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Losing weight is a hard process and in hollywood it’s more difficult, as Jennifer shared, dealing with weight in Hollywood was a difficult task due to the standard for hollywood stars.
So how does Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson, having chocolate everyday,  lost weight and maintained her ideal weight? Jennifer Hudson followed Weight Watchers program and followed the weight watcher diet plan. If you want to know Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss menu, click the following covers to check more about the Weight Watchers Cookbooks! Her weight loss meals plan includes palm size servings of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. The results is so great that whenever she see the result, it became her weight loss motivation to continue. Besides changing the diet regime, Jennifer Hudson also followed the workout routine designed by her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, who designed an easy five step workout regime for her.

Sam Bailey the former winner of X Factor back in 2013 has recently revealed her two and a half stone weight loss, where she also went down 3 dress sizes. The 38 year old singer went from a size 18 who weighed 13st 1lb to a size 12 weighing just 10st 10lb.
After giving birth to her daughter Miley last year Sam had admitted to feel self-conscious about her weight, especially when faced by trolls on Twitter who would criticise her appearance. She also stated that if it were not for her being in the public eye and a celebrity she would not have felt as much as a need to lose the weight. This was not the only reason for her weight loss though, she also wanted to become fitter and healthier. Before her weight loss she would also skip breakfast, instead choosing to eat snack food such as biscuits and chocolate.
To help her with her discipline and portion control, Sam discovered the Exante Diet; a diet plan that offers low-calorie food and replacement meal shakes and bars.

As well as this Sam has also become a keen cyclist, and has recently completed a 100-mile charity bike ride from London to Surrey. Energy Foods that Actually Make You TiredSometimes when you are feeling tired and run down you .. 5 Mind Tricks to Help You Stick to Your DietIt is a common theme, where you will start off a diet ..
6 Tricks to Get Rid of Water WeightThe human body is full of water, almost 70% of it to be .. Jennifer Hudson workout program includes 5 steps and each step takes 5 minutes to complete.

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