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In the middle of divorce, it's important to remind yourself that life won't always be so difficult. Still, it's hard to believe that things get better when you're dealing with the stress of a split, so to help remind you, we've compiled 10 of our favorite quotes on self-preservation and rebuilding your life after a hardship. Click through the slideshow below to read them, then head to the comments to share your favorite quotes or sayings on perseverance and moving on.
For April Fools next year I think I’ll announce a complete bogus study that proves its effectiveness. One thing that used to bring me some comfort during difficult times were reading quotes about depression. I love the inspiring ones but I would also find comfort in quotes that I could resonate with. If you are depressed or you know somebody who is, I think it is important to not give up on the possibility of a more enjoyable life. Mindi is the founder and author of Lifting Makes Me Happy (formerly Build Your Dream Body). Bad life experiences aside, the larger point here is that I came out of my time as a waiter as a really good tipper, like all people who have ever worked in a job that involves tipping.
I put on my Weird But Earnest Guy Doing a Survey About Something hat and hit the streets, interviewing 123 people working in New York jobs that involve tipping. I supplemented my findings with the help of a bunch of readers who wrote to us with detailed information about their own experiences, and with a large amount of research, especially from the website of Wm. The most critical step in avoiding Ambiguous Tipping Situations is just knowing what you’re supposed to do.
Since tipping is such a large part of life, it seems like we should stop to actually understand what being a low, average, or high tipper means for our budget. Looking at it simply, you can do some quick math and figure out one portion of your budget.
I got a little more comprehensive, and came up with three rough profiles: Low Spender, Mid Spender, and High Spender.
Apparently no one tips flight attendants, and if you do, you’ll probably receive free drinks thereafter.
Golf caddies say that golfers tip better when they play better, but they always tip the best when it’s happening in front of clients. Tattoo artists expect $10-20 on a $100 job and $40-60 on a $400 job, but they get nothing from 30% of people. A massage therapist expects a $15-20 tip and receives one 95% of the time—about half of a massage therapist’s income is tips.
A whitewater rafting guide said he always got the best tips after a raft flipped over or something happened where people felt in danger.
11) Celebrities should tip well, because the person they tip will tell everyone they know about it forever, and everyone they tell will tell everyone they know about it forever. For example: A friend of mine served Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family at a fancy lunch place in Santa Monica called Cafe Montana. Exactly you’re taking about the service you get from someone who is making less than the cost of living. Conversely, Japan pretty much has a no-tip culture (I’d love to know what the 4 occupations that get tips there), yet the service there is amazing. People who think waitstaff should be underpaid and live on customer handouts are true misers. Last time I went to the doc (pediatrician for my 2 year old), I waited nearly 45 minutes past my appointment, he had to check the record to remember our names, and forgot to check his blood pressure. I’m pretty sure you felt ignored or rushed because the place you were in was very busy, and you assume the staff was assuming.
I think the true reason is psychological: you purchase depending of the price you see in the menu.
Now, lets say you want to increase prices to account for that lost profitability and pass on the price to the consumer. Do I think the model could work if a restaurant was absolutely up front about the fact that food costs more because they don’t accept tips?
Ok, if prices go up 10-12% because these hospitality companies decide to actually PAY their employees a fair wage like every other business does, I will take that 10-12% increase over the 18-20% tip ANY DAY – meaning that all consumers get to save 8% of their hard-earned cash. Doesn’t anybody find it disturbing that we live in a culture where people are somewhat deceived about what they’re spending?
I will even go so far as to say that even when we spend more per week than normal on our grocery bill, If I save 40% as opposed to 20-30, I’m elated. Researchers are divided on the benefits of homework, but most agree that homework is least effective for elementary students. Both the National Education Association and the National PTA recommend that students receive about ten minutes of additional homework per night with each grade level, so ten minutes for a first grader, and up to 120 minutes for a high school senior.
You might think that students would never choose to have homework, but Alfie Kohn, author of “The Homework Myth,” argues that isn’t the case.

