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Fortunately, she said her cravings are increasingly easier to manage, partially because of the skills she learned during 500 hours of rehab classes in prison and partially because of the situations she puts herself in now. Although she knows she would likely benefit from medication, Amber said she isn’t even comfortable taking prescription drugs. Amber will return to MTV with Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell for a new season of Teen Mom next year. My young one is asking me questions about fifth-grade math, and I don’t know how to help he her. Wow, just when I feel like I’m really cookin’ with gas, I find out that I am actually cookin’ with gas!  H. One entry into the petri dish to drop her off and the ALLERGIES attack like demented clowns from outer space and my misery starts all over again.
Now, this is in no way a complaint but one of those observations where life throws you a curveball…How is it I get my ductwork fixed so I have heat? I guess it’s like stroking out for a week in hundred degree weather then you get your AC fixed only for that bitch Mother Nature to swing down into the fifties where the last thing you need or want is air. And don’t think it went uncommented by R-sole when I declined Mangoritas and told him how shitty I was feeling. Nope just that disappointed father thing like me getting a sinus infection is inconvenient to his needs, business and social. I guess if I want thrills I’m gonna have to go old school like Beavis and Butthead and find some hallucinogenic toads to lick.
Secondly, you do not come into a waiting room full of strangers and announce that I have given you the number of a psychiatrist! Oh and I am going to enlighten my psychiatrist about the fact that he is not a real doctor, poor guy was operating under the misconception that he was a real doctor! Instead my car got rear ended at this clusterfuck spot on the main drag cos some assfuck in front of me put on their brakes, I put on mine, and the girl behind me drove right into my bumper. Fortunately aside from her plate holder being bent,there was no damage as it was more a bump than a slamming hit. Throw this sinus agony into the mix and…I even turned down free Mangoritas cos I just feel that damned shitty. I am just gonna write this day off cos we all know if you feel sick physically as well as mentally, there’s really nothing to be done but sleep and hope it reboots the brain by morning. K made clear to me last time I saw her is that if I wanted to, I could take my Seroquel morning and night to try and keep things smoothed out. I’m torn between wondering whether I should ask for a change in my meds now, or wait until I get my next appointment through and ask then. I mainly just wanted to take a second to check in and note that I shifted when I was taking the Seroquel around so that I would hopefully remember to think on it more later.

Smoking is my one joy in life which decreases or manages my stress, robbing me of that is just so fuck off and die, world. Thing is, last time someone smashed into me, I was out and about the whole day, a little shaken but not traumatized. I mean, all the cool kids are declaring themselves cured without meds, I should just jump on the band wagon, right? Here is me, an unsuspecting person, coming to see this doctor for the first time and this is how I get treated!
Why the hell would I be wasting my time in crummy, crowded waiting rooms talking to idiotic women whose iQ is probably borderline moron, if I didn’t absolutely have to. I mean yes, I blog about my illness, and if I choose to tell the whole waiting room that I see a psychiatrist, that is my business. I’m going to do some deep breathing now, maybe watch some Golden Girls and get over this nasty episode, yet another nasty episode. We showed insurance cards to prove we were both covered but as no damage was actually done and we both had to get our kids…No need to call the cops or insurance company. Why oh why when I get that bad juju vibe in my gut do I insist on “pushing my boundaries outside the comfort zone”?
You do now - why not put it on your website to show your affiliation with, or love of The Bipolar Blogger Network? If she was seeing a therapist and working on behavioral modifications , I’m sure the therapist would recommend or work with an MD that would help her find non addictive meds. Some of the Beyhive’s private investigator drones have identified Becky as fashion designer Rachel Roy, but a spelling mix up has some of B’s bees swarming on Food Network chef Rachel Ray!
My middle one has a math-and-science brain, so I’m looking for her to do well in life.
I hadn’t really thought about it until last night, and then again this morning when something disturbed by equanimity before I could even get caffeine in me. I commented to my husband again that I should probably not repeat it because man, fog upon fog.
Pylori, you bitch!!!  How could you deny me that?????  I swear, my body doesn’t even do sick right! Because likely it means you weren’t at all bipolar but misdiagnosed because doctors hand bipolar for moody adults like they do ADHD for hyper kids.
But, and this a big but (haha) you with your idiotic red braids and rude manner do not have the right to announce it on my behalf. Your staff is obnoxious, rude, confrontational, doesn’t respect my privacy, and you are going to laugh me off? Can I not get a break with all these morons with MD and DDS degrees and their inept, moronic employees?

She was very cool about it, cos ya know, even if I’d done the instant braking on purpose the law says whoever hits you from the rear is responsible. Keep reading to see a huge selection of the hilarious comments left on Rachel’s most recent Instagram photo of a pulled beef sandwich. I’d commented on it to my husband, and then went ahead and took 200 of the 500mg I had in my pillbox for this evening.
He pointed out wisely that I was technically with a bit too much in my system right now, and that I should give it a bit more time to see if it does any good. Guess making that second appointment for the insulation wasn’t such a bummer, after all. Until it happens, you’re just suspended in miserable lingo going through the motions. And as a matter of fact, just because it all hasn’t killed me, it has NOT made me stronger. I’ve taken my 300mg and am going to top it up with with some melatonin, so fingers crossed it does me good tonight. When shaky like this, it’s best to limit my exposure to anything that could trigger me.
And anyway, no doctor is going to give you my information over the phone unless I have signed a release, which I had not.
It has made me a fucking train wreck who can’t talk on a damned phone or socialize or even enjoy a walk outside.
I am not a vindictive or even a negative person, but something like this can not be simply forgotten. Usually my youngest doesn’t need help with her math homework either, so today is unusual. I said no, I wasn’t told to bring any, if I had been told to bring those, I would have. She said this doctor will not see me unless I give her the number of a doctor who can provide substantiation. I told her I do not want to speak with you anymore, I want to see the doctor I came to see. I just sat there, fuming by now, what the hell is this, intimidation and blackmail central? Then I saw this new doctor, I explained to him how I’d been treated and he simply laughed me off.

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