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While there’s little argument among research scientists on what Vitamin B-12 does in the body, the question to be answered is does it directly impact lipolysis (fat burning) and thereby truly promote weight loss? In today’s post we’re going to address that very question and examine exactly the role if any it can play in a weight loss program. There’s usually a persuasive pitch on the benefits of B-12 and why injections are preferred over pill form. The reasoning behind injections is that B-12 absorption in pill form is diminished through the intestinal tract and digestion process.
Ok, so you can get better assimilation of B-12 if it’s injected over taking it in pill form. So unless you are deficient in B-12 to begin with, getting shots could equate to nothing more than literally flushing your money down the toilet.
With all the claims about Vitamin B-12 injections aiding in weight loss, I couldn’t find a single peer reviewed research study to back it up!
If the research doesn’t confirm it, I can’t justify spending upwards of $10 an injection for it, especially when B-12 can be found in lots of foods. Vitamin B-12 can mostly be found in animal products, including meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy.
Vitamin B-12 helps red blood cells develop properly; it’s involved in DNA synthesis, neurological function, and metabolic processes.
However, Vitamin B-12 does not increase metabolic rate or speed up the rate of thermogenesis based on anything I could find in research.
Just because a vitamin plays a role in metabolic processes doesn’t mean it will directly lead to accelerated fat loss.
While I can’t find a direct correlation behind B-12 injections and fat loss, there’s little concern with excess levels as the body will simply excrete it. There are those who swear by the benefits and feel that it gives them more energy and helps with weight loss. I have no problem with someone getting B-12 injections so long as they have realistic expectations. If you’re eating animal proteins and have an overall clean diet of whole, natural foods, you’ll likely have all the Vitamin B-12 you’ll need to support metabolic functions.
While this is not a final verdict on Vitamin B-12 injections and weight loss, I wanted to simply reveal what the research says, which is not much. My hunch is that commercial weight loss centers incorporate the Vitamin B-12 injections as a way to help their clients on severe caloric restriction diets have more energy and feel better while on their programs. Metabolic tricks and fast results help these weight loss centers bring in new clients, but long-term lasting weight loss will only be accomplished with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin commonly found in a variety of foods such as fish, shellfish, meat, eggs and dairy products.
There is evidence that injections of Vitamin B12 given weekly can improve the general well-being and happiness of patients as well as reduce fatigue.

Are you feeling run down, exhausted, stressed and feel like you've hit a plateau with your weight loss program? Recent Blog PostsHow to Reduce Lymphedema, Edema, Swelling and Inflammation by Lymphatic Therapist Melissa Gallagher5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Promote Healing in YOUR Gut & Body! The simple answer to this is YES as far as increasing our energy goes.  This is due mainly to the fact that more and more Americans are deficient in Vitamin B12. Obviously vitamin B12 is a very important part of your diet.  It is necessary for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Because Vitamin B12 is only found in animal sources, vegans are especially prone to B12 deficiency, as they depend on plants for all their nutrients. Often, patients that undergo gastric bypass surgery lose their ability to make intrinsic factor, which is a protein that binds to B12 so that it can be absorbed in the small intestine, as it is made in the lower part of the stomach, which is often removed in such surgeries. So, I usually recommend vegans, anyone suspecting B12 deficiency, and all folks over 60, to take a supplement of B12. So, the bottom line is: While B12 is not the magic answer to all of your weight loss problems, it is vital in your nutrition and well-being. People with high metabolisms tend to lose weight more quickly and efficiently than others who have slower metabolic rates.  In order to burn fat at an optimal rate, it is essential to maintain healthy stores of vitamin B12. Increasing your energy level provides mental focus, determination, and emotional wellness, in addition to improving your quality of life.  These things together assure weight loss success by enabling you to stick to a workout routine, increase your sports performance and stamina, challenge yourself in the gym, and stay on track. Common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, paranoia, and unusually aggressive behavior.  When you are in a bad mood, you are more likely to make poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drug use, oversleeping, eating fattening, salty or sugary foods, and sedentary activities like television watching and playing video games. Only by taking vitamin B12 supplements can you begin to recover from symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency and achieve an overall sense of well-being. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited.
Vitamin D – Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a role in many important body functions.
They are widely used in commercial weight loss clinics and are promoted to help with energy, weight loss, and metabolic functions. Vegans may have a harder time consuming enough B-12 naturally and would be possible candidates for supplementation in general.
It is involved in fatty acid synthesis and energy production, which is why you see claims for weight loss.
Unless deficiencies are present, excess Vitamin B-12 in the body probably won’t have much of an effect. If it makes the individual feel better and gives them more energy to exercise, which does help with weight loss, then I’m open minded. From there it all comes down to exercise and lifestyle factors for helping you to lose weight.
He specializes in helping people achieve a body transformation with burst training exercise and whole food nutrition.
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There is no solid evidence that supports the theory that B12 helps you lose weight, but it may help if you are deficient in B12, as deficiencies have been shown to cause fatigue as well as a reduced rate of metabolism.
Deficiencies in B12 may lead to pernicious anemia, poor appetite, failure to thrive (growth failure in children), tiredness and reduced energy, nervousness, depression, sleep disorders, changes in mood, and more.
It helps in the formation and regeneration of red blood cells, which is how it helps prevent anemia. This is due to the lining of your stomach gradually losing its ability to produce hydrochloric acid, necessary to release vitamin B12 from your food.
Popping antacids such as Tums, or taking anti-ulcer drugs that lower stomach acid secretion will reduce the ability to absorb vitamin B12.
It is important to take at least 10 mcgs per day, (it is a water soluble nutrient, so taking more has little downside risk).
For more facts about vitamin B12 and other advantages that were not mentioned here ask your Genetix Program Coach! Often, comorbid conditions such as clinical depression, anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), or hypothyroidism (low thyroid) mask the signs of vitamin B12 deficiency.  So, despite taking treatments such as antidepressants, insulin, thyroid medications, or pain relievers, they continue to feel sad and tired all the time, battling with constant “brain fog” without knowing why.
Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that excess levels would simply get excreted in urine.
You can receive a FREE no-obligations trial of his Charleston personal fitness programs and start experiencing the Shaping Concepts difference today.
Vitamin B12 is beneficial to our health and has been shown to help prevent Anemia, Cervical cancer, Bone Fractures and Brain Atrophy. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to abnormal neurologic and psychiatric symptoms including shaky movements, unsteady gait, muscle weakness, incontinence, hypotension, vision problems, dementia, poor memory and mood disturbances.
Use of this site constitutes acceptance of altMD's terms of service and privacy policy and cookie policy and Health Disclaimer. Also, at the same time, take a good Vitamin B-complex, as it is important to supplement all of the B vitamins together -they are integrative in their processes. The information on this site is designed to support, not replace the relationship between a patient and their doctor. This blog is dedicated to providing up to date research, news and resources pertaining to vitamin B12, general health information surrounding the benefits of vitamin B12. Vitamin D is also involved in regulating the immune system and cells, where it may help prevent cancer. The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. Unlike other vitamins, B12 is NOT available in plants, this vitamin is found in animal sources including beef, liver, blue cheese, eggs, fish, milk, and milk products.
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