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If you are trying to lose some weight it will probably make  little to no difference to you whether you want to lose ten pounds or a hundred pounds. One of the biggest mistakes dieters make is thinking that if they eat  LESS  food they will lose weight more quickly when in point of fact, the exact opposite is true. If you’re not keen on having lots of small mini-meals throughout the day,  enjoy a healthy snack between lunch and dinner.
Whole grains, because they are significantly less processed will keep you feeling fuller longer. One of the biggest reasons diets fail is because people become too strict with what they allow themselves to eat. Allowing yourself to continue to eat all your favorite foods will help keep you from feeling deprived.
Eating late at night is one of my biggest downfalls and it gets me into trouble more quickly and more completely than just about anything else I might do over the course of your day. I tend to be an emotional eater and so it was really important for me to sit down and try to figure out the emotional triggers that would entice me to start on a food binge.
This will probably be just about the hardest thing for any dieter to do but doing this helped me tremendously. If you are going to have a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt for dessert some night, why not add a bit of fruit at the bottom of your bowl? Everyone knows the importance of getting enough sleep at night but did you know that NOT getting enough quality sleep will hinder your ability to resist cravings during the day?
No one likes to feel like a failure so the best way to avoid that is to set goals that are short-term and easily achievable . Just in the same way that different styles of clothing will look different on different people, it is the same way with food.
The glycemic index is a new and different way of classifying carbohydrates in terms  of how quickly they will be broken down into the glucose your body needs to fuel itself. People try to eat healthier in different ways, including counting calories and fat and carbohydrate grams. Unlike processed white breads, pastas, cereals and rice, whole-grain products are healthier because the grains haven’t had their bran and germ removed. When you eat refined foods such as those containing white flour, your body treats the white flour as if it is sugar. Refined carbs are foods where machinery has been used to remove the high fibre parts (the bran and the germ) from the grain.
Include complex carbs such as of whole grains, dried beans, peas and carrots in as many of your daily meals as possible. Transition into cutting out simple carbs and fats to make room for the complex carbs in each meal.
The quality of the food you eat rather than how much you consume has the biggest impact on losing weight, a study has found.Diet also has a greater impact than physical activity, watching TV or sleep duration.
Weight-watchers were advised to cut out sweetened drinks, potatoes and refined grain foods such as white bread, white rice and low-fibre breakfast cereals.At the same time they were urged to eat more a€?naturala€™ foods, such as fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and yoghurt, while avoiding anything processed. Nutritionist: Professor Frank Hu from Harvard School of Public HealthSome foods were actually associated with a lowering of weight gain when their consumption was stepped up. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. So, if like me, you like to eat a bag of chips in bed while reading your favorite book before you turn out the light, try substituting them for something like kale chips. When I was weighing myself daily, I would get consumed by what the scale showed me in the morning and completely forget about the normal ebb and flow of daily weight fluctuation.
It will give the bowl the appearance of being fuller and the trick on your eye will infiltrate your brain and help you feel more satisfied. In order to do this, you need at least 8 hours of sleep each hour so turn your television off about an hour before you plan to hit the sack and curl up with a nice romantic novel.
It’s always there when I leave my office at the end of the day and if I’m too tired to go home and cook, the temptation to duck in for a burger and some fries can be almost irresistible some nights. Virtually all food except for things like onions, mushrooms and protein and certain cheeses will be broken down by your body and turned into fuel, i.e.
A healthy colon decreases your chances of developing tumours in your digestive system, making whole grains a smart choice.

