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The winter months are always the hardest to keep focused on gym goals and keep up with workouts. The common mistake made when most try to get into shape is to create calorie deficits but knock out the important food we need. Your body is a giant highway of electric signals passed along your nerves that can become like traffic jams if stressed to much. Subscriber to our news feed for more informative articles such as these to help you get in the best shape of your life. Get the latest updates, news ,offers and special promotions from Tiger Muay Thai and our affiliates.

With all the holiday parties, feasts with family and friends, its an uphill battle to commit each day to showing up at the gym and getting it done. Water contains vital minerals our body needs to function as well as break down food, but it also takes up some of the space we would otherwise fill with unnecessary calories. But savoring each bite and slowing down the pace at which we chew our food allows our stomachs to send a signal to our brains when we are full. Well, for days like these there are simple things we can add to our daily routine that can show us how to lose weight without exercise. Studies show that anything less than 7 hours of sleep revs can trigger hunger responses in our appetite that causes us to eat more than we really need to.

So if you are faced with the choice of having another slice of holiday pie and think you have to cut out calories from the healthy stuff to create a deficit, don’t. A good massage or a couple of pressure points revealed and your body will function better which includes keeping those holiday pounds off. All it takes is a few healthy lifestyle and diet choices and we can keep on track, even if it means skipping a few workouts.

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