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A study investigating whether youngsters can identify baby-like characteristics a€“ a set of traits known as the 'baby schema' a€“ across different species has revealed for the first time that even pre-school children rate puppies, kittens and babies as cuter than their adult counterparts. The discovery that young children are influenced by the baby schema a€“ a round face, high forehead, big eyes and a small nose and mouth a€“ is a significant step towards understanding why humans are more attracted to infantile features, the study authors believe.
The baby schema has been proven to engender protective, care-giving behaviour and a decreased likelihood of aggression toward infants from adults. The research was carried out by PhD student Marta Borgi and Professor Kerstin Meints, members of the Evolution and Development Research Group in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, UK.
The researchers carried out two experiments with children aged between three and six years old: one to track eye movements to see which facial areas the children were drawn to, and a second to assess how cute the children rated animals and humans with infantile traits.
Pictures of human adults and babies, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens were digitally manipulated to appear 'cuter' by applying baby schema characteristics.
The children rated how cute they thought each image was and their eye movements were analysed using specialist eye-tracking software developed by the University of Lincoln. The research could also lead to improved education in teaching children about safe behaviour with dogs. Professor Kerstin Meints, Professor in Developmental Psychology at Lincoln's School of Psychology, supervised the research. By sharing experiences such as book-reading, cooking or pretend play with babies as young as two, parents can help shape their children's lives for the better.
Gender stereotyping may start as young as three months, according to a study of babies' cries from the University of Sussex.
Researchers at the University of Waterloo have found that drawing pictures of information that needs to be remembered is a strong and reliable strategy to enhance memory. Social problems are key characteristics in psychiatric disorders and are insufficiently targeted by current treatment approaches. People who often mix their media consumptiona€”texting while watching TV, or listening to music while readinga€”are not known for being able to hold their attention on one task. Please welcome new short haircuts for rounded faces which are perfect for 2014-2015 season wear. If Pixie Cuts For Round Faces appeal to you there are many stylings that can work depending on your hair type. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Shoulder Length Hairstyles, Hairstyles For Square Faces, Emo Girl Hairstyles and Half Up Hairstyles.
In this great pixie hairstyle for black hair the side parting lets the short layers be easily seen.

This dark brown haircut looks like perfect velvet thanks to the delicate scissorwork that gives it a shaggy soft touch.
Take a look at this soft brown pixie hairstyle with a light wave over a part of the forehead. Styled round to frame the face this short pixie haircut comes with a deep front fringe hanging down to the eyes.
This soft pixie hairstyle naturally frames a round face with the hair hiding a part of the cheeks.
Cut stylishly to reach the back of the neck in short stacks this soft dark brown pixie hairstyle is great for a sensitive face. Dark brown hair frames the round face in curvy waves giving a soft and feminine look in this pixie hairstyle.
Here is a glossy brown pixie style layered haircut that may make you think of extra strong coffee. The natural curls are styled in this extra short pixie haircut to let some of the curly strands fall over the forehead. The hair is cut in short layers that add volume to the hairstyle in this wavy pixie haircut. In this sweet hairstyle for brunettes the short layered stacks make a beautiful frame for a round face. Check out this awesome side parted haircut in which the light strands fall across the forehead with a soft touch. Cropped very short this black pixie haircut lets the hair grow in increasingly shorter layers at the back of the neck. This pixie haircut for thick hair lets the strands make a heavy frame across the forehead in a formal retro look. Styled short to fall in playful strands kissing the eyebrows this sweet pixie hairstyle looks great with a round face.
The center parting gives a punk powerful quality to this short and vibrantly red pixie hairstyle.
See how the thick waves fall straight across the forehead nearly hiding one eye in this pixie haircut for a round face. The very short chic cropped pixie haircut defines the features of this round face while the baby pink hair color adds a punk feel. A haircut that is cool and contemporary this pixie hairstyle uses a front fringe with inverted V’s for a stylish effect.

Dark brown and thick hair is cut short to frame a round face while the asymmetrical cropped layers give a modern touch.
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We already knew that adults experience this baby schema effect, finding babies with more infantile features cuter. Independently of the species viewed, children in our study spent more time looking at images with a higher degree of these baby-like features. The same source images were also made less cute by giving the subjects more adult-like features: a narrow face, low forehead, small eyes, and large nose and mouth a€“ making this study more rigorous than previous work. Show us just about any little critter with a big round head and a pair of large, blinking-in-the-headlights eyes and cooing will ensue. When you have finally decided to try on a shortcut, you have to choose the one which will fit your round face shape.
A hairstyle can transform your face, and make it appear fuller or narrower according to how you want. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Today we bring you various options which will for sure suit your face and make you look different. When you get a haircut style it in line with your face cutting instead of some fashion fad at the moment. We have gathered good samples of stacked bobs with side swept bangs, classic ones, long pixies, retro inspired, asymmetrical, dimensional shag and many other bright and eye-catching options.
A short and easy to manage haircut a pixie style is great if you have a round face, and you can add some layers to make it more stylish.
That's a bold step for a new look and we hope you are going to find the one which will inspire you to make changes in your appearance. For a fine-featured face that is on the round side an extra short pixie haircut with a short fringe right across the forehead is a nice choice. You can go for an offbeat pixie haircut in which the center parting shows off the waves in front of the face.

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