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No more “bouncing” with fad diets, you lose the weight, and keep it off forever under the guidance and education of our specialist weight loss coaches. Our Trainers specialise in weight-loss by improving and enhancing your lifestyle – PERMANENTLY.They will confidentially monitor and analyse your current lifestyle and eating habits and then begin coaching you personally in all aspects of correct food choices and the benefits of exercise planning.
You are never on your own, you are constantly monitored, coached, and motivated towards changing those poor eating habits that have gradually crept into all of our lives.
The 4 Week Body Blitz program involves replacing those poor habits, with permanent positive choices. All my life I’ve been overweight and although I always smiled and appeared to be a happy go lucky person I was sad on the inside. With the help of someone special, I worked up the courage to walk into Onelife Gym, where I met Mel.

Mel asked if I was interested in a upcoming program that was due to start in a couple of weeks. It did cross my mind that people would look and stare at me at the gym because I was so big, but it wasn’t like that at Onelife. I started one of the best journeys of my life on the 30th of May 2011 when The Bay’s Biggest Loser Competition started.
As a busy working mum, she knew how far to push me and what she expected from me was acheivable.
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If you are struggling to keep your diabetes or blood sugar levels under control, you really need to try our program. This is achieved by conducting a thorough analysis of your eating behaviour and exercise patterns.
The team were all fantastic, helping and making me feel comfortable being part of their gym. Although it was hard work I enjoyed it so much. It has inspired my life so much and changed me as a person.

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