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1 cup dry chickpeas or 2 cups of canned, boiled chickpeas (if you want to have these chickpea patties ready in 25 minutes, then you should use canned chickpeas. Add boiled chickpeas in the food processor and blend well until they have a paste-like consistency.
Join Newsletter Opt-in Below To Get Access To My FREE Fitness Tips, Strageties and Motivation Newsletter! Through Deanna’s winning recipe, she shares a really easy and delicious technique for making a vegan pasta sauce. This was the perfect day for me to make and photograph this recipe, because I am currently staying at my sister’s apartment in Manhattan. Imagine a¬†giant green oasis is tucked away behind the brick walls of a Village apartment building.
When you order ravioli from a restaurant you imagine all the hard work and effort that goes into making them. Amber shares her family’s down home and traditional recipes as well as creating her own. Delicious Rating: I used the mini corn tortillas and ended up eating four, they were addicting and full of flavor!

I used one jalapeno but as you can see there is another there not sliced in the background.
The taco seasoning I used was just one of the taco packets sold in stores, nothing fancy or special. I always thought tacos were off-limits to me as a gluten-free vegan — thank you so much for showing me this isn’t the case! I love making cashew cream sauces, but will have to try with carrots and maybe spinach next time. Most people who are stepping into veganism have already started with vegetarianism and don’t miss meat. I’ve been looking for more ways to be self sufficient and not rely so much on commercial vegan products. My son is severely allergic to ALL dairy products and I am constantly looking for recipes to make him that we can enjoy as a family. When you minus the meat and dairy and eggs, vegetables really have a chance to stand on their own and they taste great. I was debating on heat level and stuck with just one but a second wouldn’t be so bad the next time around.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still eat meat and dairy and eggs, I am just learning to appreciate food without them. If you want a heartier taco, I recommend adding rice, but without rice I felt they are light and filling. And since it is vegan, you don’t feel so bad picking up the beans and olives off the empty plate with your fingers!
Thankfully with advancements and people who share that love of cheese vegan options are available. Keep it simple so that you can really taste each vegetable  without muddling them together and let me know how they turned out! This easy recipe was a cinch to cook for lunch with simple ingredients that were in the fridge and pantry.

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