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A new study published in January’s Issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine is demonstrating that the ratio of sodium to potassium may be more important than the amount of sodium or potassium alone.
There isn’t as much focus on potassium, but potassium seems to be effective in lowering blood pressure and the combination of a higher intake of potassium and lower consumption of sodium seems to be more effective than either on its own in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. One way of getting plenty of potassium is to be sure to eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. This entry was posted in Articles, Health, Nutrition, Nutrition News, Wellness and tagged Cardiovascular disease, Good Potassium Sources, High Blood pressure, Potassium and Sodium ratio, Potassium Food Sources by Dr.Dyer. You make a decision about your health every time you take a bite or put something in your mouth. Whether or not you are on a low cholesterol diet, it still makes sense that low cholesterol food and cholesterol lowering foods should make up the bulk of your daily nutritional intake.
At first glance you may think that low cholesterol foods and cholesterol lowering foods are interchangeable, but they aren’t.
If you are unsure whether a food is OK to go ahead and eat, then check your list of low cholesterol foods before you put it in your mouth! If all you ever ate were foods that lowered your cholesterol then your diet would very soon become boring and difficult to stick to. It’s as important to have a healthy, balanced diet as it is to have a cholesterol lowering one. Without the recommended daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants your body will not be working at its optimum level. The following three common foods all contain over 200mg of cholesterol, so just a portion of these will blow your recommended daily allowance through the roof. And, if you want to break the list of low cholesterol foods down even further, then non-animal based unprocessed foods are the ones you should be aiming for as the largest pile on your plate.
If you are finding it difficult to picture the balance of foods you should be eating, then try to imagine that your daily intake of food is represented by a pyramid.
It is this foundation layer that represents foods which contain no cholesterol and cholesterol lowering foods. In the middle of the pyramid are the low cholesterol foods, ideally these should make up the rest of your meal, the remaining third.
At the very top of the pyramid are the foods which are high in cholesterol and should be avoided (or at least eaten in moderation).
Here is a brief selection that you might take inspiration from – you don’t just have to stick with apples and carrots! Variety is the key here, and with so many exotic types of fruit and vegetables available to buy all year round, you may as well take your pick. Fruit: apples, peaches, Cape gooseberry (physalis), kumquats, mangoes, pears, grapes, avocado, pineapple, passion fruit, Chinese gooseberry (kiwi), paw paw, guava, oranges, bananas. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, or red and black currents. It doesn’t have to be just fresh fruit either, you can also have your fruit canned or dried – but do take note of any added sugar.
Depending on the diet you are following you may want to limit any vegetables that’s high in carbohydrate, but other than that all of the following are cholesterol free.
Onions, carrot, garlic, potato, spinach, cassava, zucchini, egg plant, beetroot, asparagus, parsnips, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, chillies, pak choy, chard, watercress, pumpkin, cauliflower, radish. You know that you don’t just have to eat them in a bean stews or bean-burgers, right? Hummus is just a bowl pureed chickpeas and garlic, use it in sandwiches instead of full fat cream cheese. And, just to make a change from having potatoes with every meal, try quinoa or bulgar wheat instead – high in fiber and tasty as well.
Animal fats and oils are high in saturated fats and are definitely on the high cholesterol food list.
Use olive oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil or sesame oil – these are all good cholesterol foods on the list of low cholesterol foods, but there are many more to choose from as well. Milk contains cholesterol, half-fat or virtually fat free milk contains less cholesterol but it is still quite high in relative terms. Instead of animal derived milks, you could try non-dairy options such as soy milk or rice milk, both of which are cholesterol free.
Now you know all about the wonderful variety you can have just from cholesterol free foods, you need to look at the low cholesterol options to make up the rest of your meal. Meats – lean meat, poultry and seafood, all a good source of protein, and oily fish is an especially good source of omega 3 oil which is one of the best cholesterol lowering foods.
All of these cholesterol averages are for lean cuts of unprocessed meat cooked without fat.
Taking inspiration from the list of low cholesterol foods you can see the sheer variety of foods that can raise good cholesterol.
