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If you want to get lean and sculpted, the best approach towards this goal is to burn the unwanted fat while preserving your valuable muscle mass. Losing fat without losing muscle is the best way to lower your body fat percentage to get toned and ripped. Before I go into the various things that you can do to lose fat without losing muscle, I want to point out a very important factor that affects which persons are more likely to lose muscle while in a caloric deficit, and the reason this happens.
The amount of fat that your body possess when you are starting to lose fat will have an impact on muscle loss. A person who has a great amount of fat (overweight or obese) tends to retain their muscles when losing fat, even when they are in a very aggressive calorie deficit. The reason this happens is the body's natural defense mechanism kicks in at a certain point when it believes that you are losing too much fat and will try to hold to the fat and burn muscle.
You see, naturally, the body likes to be at a set point of body fat (which may not always be your preference) and will try everything it can to maintain that level of fat whenever you reach that point. If your body realizes that you are losing too much fat it will respond by slowing your metabolism down, burn muscle tissue for fuel and try to hold on to the fat.
As I mentioned above a person who has a large amount of body fat could start with a lower-than-average calorie intake to lose fat and they would not have to worry about losing muscle.
A moderate calorie deficit would be about 20 % below your TDEE or calorie maintenance level.
The best thing to do to find the ideal calorie deficit for you to lose fat without losing muscle is to start with a deficit that's good enough to get significant fat loss, but keep tracking your body fat percentage and the way you look in mirror to find out if you are losing fat alone, or if muscle is going along with the fat. A small to moderate calorie deficit will cause fat loss to happen at a slow rate, but it is a good approach for avoiding muscle loss. But what if your body fat level is already around moderate, and you want to stick to a large calorie deficit to lose fat fast? Increasing your protein intake is an important requirement for building muscle mass, but protein also is very important for losing fat and maintaining muscle.
Calorie cycling is a dieting method that involves alternating between higher and lower calorie intake on different days.
Doing resistance training while in a calorie deficit to lose fat is a very important component of getting lean and maintaining muscle.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best form of cardio to burn off body fat without losing muscle.
Unless you are not able to perform intense cardio or don't need to perform cardio, try to include HIIT as your main cardio method in your workout. You will lose fat without losing muscle and burn fat more efficiently.
30 Days to Lean will teach you to eat and workout in a sustainable way to finally get the body you want. Easily syncs across all your favorite devices which means you can take it anywhere you like to workout. Interactive design, clickable links and video demonstrations means simple navigation so you don’t waste time scrolling for the info you need. This program is a result of years of research and experimentation, and everything I teach has been tested on myself and my clients. This was created to help you get into the best shape of your life and feel great about yourself.
However, if for whatever reason you decide that 30 Days to Lean isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. This program is designed for anyone ready to change their life and learn how to get the results they’re after. You should consult with your doctor to get permission to start any exercise or fitness program if pregnant, nursing, or just given birth. You don’t have to worry about counting calories, following macronutrient guidelines or any other tedious task. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Amazing blog and receive notifications of new posts by email and share it With your friends.

