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Seeing the big picture of your digital and online presence to improve and optimize your online business growth is an essential part for any medical business specially for dentists and dental clinics. Your website is the most important aspect of your online marketing and is absolute key for attracting new patients in 2014. Video is the fastest way to bring your message across and to establish trust with your potential new patients.
Regardless what type of help you are looking for when it comes to web development and web design our team designers and programmers will take your website to new level of perfection. Fast-forward to today, mid 2014 mobile devices are much more powerful and the internet connection is much faster. Our targeted SMART SEO services for dental professionals are the most advanced in the industry. Video is the fastest way to bring your message across and to establish trust with your potential patients.
Off page optimization is very important for ranking as it shows the search engines that your site is the most popular and most relevant for your desired keywords. Services Studies have shown that over 60% of local searches result in a purchase being made by the searcher.
In November 2006 YouTube LLC was purchased by Google and since then Google has slowly started to prioritize YouTube Videos in each update of its search algorithm. All the above play a very crucial part in getting your video to the top of the  search engines and need to be worked on in the correct sequence to get the best possible outcome.
Social Media Marketing for dentists  and dental marketing has become one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business. Building a quality list of Facebook Fans is one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. Adding engaging Facebook applications to your Facebook page and rewarding them to visit your local or online store will help you increase your sales very fast.
Facebook app development: we can develop specific Facebook Apps for your Facebook page, that will increase the viral nature of social media by increasing with sharing voting and other action based social media advertising.
Advertise your products and offers (Apps and HTML pages) with Facebook adds to attract more customers. Twitter has become the most quoted information source for pop culture and news as it is the fastest way of sharing important news to your following. We will help grow your twitter following by using several proven twitter marketing strategies including conversation targeted campaigns. Through targeted hashtag enabled conversations we will be able to increase your Twitter following by using Twitter marketing strategies such as hash tag marketing to get more targeted followers to your Twitter page.
By using interlinking and engagement strategies as well as social media contests we will be able to increase the amount of your Twitter followers that convert into regular customers.
Seeing the big picture of your digital and online presence to improve and optimize your online business growth is an essential part for any medical business. We create content management systems that will feature PATIENT DATABASE, ACCOUNTING CAPABILITIES and much more!
When it comes to microblogging sites, customers and prospects are either there, or those that influence them are.
Are you unsure of how to best leverage microblog connections and microcontent for other online marketing efforts? Essentially the tool enables Gmail users to leverage the personal email contacts already made, as well as the entire Gmail community at large, to engage in conversations and share microblogging content. With Facebook Connect, marketers can create more engaging experiences on their websites by allowing site visitors to bring their Facebook life with them.
What tools do you use to cross-publish or syndicate your microblogging content to other channels? Por ello, primero que nada debes preocuparte por crear (o hacer que te creen) un producto o servicio que sea util, que resuelva los problemas de tu mercado. Pero un buen producto no es suficiente si nadie lo conoce, o, sobretodo, si tu mercado potencial no sabe que existe.
De que te serviria tener un gran producto o servicio si la gente que podria usarlo en su beneficio no sabe que existe?
Asi que una vez tengas el producto o servicio que satisfaga las necesidades de tu mercado, promocionate en internet.
Lee los articulos sobre promocion online en mi blog estrategias-marketing-online y en otros blogs de marketing, y promocionate en la web!
Descargalo desde la parte superior de la columna derecha de mi blog, debajo de la imagen de la portada, colocando tu nombre y tu email. Es muy cierto que sin promocion no existe las ventas o nada mas vendemos esporadicamente, me parece muy importante incursionar en el marketing on line de manera eficaz ya que en mi pais todavia no explota esta tendencia, pero existe un gran porcentaje de personas que utilizan la Internet para realizar sus transacciones, compras, viajes, etc. Susana Villalobos – Tu Coach de MarketingSusana te da tips y astucias acerca de como hacer crecer tu negocio a traves de sus recursos gratuitos como su blog, sus ebooks, sus cursos gratuitos y su Newsletter. Y te ayuda a acelerar resultados con sus cursos y con sus servicios exclusivos de Coaching. Las mejores Soluciones para Profesionales y Empresas de servicios?Eres un profesional emprendedor? Para acelerar resultados, Susana te ofrece los mejores cursos de marketing, y sus servicios personalizados como Coach de Marketing.

