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Eating low carb is not for everyone, but I find that approximately 70% of the clients I interact with in my profession do much better on a low carb diet.  The benefits range from optimizing fat loss, and improved sleep and well being, to boosting energy levels.
I would not consider myself a low carb person a€“ I love pasta too much a€“ but I will admit I do love low carb recipes. If you love pasta, but don't enjoy how full and bloated it makes you feel, give some of these spaghetti squash recipes a try!
Ten Copycat Restaurant Recipes(Scroll over the image to Pin to Pinterest) I love going out to eat and trying new foods.
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Zucchini, Squash, Onion and Cheese Casserole - A Low Carb Side Dish - so many good recipes, not all are low cal, carb or fat, but still sound great. While foods like pasta, bread and grains are often demonized for their carb counts, vegetables have their own nutritional divide.
Your starchy veggies—corn, potatoes, green peas and beets—are simply higher in carbohydrates and calories. It’s also a nice coincidence that low-carb veggies are particularly high in healthful nutrients, and a lot of these same foods tend to have a higher water content, which helps rid your belly of bothersome bloat. Commonly referred to as a “negative food” (meaning, it takes more calories for your body to digest than the food actually contains), celery certainly lives up to the low-cal hype. Due to its high fiber and water content, broccoli fills you up for very few calories—about 30 per cup chopped.
DON'T MISS OUT ON THE FIVE INCREDIBLE THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO YOUR BODY WHEN YOU CUT BACK ON CARBS. LOSE UP TO 16 POUNDS IN 14 DAYS with Zero Belly Diet—the New York Times bestselling book from Eat This, Not That! Ask anyone who's cutting carbs and they’ll tell you that whipping up diet-friendly meals is the easy part.
The challenging part: Finding on-the-go snacks that fit the nutritional bill—and don’t taste like cardboard. Our energy making organelle inside each of our cells does best when given the right mix of macronutrients.

There are heaps of low carb recipes in this list, and since spaghetti squash is also low in calories while still being high in vitamins and minerals, it provides a healthy way to enjoy your favorite Italian meals without sacrificing your weight loss goals. I always forget about fish as protein (except when going out to eat sushi) but perhaps I can prepare more myself next week! Meanwhile, non-starchy veggies are lower in carbs (about 5 grams per serving) and lower in calories (generally about 25 per serving). If they’re not already regulars in your diet, consider adding these nutritionist-approved, low-carb picks to your meals stat for a flatter belly today.
It’s rich in potassium and low in sodium, which helps your body achieve proper electrolyte balance and works to reduce bloating.
No need to worry about portions with this veggie—chances are you’ll stuff yourself before you hit any significant calorie count. Luckily, you don’t have to keep cold cuts or tasteless snack bars in your bag to ward off hunger between meals.
Plus, with less than one gram of carbs per serving, they’re sure to help you stay on track towards your goals. Thanks to their high water content, carrots are one of the most satiating veggies out there, making this grab-and-go snack pack a solid pick. To spice things up a bit—literally—get your hands on Seapoint Farms’ wasabi-infused dry-roasted edamame snack packs.
One must eat for their genetics, and most people’s genetics dictate that a lower carbohydrate approach is superior.
Celery is mostly water, so it helps rid your body of any excess water you might be retaining and as a result will reduce puffiness. There are plenty of delicious, portable snacks that can help you reach your weight loss goal. The almonds in this snack pack are a good source of the amino acid L-arginine, which can help the body burn more fat and carbs during sweat sessions. Bonus: The carrots are accompanied by a package of seasoning that punches up the flavor, similar to dips and dressings, but without the excess calories or fat. Instead, it gets its heat from the addition of red pepper flakes, which Laval University researchers say can diminish hunger and amp up calorie burn.

With just 10 grams of carbs, one gram of sugar and 20 grams of hunger-crushing protein (most of which comes from whey and milk protein isolate), you can stick to your diet, quell hunger pangs and squish chocolate cravings all in one creamy, rich bite. Plus, they come in right at the 35-calorie mark, making them a low-cal, low-carb substitute for typical salty cravings like pretzels and chips. Besides having a satisfyingly crunchy texture and kick of heat, they pack 11 grams of soy protein and five grams of belly-filling fiber in each 100-calorie serving!
It’s also a great source of fiber, which will fill you up and keep your BMs regular, and rich in folate, which helps keep energy levels steady and helps to regulate mood. They also contain up to three times your daily requirement of vitamin C, which helps repair and boost collagen production (the protein that gives structure to your skin). The fiber in asparagus also helps with elimination, further shrinking the appearance of your belly and promoting detoxification. All the Eat This, Not That!-approved eats below have no more than 250 calories, 10 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar per serving. The omega-3s in the walnuts also play a part in your weight loss success by boosting your brainpower, which can help you stay focused on your fitness. For more of a sit-down snack, smear some of the heart-healthy, disease-fighting spread onto some low-carb celery sticks and top with a few no-sugar-added raisins. While the low-calorie count will help you drop the weight, the increased collagen production will help your skin appear more smooth and taut.
Boiling, microwaving or stir-frying can actually leak away a larger portion of the nutrients.
Thanks to a nutrient called choline, eating a bit of yellow can help fry health-harming belly flab and make your abs pop.
When you’re grabbing some peppers at the grocery store, look for firm ones free of wrinkles or cracks for the freshest picks.

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