follow, suiting a busy mum’s schedule!  We are now both armed with so much knowledge about good food choices that maintaining our healthy weight should be a breeze! Thank you so much Lose Baby Weight team – you have helped us transform our lives.  And we want to encourage any other mums struggling with their weight to find a good friend to keep you accountable and give it a go!
After that point not an ounce was budging and Nat (who was also in the same position) and I decided to give the Lose Baby Weight Diet a go. By the time my bub was a mere 3 months old, I was back to my pre pregnancy weight, wearing all my size 10 clothes and feeling fantastic. If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout. By Natalie Cocks and Melinda Murnane We went to school together 10+ years ago and both had our third babies (boys) within a week of each other in September 2012. One of the fantastic benefits of having kids is that it brings us back to some of the stuff we enjoyed when we were little ourselves – like skipping rope. Not only that, it gives you energy to do physical activities, which in turn would make you healthier. The infographic above provides 30 effective ways to lose weight. Cut carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes and pumpkin into roasting sized chunks and dress in olive oil. A big thank you and huge well done to Karen Graham for sending in her amazing weight loss results and her gorgeous picture of her and her little boy!
The guilt free way to enjoy chocolate treats and baking whilst following a healthy eating plan. When the weather cools down, we like to nourish our bodies with warming meals, such as stews, casseroles and curries. In fact, these slow-cooked meals can actually be a friend to the time-poor mum, with just a bit of forward planning and a few minutes work in the morning. We have chosen our favourite oven- and stovetop-prepared slow-cooked meals for this cookbook, with tips on adjusting the recipes to suit a slow cooker, if you have one. We hope you enjoy the recipes we’ve selected and they inspire you to become the healthiest, happiest version of you. Packed with over 80 healthy Vegetarian recipes in the glossy 220+ LARGE sized book this book is a must have if you want to boost your veggie intake with interesting and family friendly healthy recipes.
The plans help to support and motivate mums and give daily support, offers and advice with the focus being on safe and sensible weight loss when a mum feels 100% physically and emotionally ready to lose weight. The great thing however, is you have so much flexibility with what you can add to the shakes to make them suit your taste buds.
But one thing I did find, was by cutting my usual dinner portion down by half and adding in a big salad instead, I was feeling full and still able to have some of my favourite dinners. I have so far lost 4.3kgs and I am only a week and a bit in (goes to show that I must have not been very good before). It is a program of healthy eating and gentle exercise which also features nutritionally complete smoothies that mums can use for quick meals.

It’s not just a book packed with useful information, it is also just pretty to look at.
I find the photos really helpful when I am cooking a recipe for the first time, I am always nervous as to whether I have done it properly and if it looks the way it should.
Our whole house was sick last week with gastro and colds and flues so it set me back a little bit.
Not only is your book user friendly and has all the frequently asked questions Mums have, but I adore the added extra’s like the snack list!
I was feeling tired, a combination of the effects of a newborn and some of it was the extra weight I needed to shed. I feel empowered to eat well, shop well and I will have my bible of inspirational on my side. A few months after having my baby I decided to look up some ways to lose weight after a baby and I came across Lose Baby Weight on Facebook. I am so grateful for the Lose Baby Weight team and I hope that my story will encourage others to keep trying!
It worked beautifully, the motivation and drive from seeing someone else being successful is a very powerful thing. This helps prevent various kinds of ailments including heart disease, high blood pressure, certain forms of cancer, gallstones, breathing difficulties, and type 2 diabetes.
Some of these include keeping a food journal, exercising for 30 to 60 minutes a day, planning for cravings, and avoiding trans fats and cholesterol. Roast all these vegetables in oven until soft and caramelised on the outside (around 1.5 hours at 200 degrees).
These recipes usually just require you to prepare a few ingredients, add them all to one pot and let the oven, stovetop or your slow cooker do the rest.
Recipes include an abundance of fresh, whole-food ingredients high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to provide you and your family with healthy, balanced meals that are so easy to prepare.
Lose Baby Weight also has an active Facebook page with over 26,000 mums on with daily tips, recipes and motivation posted each day. There are so many great elements to the LBW program I don’t really know where to start raving!! After a bit of experimentation, I now know what ratio of water and milk to add for both taste and texture (I don’t like my smoothies too thick) and I really look forward to making up a new flavour combination each morning. The recipes are great and dont feel at all like you are on a diet, easy to make and hubby likes them as well (who would have thought?!).
I find it so easy to follow and it has transformed the way I have viewed my diet and lifestyle and I have never felt better. You can then get on with the rest of your day, knowing that you have a healthy and delicious meal ready for your family at dinner. I’ve already started to learn alot, things I thought I had the smarts about but obviously not, the numbers are the proof! It has taught me so much that even after almost 2 weeks following my completion I am still losing weight (despite a weekend bender although a lot more controlled). I even find myself planning two or three shakes in advance – it’s actually a lot of fun! A lot of thought and passion has gone into this book and I would recommend it to all Mums that want to start doing something about their weight that is safe, effective and supportive. Slow cooked meals are also perfect for making in bulk and freezing, which again will save you time in the kitchen. When I signed up to try this it was my last hope, with a spinal injury I had my doubts of how successful I could be losing weight but it just shows what you eat means so much more than how long you exercise for.
Your exercise plans are easy to follow and the books illustrations make it easy for inexperienced Mums to follow. Granted exercise is still required and the program makes that so easy to fit in whilst caring for an energetic toddler. I am now able to keep up with him, suffering from a lot less back pain and it only continues to get better. The program teaches you so much more than you would expect and as a novice (and pretty terrible) cook, it was so easy and so tasty!

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