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Almost a year ago today, an alarming report was published by the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance  (InVS) describing a novel mosquito-borne disease on the Caribbean island of St. For those of you not yet familiar with this disease, chikungunya fever (pronounced as “chik-en-gun-ye”, here you can hear the correct pronounciation) is a disease caused by the chikungunya virus.
The virus was first found in 1953 in Tanzania, and until recently was considered one of many minor mosquito-borne diseases in Asia and Africa. While chikungunya is generally regarded to have a low mortality rate, 115 deaths have been attributed to the disease so far, mostly in very young or very old patients with other co-morbidities. Last years developments spurred a fresh wave of attention and investment in controlling chikungunya and its vectors. However, when I last logged in, there were hundreds of active participants, and I will be very interested to see the tools they’ll produce at the end.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! I wanted to write you guys an email about what an incredible business this has been and what the future looks like. The guy in charge of concessions brought his catering truck from DALLAS (200 miles away) where he owns a restaurant right across from the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. Thanks for creating a fantastic business that has changed the financial future of my family. We are waiting to hear back from the cold storage warehouse before we can place our shipment. This is probably one of the longest videos we have ever received at Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices. I was looking for an avenue to create additional income plus do something that my sons would also enjoy.
Most of my background is in the medical field as an administrative assistant, but I always dreamed of owning my own business.
It is actually true Italian ice and serves like ice cream, unlike some Italian ice that you buy in a small cup and that is so hard you can’t eat it. Shaved ice has all that sugary syrup all over it, and then the syrup settles to the bottom.
Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice, Family Run Business for 75 years located in Elizabeth, NJ. Filed Under: Customer Stories Tagged With: home business, Italian ice, Italian ice cart, italian ice carts, little jimmy's italian ice, texasAAARRRRGGGGHHH! We decided since we live on an island, we would do a pirate theme and sell “Shiver-Me-Timbers! May 25, 2011 by Dennis Moore Maria from Maria’s Italian Ice sells our Italian Ices in Upstate New York.
One of our newest customers just picked up a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice pushcart from our offices in beautiful Elizabeth, New Jersey this past weekend. Sign up here- This video is actually 15 minutes long- I sped it up 500% and reduced it down to 3 minutes. Using some multiplication you can calculate the amount of customers over an hour or all day. Little Jimmy's Italian Ices is proudly owned by Maglione's Italian Ice based in Iselin, NJ, since January 17, 2014. October first is a great day for many reasons, but it also marks the day for which I must wait before busting out one of my all-time favorite fall movies:  It’s the Great, Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! As no other work of animation captures the mood of the month more successfully than this work of art, each week this month I’ll be sharing a few screen shots from the movie. From an artistic perspective, this scene does a great job of capturing the feeling of early fall.
The first law states that 'Things want to keep on doing what they are already doing'.Understand it by watching this animated cartoon film.

However, a single mutation from alanine to valine at position 226 of the envelope glycoprotein of the virus led to increased adaptation in terms of infectivity to Aedes albopictus mosquitoes.
As of December 12, 2014, there have been 1,031,757 suspected and confirmed locally transmitted cases documented across 43 countries. One consequence of large localized chikungunya outbreaks is the collapse of local health systems due to the large number of patients seeking help, such as happened in Colombia. First of all, the large potential market of millions American snowbirds going to the Caribbean every year spurred the acceleration of vaccine development. For now, we have to accept the fact that chikungunya has become another fact of life in most of the Americas, just as dengue has, and that we can only protect ourselves and our loved ones by protecting against mosquito bites. He is a disease ecologist, interested in the complex relationships between hosts, vectors, pathogens, and their biotic and abiotic environment. He talked to me about bringing my cart ( I will need more) to his restaurant on game days, because he does a ton of business. By the way, my daughter and husband are going to be going to graduate school in Rochester, New York starting this summer.
I sometimes edit these videos to under five minutes, however in this case I thought it would be interesting to see the entire video from a customer’s point of view.
My sons would always want a slushie, but I didn’t like the idea of all that syrup that would eventually settle to the bottom, so I found a healthier and tastier alternative. After my husband sold his landscaping and lawn care business that he had for seven years, it was my turn to try entrepreneurship. She and her partner have a great location in an Indoor market in Texas and operate throughout all four seasons. The Manes’ have a great location in Atlantic, City, NJ and have all sorts of things lined up for this coming Italian ice season. Should you ever need to contact me you may call the school at 826-4200, write me a note and place it in your child's daily folder, or simply email me.
A patient, who started having symptoms of fever, joint pain and fatigue, was diagnosed with chikungunya virus infection. This adaptation led to a large outbreak in the French Island of Reunion in 2005-2006, which then spread further through the Indian Ocean to the India and SE Asia in general. The only countries without documented local transmission at this point in time are Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador and Peru.
Another issue is the potential economic effects, both due to lost productivity, and the reduction in tourism in affected countries. While many countries such as the Dominican Republic had hundreds of thousands of cases, local transmission is only starting in other countries such as in Paraguay. Although an experimental vaccine has just passed Phase I trials recently, it might take years until it gets licensed by the FDA. What we can do in other countries is to maintain and increase awareness, and educate the general public, especially those traveling to Central and Southern America and the Caribbean, to the dangers of chikungunya and mosquito bites in general.
It was very awful!, first I had only two days of high fever, I don’t had ronchas en mi piel, but i had 8 months of an excruciating joint pain. He is a physics major with a full tuition plus stipend scholarship and my daughter will have an opportunity to go to the Eastman school of music.
I had my co-workers sample the Lemon Ice, which they loved and wanted to know how to purchase, and if they could initially buy it by the pint (which I thought was a great idea)! Everything from getting the cart and setting it up, to attending an event, and the actual event itself. I have had the business for three months now and am actively trying to get my name out there. It is transmitted by mosquitoes in the Aedes genus, predominantly the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus). In 2007, a returning traveller from India initiated an outbreak in Ravenna, Italy, which resulted in 205 local cases. As vectors are present in some of these countries the lack of documented cases might be due to a  lack of surveillance or transparency rather than lack of transmission. This summer, I will be operating in the mall of Abilene in a prime location for the months of June and July.