The fibre in whole grains not only helps control your blood sugar and insulin levels, but leaves you feeling fuller longer than refined foods do. Whole grains have a more interesting texture than their refined counterparts, giving them an almost nutty flavour.
Limit your simple carbs as much as you can (sugar, sweets, etc.) and eliminate refined carbs completely from your diet.
When a complex carb is refined it loses it complex structure and thus all the properties that made it a healthy choice. Don’t overconsume protein as studies by the USDA has recommended 10 to 12 g per meal as being sufficient to maintain muscle mass.
But focusing on calories alone was not the best way to stay slim, according to the scientists. They included potato chips, which added 1.69lbs of extra weight, and sugar-sweetened drinks, which added one pound. There are, however, some easy to follow tips which can make your weight loss  journey a bit easier to manage and, hopefully, more enjoyable. That does not mean you should eat a big meal every three to four hours but you should eat something: an apple, two saltine crackers with some peanut butter on them, some carrots and greek yogurt dip.
My favorite is a small bowl of Greek yogurt with some blackberries because Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein.
But just because you want to get back to more food basics does not necessarily mean you have to go organic or vegan. I keep using the words “changing your eating habits” rather than “dieting” because if you want to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off forever, you will have to fundamentally change your relationship with food and how you eat. I would let it dictate how much I ate so instead of staying on a regular, consistent eating plan, my eating varied widely from day to day based on what the scale showed in the morning. Ensuring that you get enough sleep will energize your body for the next day which will help you be better prepared for trouble when it arises. Below are the reasons you should choose whole-grain pastas, breads and brown rice over their white counterparts. Why eat processed white breads and pastas that have had their nutrition removed as a way to preserve their shelf life? Having a balanced blood sugar level is an important way to maintain your weight, and feeling fuller means less mindless snacking.
There are plenty of ways to enjoy whole grains in cereals, breads, pastas, brown and wild rice and even salads made with grains like bulgur, kamut and quinoa. Instead it takes on the properties of a simple carbohydrate and is processed by the body in the same way. Thus, they are higher in fibre and will keep you feeling fuller for longer – great for weight loss. Its food pyramid also suggests a need for calories from complex carbohydrates to achieve a healthy weight. If you’ve tried more than your share of “miracle” diets only to find yourself back where your originally started, or even a bit heavier, don’t despair. It means instead of reaching for a glass of apple juice when you’re hungry or spooning some apple juice into a bowl, opt for a small to medium-sized fresh apple.
Using this simple but helpful tool helps me because when I go to a restaurant, I know what a serving of rice actually looks like because I regularly measure out one cup of rice before putting it on my plate. So, if you love ice cream, having a small ? of cup after supper will just hit the spot and let you feel that you’ve finished off your meal completely. Now, I judge by the way my clothes fit and I go into my doctor’s office once a month to be weighed on their scale.
I spent quite a bit of time figuring out and putting together a month’s worth of meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. And when  you’ve lost those three or four pounds reward yourself with something you’ve been longing for for awhile.
This is in turn processed with a hormone called insulin which is what allows the glucose to enter the red blood cells and be used as energy. White rice, white flour, white bread, sugary cereals, and pasta, noodles and pretty much anything made from white flour are all examples of refined carbohydrates. Slowly digested or complex carbs include soybeans so substitute soy milk for cow’s milk on cereal or in shakes.

This makes it easy to gain weight unintentionally, but also demonstrates the tremendous opportunity for prevention. There is a way to do this if you approach it from the right direction, and with the right attitude. If your body does not realize that,  it will think that starvation will be occurring and will automatically slow down your metabolism in order to conserve calories. I go back to weighing and measuring my food for a weeks’ time about once every six to seven weeks because I have noticed that, over time, my portion sizes start to creep up in size, no matter what I do.
As for that piece of chocolate cake being served for dessert at the dinner party on Friday night? Remember the old adage: You should eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner. It helped because it forced me to be accountable to “someone” even if it was just an online community. Getting weighed on a correctly calibrated scale once  a month also helps keep things in perspective.
Try to keep these rewards under $20.00 a piece, though so you don’t bankrupt yourself in the process! Foods with a low glycemic index will raise your blood sugar levels only moderately whereas food with a high glycemic index will cause higher levels in blood sugar. The fiber in vegetables and whole grains is very dense and contains far less calories than saturated fats or simple sugars. This reaction is a left-over from our caveman days when the vast majority of people died of either disease or starvation.
The apple has fiber in it and  it will take longer to digest, helping you stay full and satisfied longer. Be careful that you don’t fall into the group of people who use exercise as a way to eat more food. Once I had my monthly meal plan set, I went back to it and made up my shopping lists by week.
The more insulin your body produces to change food into energy, the more prone you will be toward gaining weight. Additionally, by methodically replacing complex carbs for simple carbs, you will be eating lower glycemic foods that will stablize your blood sugar.
By consuming these carbs with each meal you will begin the process of burning more calories than you consume, a key facet of weight loss. Making some whole grain pasta for dinner is a wonderful way to get your grains and boost your protein in one fell swoop.
Look at the side of the box where the nutrition information is provided and see how much is in a “serving size”.
Cut your serving in half after you receive it at the table and that will help minimize the number of calories you actually take in while still allowing you to be an active participant at the dinner party and enjoy a dessert like everyone else. Consequently, choosing more food with a lower glycemic index will reduce the amount of insulin your body is forced to produce thus making it easier for you to lose weight. If you top this dish with some Parmesan cheese, you will have an easy to prepare and highly nutritious meal. Exercise should be incorporated into your weight loss plan because it makes you healthier and will make you feel better and shed pounds more quickly, not as a means to an end for food rewards at the end of the day. When I am ready to grocery shop for Week #3, I just pull out my list for week #3 and off I go to the supermarket. I also keep a fully stocked pantry as well for nights when I want to deviate from my meal plan and cook spontaneously. You will probably be amazed to see that the amount you poured without measuring is quite a bit more than the “serving size”.

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