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Before coming up with a strategy for 2015, let’s look back on the success and failures of 2014. Optimizing your website and its media will give the mobile and on the go consumer a satisfying experience from their phones or tablet. Create visually engaging content across platforms from social media to your own vanity website. From social synergy to the impact of mobile search, digital marketing in 2015 is a new landscape of creative engagement, seamless integration and the customer journey. For more insights into the 2015 Top Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies For The Hospitality Industry, view our recorded webinar here. Milestone is a leading provider of digital marketing software and services for the hospitality and retail industry. Valley's top 50 fastest growing companies for the past three years and has been listed in Inc.
In less than a decade social media has revolutionised many businesses around the world, and the hotels and hospitality industry has certainly benefited from using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to attract, engage with and convert travellers into prospects and customers. Times and trends quickly change, and it’s important that hotel management keeps up with the latest digital developments and opportunities. Hotels such as Hotel De Hallen, Clarion Hotel Ernst, Hotel JLNo76, and Calrion Collection Hotel Aurora have jumped on the opportunity of involving this fun hash-tag into their PR & Marketing plans. If you are a hotelier and you haven’t jumped on the #hotelfie bandwagon yet, it is not too late. Wimintra JangninAbout the AuthorWimintra Jangnin is the Editor in chief of Hotel Intel.co and also coordinates the Business Development team.
If you haven’t done so already, begin strategizing for 2015 and start an action plan for your goals. As hoteliers, we are busy running the everyday operations of the hotel and may lose sight of the online guest experience prior to booking. According to recent report from SalesCycle, of the 1,000 consumers surveyed, 13% of them would abandon their booking online because the booking process took too long and the checkout was too complicated.

Focus on providing a captivating narrative when describing your hotel’s features on your website and on your hotel’s social media channels.
The key to success in 2015 will depend how in tune you are with what travelers want from digital property as well as what they want out of guest experience on property. As, socail media sites like facebook etc are good option for marketing of business .Thanks for sharing . Now a days there is a very tough to prove yourself and social sharing will create a your own image between them. With our eyes on every algorithm launch and search trend, Milestone has designed innovative strategies for online visibility, content engagement, conversion, ROI tracking and the user experience. Hotels are especially vulnerable to bad reviews and negative word-of-mouth – reputation can be crushed with a series of one-star reviews, particularly if they’re ignored. They are letting guests enter a #hotelfie competition, with the best photo winning some great rewards.
Start showcasing your hotel in a way that professional photographers would never be able to do … and perhaps would never dream of doing!
To date, there haven’t been any that have really pushed and boundaries in the creativity area – but who knows what’s in store.
With guest opinions and reviews being king now, the #hotelfie hash-tag is one more device that can put the spot-light on negative experiences at a property too. As hoteliers, we can agree that every year the end goal will ultimately be the same, which is to increase direct bookings that would in turn drive top-line revenue. That said, it is crucial that you take the time to really put yourself in the shoes of the traveler to find out how they are searching for you, what they are searching, and when they are searching for your hotel. Visitors want to learn what the experience will be like and this can be achieved through simple storytelling. Be mindful of what will convert a visitor into a guest along every step of the booking process and be everywhere where your guests will be. Inspire your hotel marketing strategy by looking at these driving forces in digital marketing 2015.

So, using social media for damage control is a key asset for brands working in these verticals. The last thing a hotelier would want is a guest posting a pout after experiencing under-par service or food. However, every year is different in the sense that we have to establish new strategies to meet the needs of the ever-changing web and evolving modern day traveler. In addition, check what comes up when they are searching your competitors and make a list of things you like to change and make a commitment in 2015 to work through that list.
Whether you want to join in the #hotelfie fun or not, it’s probably a hash-tag that you will want to check daily just to make sure your property is getting out there the way you want to be. As we begin 2015, let’s focus on managing your overall online presence and optimize for ongoing success. Amplify the experience of the hotel by creating a story that will engage the visitor and allow them to imagine themselves on a relaxing vacation with friends or family.
Be in touch with the next wave of technology while you think about how your hotel can gain a wider reach with travel consumers. What’s the use of having a beautiful and well-crafted website when your booking engine doesn’t seem to provide the same kind of impact? Nothing showcases a hotel’s features and amenities and conveys a total hotel experience in a more compelling way than through an array of multimedia factions including photos, virtual tours, and videos. People, especially millennials do not like to be sold to so be cautious of using any ‘salesy’ words. Instead, mention any unique features that your hotel offers that would be of value to the potential guest.

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