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Remove the down from your pillow and replace it with popcorn for the most interesting night of sleep of your life. Time capsule it to the year 2,557, so your great-great… x37-great-great grandchild will have something to nosh on after the Robo-Holocaust of 2556 destroys the world’s food supply. For me I have always known what I wanted and what I would become, I just wanted to take the scenic route to get there. That weird cereal from Europe made from fiber-and-twigs that’s supposed to keep you regular.

Monstrously huge, stale Rice Krispie treat you got at the gas station during a roadtrip last year but never got around to throwing away.
Bacteria will multiply inside and release gas, causing the bottle to swell and explode, soaking his stuff with green yuck.
Life is about the journey, not only the accomplishment.  What is "getting there" without an adventure to tell? PICTURES CAN ONLY BE USED WITH PRIOR CONSENT AND THEY HAVE TO BE LINKED BACK TO ORIGINAL CONTENT.

Paint with silver paint, so it looks like a ring with a giant 2.3 karat diamond (actually just a salt crystal!) Take your girl to a scenic bridge.
It comes with two very cool exclusive bonus interviews with strength trainer, Fred Hahn, and science journalist, Gary Taubes.

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