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What he means is that bricks or stones are typically placed on top of step treads to build up the wall surrounding the stairs. Obviously people can see it both ways, but you're only correct if you say the cat is going downstairs. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Coming off the heels of the worlda€™s most famous dress, a post on 9Gag of a cat walking on a set of stairs is going viral.
Spotted on The Daily Mail, the 9Gag post asks readers if the cat is walking up or down the stairs.A At the time of this post, almost 4,000 comments have been made arguing about the image. Children with Down syndrome (Ds) often have a much harder time learning to walk, primarily because of their characteristic low muscle tone.

Building muscle is critical to helping children with Ds combat low muscle tone and reach development milestones. Commenters in both camps keep citing architectural and biological reasons for their conclusion. But that would mean the stair grip would be ever-so-slightly raised (we know this because of the shadows), which would be extremely dangerous a€” people (and cats) would be tripping all the time.
Depending on your perspective, you can either see the cat going down with the light coming from the ceiling, or up with the light coming from the downstairs floor. The arrow points to the stair lip, which wouldn't be visible from above.An argument for up, however, insists that the stairs could be mosaic tile with a wooden lip, and the bright patch in the upper center of the image is light from downstairs.
After she welcomed her son, Charlie, and his extra chromosome, she discovered her passion for writing about Down syndrome and disability-related issues.

Taking a step up, then leaning on that knee and using that leg’s muscles to rise to the next step builds both leg and abdominal muscles. Viewers would then be looking down at the top of the stairs with the cat coming towards them. Her daughter, Nora, and Charlie teamed up to demonstrate six of Nikki’s most recommended exercises to strengthen muscles key to walking.

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