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Blog posts from the perhaps-inscrutably-named but nonetheless hilarious NCBI ROFL have been a mainstay of DISCOVER’s site for years now. If you want to do a scientific study of sexual function (in this case, how orgasm changes genital sensitivity), it’s usually necessary to perform it under carefully controlled conditions. The effect of sexual arousal and orgasm on genital sensitivity has received little research attention, and no study has assessed sensation pleasurableness as well as painfulness. To clarify the relationship between sexual arousal, orgasm, and sensitivity in a healthy female sample. Burial of piglet carcasses in cement: a study of macroscopic and microscopic alterations on an animal model.
NCBI ROFL: Visual cues given by humans are not sufficient for Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) to find hidden food.
Cunnilingus Apparently Increases Duration of Copulation in the Indian Flying Fox, Pteropus giganteus.
Facebook TwitterAmerican Apparel has stirred up quite the controversy for decking out its mannequins with very visible patches of untamed pubic hair.
As of this morning, the storefront at the retailer’s East Houston location in New York features three mannequins clad in transparent white underwear, exposing their unkempt bikini lines and stopping window shoppers dead in their tracks.
District Visual Manager Dee Myles told the Observer that the display is meant to ‘bring rawness and newness to a holiday thought of as a romantic Hallmark holiday.
Designing a home is an art: It takes time, patience and sometimes a few bad choices before we get it right.

From cramming too much stuff in our spaces to making bad accessory choices, scroll through the top eight decor DON'Ts below. What’s not to love about the authors’ explication of why a smile conceals more than a poker face, whether Gollum suffers from multiple personality disorder, or how one girl apparently got pregnant via oral sex? The new-and-improved version is already up and running with a post about how the sound of vomiting affects your moral judgements—so click over and check it out now! But the method for removing objects from the rectum using a cluster of balloons is actually pretty inventive. And although we love looking for inspiration for awesome ideas for our interiors, we thought it would also be helpful to identify the most common blunders. And while you’re at it, update your bookmark and your RSS feed so you can stay on top of their daily posts. In this study, the (Italian) scientists set out to answer these questions using (what else? Remote-controlled turtles can do your bidding, from… um … swimming in shallow waters? But do these people become hypocrites because they are in positions of power, or were they just born a**holes? We love vintage furniture, but too much will make your place look more like a museum than a modern home.
The best way to make a space your own is by picking out furniture and accessories over time.

Avoid the "catalog look" that occurs when everything comes in a set, and instead mix wood pieces with other finishes like mirrored, glass or painted items. Look, the point is that these scientists figured out how to make turtles do what they want simply by attaching a movable blinder to the turtle’s shell.
Placing just a few toss pillows is a good way to add a pop of color and texture to your room. Does everyone like the same aspects of butter, or are different people responding to different characteristics? This apparatus allows the scientists to control the turtles’ movements by activating their instinct to avoid obstacles (see it in action in the movie clip below).
Are you actually going to be bad at your job, or should you just suck it up and go to work? These scientists had a lot of people eat a lot of butter to try to determine what characteristics make people like or dislike a butter or butter-spread by using principal component analysis (PCA). Well, these scientists got 13 volunteers to go home, get wasted, and come back the next day to see if they performed as terribly as they felt.

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