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A bright and robust tea that delivers a full bodied flavour, great for your first cup and all through the day.
Fairtrade Everyday 80 Teabags A bright and robust tea that delivers a full bodied flavour, great for your first cup and all through the day. It is an upright-growing plant that can reach a height of more than four meters, with large, green leaves and yellow flowers. Guarana features large leaves and clusters of flowers, and is best known for its fruit, which is about the size of a coffee berry. It is native to warm subtropical to tropical eastern Asia, from Japan and China south to Indonesia.It is a perennial plant, growing from a large corm up to 25 cm in diameter. Each fruit harbours one seed which contains approximately five times more caffeine as coffee beans.Western civilization was introduced to this plant in 17th century. More than 3500 ago Ancient Egypt papyrus states that Fenugreek was used as medical treatment. The pulp of the plant regulates the level of glucose in blood, is used against fever, bleeding, heart disease, arthritis and various nervous cases, as well as in case of congestion. The flowers are produced on a spathe enclosed by a dark purple spadix up to 55 cm long.Konjac is vegetarian product consisting of jelly and fiber that is widely used in the cuisine of Asian population, as well as vegans.

The plant creates the sense of fullness.The dried corm of the konjac plant contains around 40% glucomannan gum.
Contemporary medicine uses it as means of decreasing the level of cholesterol, regulate sugar levels etc.
Nelumbo nucifera was native to a huge area from modern Vietnam to Afghanistan, being spread widely as an ornamental and food plant. Over the past years the extracts from Cassia Atrufistula have been used in Europe and America as weight loss ingredients for teas and pills.
Scientific researches show that Fenugreek seeds split up to 15-20% of fat cells before they settle in the human body. In 1787 it was first brought into horticulture in Western Europe as a stove-house water-lily under the patronage of Joseph Banks and can be seen in botanical garden collections where heating is provided. Today it is rare or extinct in the wild in Africa but widely naturalized in southern Asia and Australia, where it is commonly cultivated in water gardens.For many centuries this plant has been used part of nourishment in Asia, China, Japanese, Pakistan and Indian cuisines.
Fenugreek has become available in pills and is prescribed by doctors for alternative medicine as dietary food supplement in order to control the level of cholesterol, as well as sugar.
Using guarana extract the metabolic processes start to be more rapid, thus burning more calories than usual and therefore the body starts to loose the weight in a natural way.

The research shows – these people were diagnosed that their level of cholesterol decreased by 23%. The Sacred Lotus has been used as part of homeopathy in Asia due to its remedial characteristics.
Scientists have proved that Lotus roots are found to be rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, copper, and manganese, while very low in saturated fat. In 1990 scientists proved that the liquid from Lotus seeds and new leaves can be used to minimize the fever and sugar level in the blood. The extracts gained from the seeds of new plants regulate the digestion system and help to stimulate the metabolic activities, as well as act as antioxidant.
Currently the discovered formula is the most effective and harmless fight with weight problems.

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