You can see that there is no excuse for not making good cholesterol foods the major part of your diet. Breakfast – wholegrain cereal or porridge oats made with skimmed milk and topped with raisins. Lunch – wholegrain flour tortilla wrap or pita bread filled with lettuce, tomato, skin free grilled chicken breast and spicy salsa sauce. Evening meal – steamed or poached salmon, on a bed of crushed butter beans and garlic, served with julienne carrots and courgette. To make the base: Melt the spread and the honey in pan, take off the heat add in the oats and stir.

Spoon the cream cheese mixture over the oat base and bake in an oven (375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius) for 35-40 minutes, or until firm to the touch.
If you want you can serve this with a topping of sliced or pureed tangy fruits, such as mango or passion fruit.
Carbohydrates currently get a bad press, but one thing you should take into account before your decide to ditch the carbohydrates is that this is the muscles’ main source of fuel! These are the recommended levels of carbohydrate intake based on duration of activity and body weight in kg.
It is crucial that the determined, healthy athletes begin training sessions and competitions well hydrated. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink then it is probable that your body is at least 2 pints dehydrated. The role of protein in our diet is to repair muscles and plays and important role in how the body responds to exercise. Protein seems to be the dieter’s favourite at the moment, but let us squash the myths! Diets encouraging protein as a source of energy (i.e cutting carbohydrates and eating high levels of protein) result in a condition called ketosis.
For more information or to identify your individual requirements please contact 01509 218700 or 07973 782 647.
Foods To Avoid With Gout It seems that foods to avoid with gout are the hottest of all topics related to gout. The foods to avoid with gout are really all the “edible food-like substances” found in every fast food restaurant and packaged up in every grocery store.
There is an element of truth to it but since the incidence of gout has DOUBLED in the last two decades, I bet for the most part, it isn’t because of drinking too much scotch and eating too much liver and onions! It IS important to know which of these purine-rich foods to avoid with gout, BUT I can guarantee, if you went and bought these foods from high quality sources, ate them sparingly and infrequently, your health would FLOURISH! The foods you really need to avoid when it comes to the war on gout are fast foods and processed foods.
Before we go any further, let’s lay to rest one of the biggest misconceptions and scams of our modern times; “all fats are bad for you”.
Continuing on, other foods to avoid with gout that go without saying are candy bars and candy of any type. The toxic chemicals that go into producing, processing, and packaging are not recognized by the body as food – they are therefore considered foreign invaders that the body wages war on to expel.
Studies have now shown that one of the most potent ways to raise uric acid levels in the bloodstream is by consuming large quantities of fructose – as in High Fructose Corn Syrup.
However the real danger comes from being misled by seemingly healthy fruit drinks and sports drinks. As far as which foods to avoid with gout goes, fast foods and processed foods are just as bad, if not worse than high purine foods.
I have this weird science diet I have to follow so I don’t have bellyaches all of the time.
It was hard to decide whether to make it a group or an event, because facebook makes everything complicated. In conclusion, this was a lot of constructive criticism and I’m so excited to see where Travelogue goes! So I have a writing project that I need to work on with a group of people, and trying to determine the best way to work on it. Share .TeX files using github or svn solves the one edit at a time problem, but wayy too much overhead for this situation.
LatexLab which is based off of googledocs (ref) but it seems like it hasn’t been updated since 2010?
Last week, the Wires Crossed team had the opportunity to present the project to staff members at Teaching with Technology Tuesday. The diagram from the textbook Understanding Nutrition shows the differences in how much sodium vs. For a food to be truly low cholesterol it must contain less than 20mg of cholesterol per serving, sometimes food labels can be a bit misleading. Having a healthy heart is top of the agenda, but you have to make sure you have a healthy body as well to go with it so you can enjoy life to the full! To put it another way, you should try and make sure there is no space left for these on your plate. But, we shall start with fruit and vegetables – naturally high in soluble fiber to help flush out all that nasty LDL, all fruits and vegetables are cholesterol free. If you prefer your fruit drink a little less thick, perhaps in the form of a shake, then you can always use a non dairy alternative like rice milk or soy milk to thin it down.
