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Losing weight can be difficult…having the right support system is crucial to your success! We have all started a Weight Loss program with the greatest intentions and unlimited motivation.  Unfortunately many people will fall off track, time and time again. Studies show that when you have positive support and accountability, you will be more likely to not only reach, but maintain your goal weight.  There are so many different ways to get the right kind of support you need these days!  There was a time when a weekly meeting in a church basement was the only available support there was!  Those days are long behind us now. Sometimes ts hard for family members to watch you start something and not finish it.  Know that in most cases they come from a good place of wanting to see you healthy and happy.

Online support is also becoming increasingly popular too!  Many people find that being accountable to others (even virtually) helps to increase their will power.  You will want to achieve results to share with your Facebook Group. Access to the E-Book and Videos is NOW FREEWe have decided to make the access to these videos and e-book FREE for a limited time (on a trial basis).
This way I can determine which program fits your needs, and give you a plan for success to reach your goal!
People that are obese or constantly gaining weight feels like they are being punished by God for committing a sin.

People should know how the Christian Weight Loss Support Groups will will change their outlook on health and wellness.

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