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Scientifically Acclaimed Diet: Stamford University [FODMAPS] There are countless diets out there and many of them are simply fads or worse, based on faulty scientific research that is later disputed. Toxic World: Endocrine Disruptors & The Liver’s Role Why Should We Worry About Endocrine Disruptors? 10 Common Candida Symptoms Identifying candida overgrowth that cause yeast infections and other harmful side effects, is critically important for improving gut health.
Fatty Liver Symptoms Fatty liver is often referred to as the silent killer because there are very few signs. Silybin vs Milk Thistle: Far Superior Bioavailability for Liver Disorders Milk thistle has been in use for well over 2,000 years for liver disorders. GMO Safe List We all know the “hidden” and not so hidden dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Health News Sources Over the years we have found certain sources of information more informative and reliable than others. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – NAFLD Non alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) affects about one-third of Americans and most people are completely unaware and undiagnosed.
Type II Diabetes The trend for adults with diagnosed Type II Diabetes in America is staggering.
This is probably one of my favorite restaurants in all of Toronto and to anyone new to Northern Chinese Chinese cuisine (not the typical Chinese restaurant most in North America are accostomed to) it is quite the spicey and tastey experience!! Located just past Spadina on the North side of Dundas…and down some stairs passed large containers of Chinese steamed buns and occaionally a middle-aged man making noodles from scratch, is Chinese Traditional Bun!
The selection is fairly large and there’s lots to choose from and all I can really say is …keep going back and try more stuff! Chicken - Organic chicken is extremely lean and has more essential fatty acids than factory raised chicken.
Going meatless once per week is good for your heart, your waistline, and the environment! Sick of reading ingredients you know are harmful, but you need to rehydrate during a sporing event? Wikipedia describes endocrine disruptors this way: “Chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with the endocrine (or hormone) system in mammals. Left untreated, severe candida yeast infections can be very debilitating often getting worse not better over time. While it’s true we live in a highly industrialized world where much of what we encounter is a product of chemical processing, there is something afoot that is much more troubling. There are a number of common misconceptions about candida as well as the candida diet; candida is actually part of a healthy natural intestinal flora. Supplements are a great way to jump start that process, but we must follow-up with good eating habits.
The progression of fatty liver disease to more serious liver disease like cirrhosis and acute liver failure can be detected far more easily. Some scientists would have you believe that we have been altering organisms for millennium, which is true. Symptoms of NAFLD range from diabetes, obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS) to chronic fatigue, food allergies and metabolic syndrome. Have you wondered why everyone that goes on a diet shortly thereafter gains the weight back—or why people have given up on weight loss pills?

And omega-6 inhibits the conversion of omega-3 into DHA and EPA.The dilemma for meat eaters is that we get too much omega-6 in our diets by eating factory farmed grain-fed meat. I believe that preparing simple, organically grown foods — keeping them as close to their natural state as possible — is at the core of happy, healthy lives. After being stymied by diets that required special foods or special preparation, she finally found a way that was easy and relatively painless. Beans are a great alternative to meat, especially because they’re so much lower in fat.
Farm-raised salmon can be diseased, contain high levels of toxins and mercury, and are not as rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. The body usually battles candida overgrowth through the digestive system and frequently the battle deteriorates to impaired and ineffective levels. Years ago alcohol, hepatitis and hepatitis b were the main drivers for fatty liver disease. A solution to this would be to choose your meats wisely; always opt for grass fed meats, wild seafood and wild fish and limit grain-fed poultry.
Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, and it’s the secret of your success in life. Do you go through an endless cycle of counting calories and watching everything you put into your mouth but nothing ever seems to work? The reviews on Ubanspoon and other food blogs give this place fantastic reviews, however the best I’ve had so far is from a friend (who having been born and raised in Beijing) said the food was pretty close to traditional dishes in Northern China. The shu mai here is not the same as shu mai at many Hong Kong style dim sum places, instead it’s more rustic and often features cooked rice as stuffing. Whip up a big batch at the beginning of the week and then soup up each serving with add-ins like fruit and spices.
Skip the refined grains of classic toaster waffles and the exorbitant price of the healthier versions.
Making it at home not only ups the freshness (and flavor), but also makes it easier to control saltiness and the heat. Paneer and ricotta are ridiculously easy to make at home, and they’ll always be fresher than what can be bought at the store. But making bread at home helps clear things up real quick, since it’s easy to control exactly what ingredients go in the bowl. Homemade nut butters eliminate the need for crazy preservatives and over-the-top fat and salt content. It’ll get out those last drops of flavor from the mustard and serve as a simple storage container for the dressing. Combine any veggies, broth (check out how to make it from scratch below), pasta, and any leftover meat on hand.
Instead, control the spiciness, type of meat, and overall fat and sodium content but going homemade. Stick with dry beans, molasses, and just a few herbs and spices to keep it cheap and healthy.
It takes just a few minutes of active prep to get the basic ingredients together, then just let it simmer.

Making it at home eliminates all that broth-injected, unpronounceable-chemical-laced stuff that comes pre-cooked. This version is especially cheap if you have the spices on hand, and entirely worthwhile to avoid additives (and impress those dinner guests!).
I give my clients the confidence to create a whole food lifestyle that works for them and their family. What's even better is that she could eat cheeseburgers and french fries or whatever else she liked while doing it. Boiling and blending creates a restaurant-quality dip that’s way better than the jarred stuff. Since fresh baked varieties don’t contain preservatives, remember to eat within a week, or freeze for longer safe keeping.
Our buffalo turkey chili is surprisingly healthy and a fun twist on the traditional version. When that basil plant’s growing as quick as a weed, grab a few handfuls and combine with a touch of olive oil, cheese, pine nuts, and garlic. Better still, filled pasta can be rolled by hand and is far easier to cut than that pesky, thin spaghetti. When it comes to poultry and meat, organic is still grain and soy fed and therefore high in omega-6. How I Lost Weight And Still Ate The Foods I Loved-Without Dieting will show how you to lose weight by simply rearranging your eating habits.
Wheat flour crepes are a common additon to Northern Chinese food and often not something most non-Chinese would likely expect from Chinese cuisine. Chewing on the fattier bits at the end is apparently something favoured by those accustomed to eating these skewers on a regular basis.
Okay, so there’s a little more to the process than just stirring them together, but DIY yogurt saves a pretty penny and yields a fresher final product that’s easy to feel good about! One such item is another version of street food that is essentially a thin crepe with a egg fried into it (much like a South Asian hopper) smothered with chili bean paste and cilantro all around a sort of crispy dough cracker. Grilled lamb skewers are often found being soled by street vendors around Beijing and other northern cities, obviously reflect a culinary influence coming from both Mongolia and the mid-east. Just remember, this doesn’t preserve the jam the way true canning does, so it has to be gobbled up within a few weeks. Do not think, though, that by staying away from grain-fed meats and limiting poultry that you're safe. Virtually every processed food out there is full of polyunsaturated oils which fall into the 'extremely high', 'very high', and 'high' categories above.
Even most processed, supposedly healthy food brands are filled with omega-6 rich canola oil.

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