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We are totally committed to protecting your security and privacy at House of Williams London. The Diamond is the birthstone of April and the anniversary gemstone for the 10th and 60th years of marriage. A diamond is the hardest substance known to humankind, and is made of a crystallized carbon that has unique powers of light reflection. A) When a ray of light touches the surface of a diamond, part of the light is reflected back, this is external reflection.
B) The rest of the ray penetrates the stone and is then reflected toward the center of the diamond.
C) The ray of light is reflected to the surface, where it is seen as the colors of the spectrum. The Clarity of a diamond is based on the number, location, size, and type of inclusions found in the stone. This Fancy Yellow Radiant ring setting features a matching pair of white brilliant cut trapezoids diamonds 1.05 tcw. Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Silver & Fashion Jewellery, Watches, Artifacts, Gold Coins & Bars.

What if the product is not available or "Out of Stock" once the order for purchase is placed and payment done?
In case of out of stock issues, customer can not change the product unless it is offered or approved by eGitanjali Ltd. If a refund is required we will always refund you immediately providing your payment has cleared in our bank account.
A classic round brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets : 33 on the top, 24 on the bottom, and the culet (1 point at the bottom). An inclusion is an imperfection or trace mineral in the stone that is visible under the magnification of a jeweler's loupe.
Though most diamonds may appear colorless to the naked eye, the majority of diamonds contain slight traces of yellow or light brown when viewed under a jeweler's loupe. We have exquisitely designed jewellery items of all Gitanjali brands like Gili, G'Divas, D'Damas, Lucera etc. Studies have shown that table size, crown angle, and pavilion depth have a dramatic effect on a diamond's appearance.Symmetry is a grading term for the exactness of shape and placement of facets. Each of the diamond's facets must be placed in exact geometric relation to one another when the stone is being cut.

The fewer inclusions the diamond has; the clearer, more brilliant and more expensive the diamond will be.
Depending on the stone's size, a single increase in color grade can boost the value of a diamond by thousands of dollars per carat. Making a bold style statement, this traditionally designed bangle is a perfect gift for your loved one. Variations in symmetry include off-center culets and tables, poor facet alignment, misshapen facets, out-of-round girdles, and wavy girdles.
Quality diamonds must be properly cut and not "spread", which means that the proper proportions are compromised to make the diamond weigh more. No two diamonds are exactly alike, and you must weigh all of the factors - color, cut, clarity and carat weight - when making your diamond jewelry buying decision.

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