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Less than a year ago, I could answer yes to all these questions and was ready to give up on myself.  Fortunately, I made one last attempt to lose weight by attending an information session at Dr. Using the full Optifast program for 14 weeks, I lost 30 pounds, reversed my medical conditions, stopped taking the related medications and felt better than I had in years.
The weekly group sessions were invaluable for their motivation, information, personal sharing and program tips.
We have developed under the direction of highly-respected physicians and aestheticians to improve one's skin's appearance and repairing damaged skin. The Skin is composed by 3 basic layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer. Our dermatological treatments are divided into 3 major parts and include all types of peel treatments, electro-laser therapy and hair re-growth solutions. We have niche expertise in diagnosing obesity, skin and hair related issues which often occur due to sedentary lifestyle or because of side effects related to other medical issues. As i started into acting, though i was good looking but i always wanted to have that healthy lean body like most others did and above all i absolutely believe only a healthy body can keep one going to achieve new heights. I came into fame for all those film dance moves which kept me in shape through out my career but after marriage and pregnancy it became a little tough to maintain a healthy body, Kolors as helped me in getting back to a healthy shape to great extent and i would recommend it to everybody i know and that's one big reason i endorse them. In September 2011, I was visiting my internist for what felt like the 100th time that particular year. After my husband died suddenly in 2009, my youngest son had a heart to heart talk with me asking me to please take care of my health.
Like most of us I worked in a very stressful job, the hours were long, we barely stopped to take a break and after many years of this my own health suffered because of it. I was amazed that he wanted to send me so far, my hospital Huntington Memorial in Pasadena surely they had a Bariatric program they were a state of the art hospital. You will encounter many different people and staff, they are all there for a reason but you have to remember this is your fight and with their guidance you will make it.
The best first step you can take is to contact Associated Surgeons of South Bay and putting yourself in their care.
I must say one of my favorite moments about the whole process was when I just came home from the hospital, after years and years of never being able to say no to food for the first time ever in my life I couldn't have cared less about food. Now and year and a few months post-surgery my lifestyle is completely different, to this day I cannot believe that I can go into a store and buy regular sizes. My lifestyle before the weight loss program was monstrous and consisted of a diet fit for 3-people.
My highest "recorded" weight was 266 lbs but I am sure it was higher because I was afraid to weigh after seeing the 266 number. I became very involved in the BBW community doing modeling and performing in a plus size burlesque troupe so I was pretty confident as an obese woman.
I had done research on the WLS for years but never thought I could afford to get the surgery but the fact is, I couldn't afford NOT to get the surgery.
After doing all of my research and knowing my eating habits, I chose to have the laparoscopic Gastric Bypass. After the surgery I was very pleased with the treatment I received from the staff at ASBS and the hospital.
My weight loss journey began in 2009 when my primary care physician informed me I was morbidly obese.
I immediately made two decisions that had positive effects on my weight loss outcome: I hired a personal trainer, and I vowed to follow the doctor's instructions for pre-and post-op to the letter.
Originally I was interested in the LapBand and after carefully doing my research for about 2 years, I decided (with the help from Dr. Yes, I still struggle with food at times (especially the mental tricks it plays on you), but it is not nearly as out of control as it was pre-surgery - not even close! Due to this awesome journey of surgical weight loss, it has put me on a new path in life - As of September 22, 2013, I am the newly crowned and reigning queen of Miss Plus Top Model 2014.

Scinta’s office.  Her enthusiasm, empathy, and positive attitude were the triggers that started me on a new way of eating and living!
Scinta and her team, I have completely changed my eating habits, lifestyle, health, and wardrobe! With a very clear diagnosis and a motto to make your health executed to its best, we extended our services to Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh and to Chennai and Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. He told me that these people are the best, they specialize in this field and they had numerous credited awards for excellence. When I met with the first girls and they gave me my timeline all I could think about was "how am I going to speed this process up" and get my surgery done quicker.
I observed some folks being present in the flesh at class but instead of listening and learning they were too busy looking at their phones and talking to their friend beside them.
Some days you will doubt your decision, you think what am I doing, where's the door, will I ever be able to eat again.
From the doctors to the office staff to the nurses at Torrance Memorial Hospital surgery ward they are the best. People were very careful around me, they didn't want to bring food around me but I told them all, "you could bring in a 10 course meal and sit here and eat it in front of me. Going to the "Association of South Bay Surgeons" meetings were informative, educational, and gave me more information about eating habits and pre-surgery & post-surgery lifestyle.
