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Maybe you are using Facebook for fun – connecting with your college roommate or even your 3rd grade friend. Andrea Vahl is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and is the co-founder of Social Media Manager School, an online training course for people who are looking to become a social media consultant or manager. Id like also to mention that social media sites like Squidoo, RedGage and Flickr help you show your creativitiy and make new friends. I would also add a couple suggestions – 1) By connecting your Facebook posts to automatically post to Twitter, one can gain more visibility and potentially more followers, as the Facebook posts in Twitter will link to the post directly in Facebook.
2) Use a social media scheduling system like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule a few posts for the future. It can be an extremely frustrating user-experience to view websites on a mobile device when the website isn’t mobile-friendly.
Google wants to show the best results on mobile devices so people continue to use their search engine. Google has been increasingly strengthening its recommendations to website owners to make their sites mobile-friendly. 2012: Google officially recommends responsive design as its preferred mobile-friendly approach. 2014: Google adds PageSpeed insights for mobile, adds warning labels next to mobile search results for sites which redirect mobile users to its homepage, and then for sites which use lots of Flash.
2015: Google majorly updates mobile search algorithm to prioritize sites which are mobile-friendly. Starting April 21 2015, whether or not you have a responsive website design will be used to rank website results in Google’s mobile search. Have a look at your current traffic: how many mobile search queries are you getting at the moment from Google?
When making the switch to a responsive design, there’s lots of things for a designer to carefully consider. Before mobiles and tablets became popular, designers and coders could rely on a site displaying at a specific width, which gave them complete control over positioning of items on the page.
While it is normally possible to take an existing website’s design and code and make it responsive with minimal visual difference for desktop users, a site which has been built with mobile usability as one of its primary goals will always generate better results.
If your answers to some of these questions are yes, redesigning may save you more time and cost in the long run than continuing to add on to your existing site. Ensuring a site is easy to navigate on mobile devices is important – but there’s a whole lot less space.

These days mobiles are not the only touch devices – tablets and even some desktop computers have touch support.
While content styling can be changed for different widths through responsive design code, a consistent approach is often the best. Created by designer – marketer duo Rachel Cunliffe and Dianna Huff, 101 Ways is a 67-page illustrated guide packed with straight-forward information on how to market your website. Divided into four sections, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Miscellaneous, 101 Ways covers everything you probably already know and a bunch of stuff you don’t.
Furthermore, Rachel and Dianna have clearly put a LOT of thought into this book, and include a ton of insightful ways to use a blog more effectively to generate results. If you have a product or service you would like to market to visitors who have already decided to come to this area, consider one of these ways you can reach the millions of guests. Social Media Expert Andrea Vahl shares why a Facebook Fan Page is the answer for your business! You simply don’t have time to add one more marketing gizmo to your growing to-do list. Turn your social know-how into marketing buzz for your work-at-home business using a Facebook Fan Page! When someone “likes” your Fan Page, they have given you permission to post in their news feed. Facebook and other social media sites can help you look bigger and more professional by giving you a consistent brand across several platforms. Take a look at Grandma Mary’s online Facebook tutorials and if you need more help, buy her How to Use Facebook to Grow your Business e-book! Google updates its mobile search algorithm to account for faulty mobile redirects and smartphone errors. The intention of responsive design is to serve exactly the same content and features to every user. Thinking about the mobile user experience is important: it makes you prioritize what’s needed and what’s not. Plus, every single one of the 101 tips is not only capable of driving big traffic but can be done for free. I write thoughtful insights (no hype!) into really improving your website through beautiful design and data-driven insights. All of the marketing techniques are proven and used around the world, yet they do not require a lot of time or special skills. Read MOMeo Magazine Business 101 for 6 ways to market your work-at-home business using a Facebook Fan Page.

You can remind them of your business or services every day or even every hour (although if you are going to post that often, make sure you keep things more social than salesy). When they “like” your page or comment on one of your posts, their friends will see that in their news feed.
It can take some time initially to get your Fan Page up and running and start getting more Fans but it’s worth it, I promise. As you can imagine, some website owners who do not have a mobile-friendly website are rather stressed about this change. If something isn’t important enough for mobile users to see, why is it important for desktop users?
Will this make sense for the way you’ve structured your site, or do things need to be rearranged and reorganized? Does it make sense to add other touch gestures – such as swiping through a slideshow or gallery?
This book helps professionals identify how to create customer loyalty programs, generate free 'word of mouth' advertising, promote their business from the outside in, develop a strong corporate image, and get results fast. The more places people find you and see you, the more likely they will remember you or at least click on one of the links to find out more about you.
Every time you post something on your wall, it is posted in each of your Fan’s news feeds which is a fantastic way to let people know about something new and exciting in your business.
When they see your website, your matching logo on your Fan Page and easily find you on Google, they assume you are a go-getter who will help them with your problem. Will your site feel overwhelmed by ads on mobile devices, where the screen space is much less? You also get a chance to establish your expertise in your field by posting interesting finds and helpful tips.
Which you are…as soon as you get a chance to shower and change into something without food stains. Have you been adding lots of features over time and things have ended up hacked together, buggy or difficult to use?
Will hiding these inside a toggle menu require multiple taps and make the site confusing or complicated to navigate?
Is it vital that your menu be accessible at all times, and should therefore be ‘sticky’ at the top of the page as people scroll down?

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