Orange lentils are great for thickening casseroles or use them on their own in a spicy curried dahl.
Notice how the bulk of the food in these meals contains either no cholesterol or is a cholesterol lowering food.
Ssome are excellent and some can be harmful but our advice is based on the scientific facts of physical function.
If your exercise programme requires power, strength, endurance or speed then you will burn carbohydrates. You should note that these are guidelines only, as intensity of activity is impossible to predict. It is easy to check whether your are hydrated or not – just look at the colour of your urine!

Low- to moderate-intensity exercise that lasts for less than an hour, with low sweat loss, then the choice might be water. Proteins are not a preferred source of energy and our body only uses them as a last resort. The reason you’re getting one miserable gout attack after another is probably NOT because you can’t stay away from the froi gras and the port .
There are a number of very healthy fats and fatty acids our bodies need to stay strong, healthy, and gout-free.
Generally speaking, anything that comes in a box, bag, can, or a bottle is suspect and doesn’t fit into a good gout diet.
This causes massive toxicity and acidity, and it compromises the function of the kidneys and liver and is the underlying cause of gout.
The biggest offender is carbonated soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and others. Additionally, HFCS is found in canned soups, baked goods, condiments, and canned and frozen fruits and much more. I have difficulty expressing, in words, how much I feel your thoughts and efforts change the world.
For all the same reasons that too much alcohol gives you a hangover, it’s obvious that it weakens your health and makes you prey for gout. This wasn’t the focus of the first iteration of this app, and that was probably a great decision. New Haven has hundreds of Yalies coming in and out all of the time, and Travelogue’s layout is better at displaying smaller numbers.
Adoption by Yalies is impressive overall, but Yalies in New Haven don’t seem to be jumping on this app. The map view tries to do this, but it’s not aimed at remaining stationary in a city with so many Yalies.
Maybe Travelogue will let us put in addresses in the future, and visualize the scene that way? It isn’t focused on helping Yalies in New Haven yet, but I bet they’ll work all of these features in there soon! We can use Word for development of content, but we probably want to publish with LaTeX so it’d be great if we could get the team on that.
The following is a round-up of three ideas that emerged during the Q&A session after the presentation. Potassium to sodium ratio affects the heart: Consuming twice as much potassium as sodium might halve your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Wholegrain toast with a low cholesterol spread or stanol fortified spread, honey or marmalade.
However, when working out a dietary plan it is always useful to understand how much fuel you burn. This can be worked out on an individual level only – please contact us directly for this!
If it’s clear then you are fully hydrated, the darker and more yellow in colour you are dehydrated. Moderate- to hard-training sessions which last more than an hour, with greater sweat loss choose isotonic sports drink or make you own. So if eating a bunch of purines is bad, go on a real bender and slam six or eight beers and see what that does for you. So much that we even named my belly “Jessica” 6 years ago for being such a bitch - but no more!
For now I’d totally recommend trying out Pepper Plate and making beautiful food-babies with it. That does mean, however, that this summer, students will probably still use Facebook to communicate with other Yalies in New Haven.
Instead, a timeline-type view might do this elegantly - a horizontal bar which spans the screen representing the summer. Joint Effects of Sodium Potassium Intake on Subsequent Cardiovascular Disease:The Trials of Hypertension Prevention Follow-up Study. And many horizontal bars, each one representing a person, with a length showing me when during the summer they’ll be here. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which is an ill-defined digestive disorder which we have in my family. Foods to avoid with gout are usually the same of old rehashed list you’ve been hearing about for the last 300 years . Human and rat studies have shown that this set of food (FODMAPs) isn’t digested well by us mammals. Even though IBS is ill-defined and has many different causes, this diet is effective on so many people that it’s totally worth giving a shot! For two months trying to follow this diet I still had bellyaches just about as frequently as before - except I could point at exactly which food the triggers were once equipped with the FODMAP knowledge.

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