And lets not forget that muscle is also important for health, fitness and helping your body stay lean. On the other hand, a person with less fat (lean level of body fat) tend to lose more muscle and retain body fat when in a calorie deficit. However, the more lean that you are, the more likely it would be to lose muscle while in a very aggressive calorie deficit.
Depending on your results you may or may not need to adjust your calorie intake to make sure that your muscles are well-preserved. In such situation, the only way that you could create a large calorie deficit to achieve rapid fat loss without the negative consequences, is to use a strategic program that is specially designed to allow persons to rapidly shed fat without having their body turn on them.
There are a lot of debate in the health and fitness community about many things relating to gaining muscle and losing fat, but I observed that pretty much everyone agree that a moderate to high intake of protein is necessary for both muscle building and fat loss. Basically, with calorie cycling you'll be consuming more calories on certain days and less calories on other days. It will build and maintain muscle as long as it is given the right reasons to believe that there is a need for that muscle. It involves alternating between an exercise of high intensity and a low intensity exercise. The workouts are quick- but challenging, so you get a major calorie burn and then get on with your day.
I wanted to find a way to have the body you want, without restricting your diet to boring foods and starvation level calories. Men, women, fitness newbies and seasoned exercisers all have had success with the program (check out the testimonials above to see what we mean!).
Most plans either offer generic guidelines that leads to a lot of guess work or specific meal plans that are designed to get fast results but are not sustainable. Then you will benefit by learning the most effective way to workout from the beginning: high intensity, full body circuit workouts. That’s because the body is really good at adapting, so whatever training method you usually do gets easier for you overtime (not so good if you want to continue to lose weight).
With that said, assuming you have been cleared to workout, the nutrition plan is not a typical calorie-restriction diet so you will have plenty of calories and nutrients to keep mom and baby healthy- plus, we give guidelines on adding calories and meals if you are nursing and pregnant to help you figure out what works best for you.
Being happy and healthy is about finding balance and not obsessing over your workouts and meals and forgoing all other parts of your life. The nutrition plan and recipes were created to effortlessly get you to ideal nutrition intake for fat loss without having you do any calculations.
A lot of people think about getting in shape but few do anything about it and even fewer learn how to change their life for only $29 (special discount below if you buy now!). But to succeed in burning fat without losing muscle, you must have the right work ethics and use an optimal diet and workout program that would give you the desired results. Therefore, a person who is not very fat would face the risk of losing muscle if they cut too many calories from their diet and follow that eating plan long term.
An overweight or obese person could cut a larger percentage of calories from their calorie maintenance level and not lose muscle. If you consistently apply heavy weight lifting on the body that creates stress it will build or maintain muscle, because it will realize that you need it. Some people make the mistake of doing "high reps for light weights" when fat loss is their primary goal. A good example of a HIIT workout is to alternate sprinting type efforts for 30 seconds followed by 1 minute of a less intense effort like walking, and continue this pattern for 20 minutes. That’s why I wrote this book, to share the tools to transform your body in 30 days while providing a blueprint to keep healthy habits for life.
I found out the first week in, so it kept me even more focused on clean eating and exercising!

The meal plans and workouts are designed to help the average person lose fat, get healthy and change their current habits. 30 Days to Lean is in an easy to follow format to limit guesswork and any barriers between you and a healthy life.
The optional equipment recommended are a jumprope and a pair of dumbbells, however, all of the workouts can be done with your own bodyweight if you choose.
Don’t worry, all the workouts can be scaled to meet your fitness level and as you progress you will be able to make them more challenging so your body keeps responding! We suggest adding the workouts in a few days a week mixed with your current training, if you don’t want to halt your current program completely. It just doesn’t work any other way, so you don’t have to worry about unrealistic requirements here. A grocery list is provided as well as over 40 recipes and a meal plan to ensure you don’t eat the same day of meals twice.
That’s like 10 minutes with a personal trainer, or $1 a day, or whatever sales comparison we are supposed to mention right now.
The workouts are intense and effective, but instructions on how to customize them to your level are provided.
The meal plan and workout calendar will tell you exactly what you need to do every day so you get the results you want and start to form healthy habits that will carry on much longer than the 30 days. 30 Days to Lean comes with over 50 video demonstrations of every move done in the workouts so you will learn proper form and avoid injury-just like having a personal trainer! They are short and guaranteed to challenge even the most in shape person, that’s the beauty of HIIT (high intensity interval training), it never really gets ‘easy’!
There are no long cardio sessions, no workouts over 45 minutes (most are much shorter) and the recipes are planned to minimize your time in the kitchen during the busy work week.
No boredom and no guesswork so you ‘learn by doing’ and can continue to incorporate for many months to come! Bottom line, there’s no risk in investing in yourself because there is a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy for whatever reason.
You need to be lifting heavy enough if you want your body to hold on to your muscle, even if your primary goal is to reduce fat. My weight loss had definitely plateaued before I started 30 Days to Lean and now it’s just falling off.
Don’t worry if you aren’t ‘average’, there are specific instructions for what to do if you are pregnant, nursing, extremely overweight, vegetarian, vegan or just a really big guy.
It’s a blueprint for the healthy lifestyle you are after and will provide the tools you need to keep it going.
Also, each workout and exercise demo has specific directions on how to make a move or workout easier or harder. Okay, and if you really don’t want to do the workouts (or can’t because of injury) the nutrition plan and recipes alone will help you reach your goals-because nutrition is 80% of your results. And you may also gain some muscle if progressive overload happens during the training and the right conditions are present.
THIS PROGRAM ISN’T FOR someone looking for a ‘quick fix’ or are not interested in learning something new to make positive changes over the long term. This is truly a lifestyle that I live by and you added more knowledge to my nutrition and exercise bank!

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