The recovery was faster than I expected, I was walking by the first night and was released by the second night. For me, personally, I made my mind up immediately because I knew my health and quality of life were seriously impacted by my weight. Thanks to my Mother's support, as well as the support classes I attended, I lost a total of 102 pounds by my anniversary year in July 2011. Aileen Takahashi, my current surgeon, on July 14, 2013, I just had my third year "new life" anniversary as a normal size person. Yes, I am now a MODEL - never in my life prior to this surgery would I have ever considered modeling, and now, it's my job! I used to take all kinds of medication for diabetes, blood pressure, gout, and cholesterol. I took a total of 4 blood pressure pills, one pre-diabetic, suffered with sleep apnea (had to sleep with mask), and high cholesterol. You are tired all the time, you don't feel good, you don't look good and now you have put your life on hold.
He also mentioned that I did not want to be going to one of these places that advertised on the side of the freeway. One of them even mentioned that they were post-surgery and they could not understand why they weren't losing weight. I couldn't care less I have no desire for food" Now that was a great feeling after years of food consuming my thoughts 24 hours a day it was great that is was no longer the first thing on my mind. When I reached my late 20's and early 30's my doctor considered me super obese with a BMI over 55+ and a excess weight of 445-lbs. My social activities were the bar and grills of the area, current concerts, coffee shops, and fast food restaurants. I also had my friend who had the gastric by-pass 2-years prior and had lost +225-lbs and was doing superb. I would do this again in a heartbeat!" If you are seriously thinking of by-pass surgery and are serious about losing weight, DO-IT.
I've had amazing photoshoots, been part of wonderful fashion runway shows and the opportunities keep coming!
He said he of a fantastic lady surgeon, and wanted to know if I would be interested in meeting a weight loss surgeon to talk about weight loss and life style change.
First, just around my living room, then on my treadmilll, now I walk about 2 miles outside.

I was guilty because I already had it in my head that if he said no I didn't need it I was quite prepared to go to one of them places I saw on the side of the road. As I checked each item of my list I began to understand why the whole process could not be rushed. Seeing that scared me into paying very close attention to the teachers, others patients and anyone else who spoke. He guided me through the whole process step by step, he never rushed my appointments, he gave me his recommendations and together we figured out a plan specifically for me. Other than my activities I always stayed home playing online video games in isolation, eating high calorie foods, drinking 48-64 ounce soda drinks with potato chips and cookies in abundance.
I now wear a size 10 rather than a size 24, I can buckle my airplane seat belt, and walk for miles instead of just a half-block. There is a long list of health problems that run in my family and I know with my weight prior to surgery, I was making some of those health conditions much easier to obtain down the line. This sleeve has been a wonderful tool and I'm glad I have it for the rest of my life - no regrets! I couldn't ask for anything better - it feels so good to walk down a clothing store aisle knowing that your size is there.
I booked an appointment with my primary care physician, we chatted he walked me through all the necessary steps that would have to be taken and then he referred me to The Association of South Bay Surgeons in Torrance.
I can keep up with the best of them; I eat like a normal person now, healthy choices and the correct portion. My struggles with daily activities were horrible; I could not put my shoes-on without breaking a sweat and losing my breath, shower properly, and or sleep comfortably.
If you have doubts of any sorts; ask questions, go to the meetings, ask previous patients, search online for current information about the program of weight loss. Edward Mun at the Association of South Bay Surgeons, I learned more about the different types of weight loss procedures. Needless to say he didn't and I can tell you if I ever had to go back in for any other type of surgery Dr Solomon would be my first choice of Doctor whether he was experienced in the field or not, that's how much I trust him.
I had problems with high-hypertension, sleep apnea, weakness, low stamina, and heavy eating & drinking late night. To date I have lost +190-lbs and will continue to lose weight no matter what obstacles are in the way.
I am now a whole different man and will continue to live in this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I even stopped going to Ireland as often as I didn't want my family and friends to see me even heavier once again.
You walk taller and you’re inside beauty oozes out of you without you really knowing it and you shine every day. The surgery will not solve your problem 100%, the surgery is a tool and must be used wisely to continue your hard work of weight loss. I gain extreme stamina, walking faster, bicycle riding, swimming in the summer, and started jogging. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but if Dr T said I could do it then it will happen.
We talked and settled on seeing the best weight loss program in the Los Angeles area, she recommended, "Association of South Bay Surgeons of Torrance, California".
Solomon was very comforting and reassuring that this was an important step for my future and I took the plunge.
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