There will, in fact, come a day when you don't struggle to pull yourself out of bed and get yourself to work. Normally at that point I’d be dosing up on the Vitamin C, echinacea, garlic and trying to eat super healthy.
By piling in the junk food I reckon my body is going to go into shock and stress mode, and keep me from getting sick. When I think back to the beginning of my fitness journey, my experience with depression (and my ongoing fitness journey!) is the reason this blog exists.
It was ongoing for well over a decade and was crippling at its roughest times, which would come and go over and over again. Pinterest didn’t exist during that time but I do remember searching for quotes online or reading them in memoirs from authors who wrote about their own life experiences.
But other times, I find myself in the dreaded Ambiguous Tipping Situation.[1]This whole post might sound somewhat psychotic to someone not from the US. I took all the stats that seem to have a broad consensus on them[3]My specific interviews came from Manhattan, but my research showed that the below info is pretty accurate in most places across the US.
Most customers have their standard tip amount in mind and don’t really think about it much beyond that.
Sometimes a bartender cracks open eight bottles of beer, which takes 12 seconds, and sometimes she makes eight multi-ingredient cocktails with olives and a whole umbrella scene on each, which takes four minutes, and those two orders should not be tipped equally, even though they might cost the same amount.
And as such, you have some real responsibility when being served by a tipped professional that you don’t have when being served by someone else.
That number is 27 in Canada, 27 in India, 15 in the Netherlands, 5-10 throughout Scandinavia, 4 in Japan, and 0 in Iceland.
The theory is that the same norms that encourage tipping end up leaking over into other forms of exchange. If ur server made 7$ an hour like the staff at mcdonalds, where is the incentive to be pleasant or clean up after ur kids, or hurry for you or fill ur soda BeFORE u ask or bring u a soup spoon before ur soup arrives or ketchup WITH ur fries before u ask for it?
If they can get the customer to pay part of their labor costs, of course they will do this.
I have the same problem with all of the assorted charges and fees for airline tickets, rental cars, and so forth. We’ll consider whether you should give homework, when you should give it, and how to make homework assignments meaningful. Harris Cooper, a Duke University researcher, found that homework did not correlate to achievement for elementary students, though it did for older students. In recent years, homework has increased mainly for young students, according to an NEA article. Data from the Program for International Student Assessment have shown that high school students from high-income families tend to spend two or three hours more on homework each week than students from low-income families.
Students dislike homework because they see it as tedious busy work, but most will enjoy the challenge of a meaningful assignment that they helped select, he says.
Some argue that it interferes with family time and prevents children from playing and sleeping as much as they should. If students don’t have a good place to do homework, is there an after-school program or someplace quiet at your school where they can work? The Chicago Public Schools dropped the requirement that students have homework a few years ago, and one elementary school enacted a ban. On the PISA tests, students who did more homework scored significantly higher on the mathematics test, but homework did not affect scores in English, science, and history. A lot has changed since then, so we’ve had author Sarah Muthler update this piece with the latest techniques and innovations. You won't always want to take cover and curl up in the fetal position when someone has the nerve to mention your ex's name.
In case you aren’t a regular reader, I recently wrote a book about my depression and what has helped me live a more enjoyable, more fulfilling, happier life.
She fights depression and anxiety with fitness and writing and hopes to motivate and inspire other women who struggle, to keep fighting. At some point, the US decided that customers, not employers, should pay the salaries of service employees, and it’s been this bizarre mess of a system ever since. I covered a bunch of different areas in New York, including SoHo, the Lower East Side, Harlem, the Upper East Side, and the Financial District, and tried to capture a wide range, from the fanciest places to the diviest.
High Spender goes to fancy restaurants and does so often, and Low Spender goes out to eat less often and goes to cheaper places.[4]More details here.
Determinants and consequences of female attractiveness and sexiness: Realistic tests with restaurant waitresses.
The US doesn’t contribute to this general correlation, with relatively low corruption levels.
Now, if you paid servers to work for a non-tip wage… you would have to pay them about 3x more than you do today. He wanted to stop deceiving the customers and let them know exactly what they were getting.

Then, if you do give homework, you will know that you are making the best use of your students’ time — and your own.
Students from high-income families are more likely to have a quiet place to study and to have parents who are highly involved in their education.
Students who didn’t understand will become more frustrated when left to tackle the lesson on their own.
One Michigan high school began using a flipped classroom because its low-income students weren’t completing their homework. Parents were still asked to read at home with their children, but they said this was easy compared to the homework struggle. Given that the students who do the most homework also tend to have a lot of economic and social advantages, it’s hard to determine how much of their success is derived from homework. I have more experience with depression than I'd like to admit but I find freedom in fitness, writing and being crafty. I did this to cover the extremes and the middle—you’re probably somewhere in between. When the tip is unknown the server will put up w grouchy rude guests and over demanding ppl.
Let’s say that paying your tipped employees full wage bumped up your labor costs to $1400 a day, your labor cost is now 42% of your sales.
Not that I begrudge leaving a few extra dollars for the hardworking waiter, but why can’t the prices just be transparent in the first place? Some children are taking admittance tests for preschools, and others are being “unschooled” by their parents. Younger students are more easily distracted, and they are also more reliant on parents to assist them with homework. Teachers with students whose families are from higher socioeconomic statuses might also assign more homework because they expect that their students can and will complete it. Find out how long they are spending on homework and which assignments they have found most useful.
Be clear with parents, particularly those of elementary students, about how much time homework should take. The best homework assignments should be an extension of classroom learning, whether that is researching a topic to share with the class or talking to parents about how they create a family budget.
Students now watch short videos or read at home and do the meaty work, such as writing essays and completing math sets, at school. While researchers disagree about the effectiveness of homework, nearly everyone agrees that good classroom instruction is the key to education. For these reasons, it’s never acceptable to tip under 15%, even if you hate the service. It’s a psychological phenomenon that has been studied on the topic of pricing strategy. Instead of something being perpetually on sale, sales would only come into play when prices were actually being reduced.
Offer options for homework assignments and take a class vote, or let students choose for themselves. If your students are learning what they should in the classroom, don’t feel that you have to assign homework. Get feedback from students, and use assessments to determine whether homework is aiding learning.
The way to handle terrible service is to complain to the manager like you would in a non-tipping situation—you’re not allowed to stiff on the tip and make them work for free.
People, stupidly, would be more likely to buy a $20 steak then tip $5 at the end than they would to buy a $23 steak with no tip, because they always forget about the tip. Other schools have eliminated grades for homework so that students with a troubled home life aren’t penalized. The progress that your students make, not the time they spend on homework, is the true measure of success.
The largest reason for this failure is that these new changes didn’t feel good for the customer. However, when you buy a 75 dollar polo shirt for 40 dollars, you think that you got a nice shirt for a sweet price.
While people could get paid a reasonable hourly wage, that doesn’t feel as good as making 20 dollars an hour because you are a good waiter or waitress. Although it is strictly better to get paid an hourly wage since there is a lot more stability, there would no longer be an incentive to work hard, since as long as you are doing well enough to not get fired, you will be getting the same amount of money as if you went above and beyond.

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