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Skinny Muscles is the fitness blog where skinny guys can find information, advice and inspiration about weight gain and build muscles. A couple of months ago we teamed up with Chris Heskett to develop series of workout plans for beginners. As strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and a fitness model, Chris knows the importance of good nutrition and food for muscle growth. The Muscle gain diet: meal ideas for skinny guys is a sample eating plan for anyone who works out and wants to build muscles. You should consult your muscle gain diet and workout program with your General Practitioner and Nutritionist. Today I want to give you an example of a guy who has gained a massive amount of weight WITHOUT gaining fat – Christian Bale.
Justin Bieber has shown off the fruits of his work-out schedule by posting a pic of his sculpted body on Instagram.

The Boyfriend singer, 19, posed topless with the man who made his abs possible – to the delight of his fans.
Biebs is currently trundling around Asia on the latest leg of his Believe tour – having drawn attention when ascending the Great Wall of China lately and taking in Korea on his latest dates. The star was joined by K-pop sensation Psy (with whom he shares a manager, Scooter Braun) who turned up to support him in the audience.
The Gentlemen singer has been impressed by Bieber’s recent work ethic as he releases a new song every Monday for ten weeks. Our editorial policy is dictated by the needs of our readers and it regularly features muscle gain diet and meal ideas for skinny guys. Our collaboration has resulted in 4 different body workout plans that are divided into 2 groups: suitable for gym goers and those who workout at home. The diet is presented in a very visual format and contains pictures of the recommended foods and meals.

Ita€™s free to download; although you may be asked to a€?Likea€? our facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter (we are not going to share your email with third parties and promise to never send you junk emails!). His six pack is clearly much more defined in the after photo, and his upper body looks far more muscular and structured. Bale went from 121lbs to 230lbs in only 6 months which ended up being MORE than director Christopher Nolan desired.
If you want to build a fitness modela€™s body, following a good muscle gain diet is just as important as working out.

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