Rochester is only a few hours from Elizabeth, so I will be coming up there to see you folks every now and then, and be able to write it off as a business trip, and go see my kids. Then on Saturday, we took it by Chase Bank, where we opened our business account, and had the employees and some of the customers try all the flavors. I remember trying to explain the reason for my horror at this to colleagues, friends and relatives during the Christmas holiday last year, and I’m sure many of you did the same. Martin, seroprevalence studies found that 12-20% of the population has been infected, which is still lower than the seroprevalence at the end of the outbreak in Reunion, so transmission might still continue for many months. Military as well – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a challenge on Innocentive to forecast the future dynamics of the outbreak.
The second half of the video is all about the air show that Leanne was watching while selling Little Jimmy’s Italian ice.
And now, the grandkids are celebrating their Italian heritage and learning how to make the delicious, old school, frozen treats! For instance, in Puerto Rico  only 20% of laboratory confirmed cases had been diagnosed with chikungunya and only 8% of cases were reported to the Puerto Rico Department of Health.
If 20% of the population in all of 43 countries with local transmission becomes infected, that would mean many millions more cases by the end of next year. I myself have tried responding to their challenge, but gave up after I realized that the method I was trying has already been done by the CDC months before.
Sorry if you found any written error, it because I’m learning English, so, be patient with me, please.
I didn’t think the Iced Tea flavor would rave all that well, but that is actually on of my favorites. The pain is apparently so bad that it gave rise to the name of the diseases, based on the term “chikungunya” meaning “that which bends up” in the Kimakonde language of Mozambique.
This may be because a portion of cases are mild or asymptomatic, as have been 40% of all cases on St. I have events lined up on almost every weekend in the other months, and will need to order more carts as the income from the mall pops in. And to make an “Arnold Palmer” flavor by mixing it with the Lemon, is a great idea!
Leanne observed Helicopter rescues, Fighter Planes flying overhead, parades, all while working- something you certainly cannot do from behind a desk!
There is no licensed vaccine (although there is ongoing vaccine development), and there is no specific antiviral therapy available, only supportive treatment (i.e. In addition to Florida, Aedes aegypti is also present in southern Texas, in several counties of California, and even in isolated locations in Georgia, providing conditions for local transmission in these areas as well. I could be doing 2-3 events a weekend now be because of the groundwork that I have laid over the past months. I have yet to take it by the Human Resource department here on the base for the individuals to try it as well. If you are interested in selling italian ices also give us a call at 800 763-4348 and we will help to get you started.
My goal is to hire good college kids or husband and wife teams to take carts and work events, giving them base pay plus incentives and expanding my business tremendously. The only good thing about this pathogen is that the number of deaths attributed to infection is low.
In addition,  in many of the countries involved patients might self-medicate outside of the public health system during a chikungunya outbreak and therefore not be detected. I know that there are risks involved, but I also know that there are really good people out there who need a job and would love to make good money part-time.

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