Having experts on yours side that evaluate and optimize your online presence to its fullest potential, is essential to any business growth – particularly in the medical field. When potential patients search online and find your website they will automatically make a judgement on your dental work based on the quality of your website – the should not but they will. As dental professional you know that trust is the single most important aspect for patients when making a decision on what dentist to choose. However as time goes by technology evolves and people have different expectations of what a professional website should look like. This might sound to often for some people, but the reality is that technology is changing and so are the expectations of consumers.
Still having those old mobile sites from 2012 that hardly have any information on them in today’s consumers view look very unprofessional and cheap.
We use cutting-edge quality SEO strategies to get you on the first pagefor all your search terms and keywords. As dental professionals you know that trust is the single most important aspect for patients when making a decision on what dentist to choose. These should be keywords that your potential customers will most likely use when they are looking to buy one of your products.
During this phase the destination URLs such as website destination video or hub-page will be optimized to supply the search engine spiders (algorithmic search programs) the most accurate and necessary information to rank as the most relevant web property.
As high as 75-85% of those doing local searches actually reach out to the merchant by telephone or visit the merchant in person. It is estimated that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.
It is estimated that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.
And there are several reasons for this, as Google decided back in 2006 to favor YouTube in its search algorithm but only based on interaction and social signals.
As YouTube videos allow more ranking signals than regular websites and YouTube in itself has extremely high page rank itself, Videos will always out ranking any website if all other aspects are the same. They include popularity algorithms that increase your search rankings based on Likes Comments and Views. Our medical Social Media marketing clearly has its focus on targeted customers acquisition and customer engagement with tools that help you up-selling and cross-selling to maximize your profits. With over 1.1 Billion users world wide Facebook is the biggest social media network available. We will grow your Facebook following by attracting targeted and quality followers to your Facebook page. With the help of Apps and active HTML pages on your Facebook page we can even build an attractive referral campaign for your products and services that makes your message go viral.
These Pages show up on your app section of your Facebook page and are great ways of adding website elements such as complex graphics landing pages or squeeze pages to your Facebook page and by that making your Facebook page more responsive for your advertising and marketing efforts. There are 200 million active users on Twitter and those users send an average of 400 million Tweets every day. Having experts on yours side that evaluate and optimize your online presence to its fullest potential is essential to any business growth particularly in the medical field. Medical CMS consist of two elements: the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA).
Microblogging can take on a life of its own – with users making connections, developing relationships and publishing content all from within.
Its recently launched Google Buzz tool is built into Gmail and enables sharing of updates, photos and videos all from within the inbox. It automatically pulls images from links and enables users to respond to content without ever leaving Gmail. Facebook Connect pulls Facebook users’ profile information, photos, connections and more directly to your website. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Si no tienes un producto que cubra las necesidades de tu mercado objetivo, no lo compraran y por lo tanto, no tendras ventas ni ingresos. Gana dinero vendiendo productos a la gente que lee su blog, y dandoles informacion y productos de calidad para los amantes de los buenos vinos. Porque supo cubrir una necesidad grande en Latinoamerica, ahora este argentino es millonario y la empresa fue comprada por eBay.
Tu mercado potencial (aquellos que pueden convertirse en tus clientes) tienen que conocerte para poder comprarte cuando lo necesiten.
Te debe haber ocurrido lo mismo que a mi: Cuantas veces te ha pasado que has necesitado algo y no has sabido donde encontrarlo?. That is why having a modern up-to-date website that reflects the atmosphere of your dental office and conveys the right message to you potential new patients is more important then ever. It seems to be very obvious that marketing your dental business with video marketing should be one of the most important marketing efforts for your dental business, yet so few dentists and dental professional actually do it. At MedicalOM we make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers. Our Medical OM team develops websites that can turn traffic into leads and leads into new patients, customers and raving fans. Our Medical OM team develops websites that turn traffic into leads and leads into new patients, customers and raving fans. If a person visits your website and is confronted with errors or a website that looks old and out of date the first impression visitors will have is that your business is either closed or that you are not a good enough professional to afford a proper website. This first impression will make people leave your website and go to your competition that knows the impact a good website has.

They invested in mobile sites that only had basic information on them and where very limited to what you could do with them. Working with many dental professionals nation wide we have gained the experience necessary to fine tune our SEO services for dentists to the needs your dentists in all region. Medical SEO strategies have their own challenges that need to be dealt with, with a special dental SEO service.
Working with many medical professionals nation wide we have gained the experience necessary to fine tune our dental SEO services to the needs of dentists in any region.
Your keywords are extremely important for your business growth and should be chosen wisely. It’s common for customers to start with local options when searching for goods or services. These aspects for ranking a YouTube video on Google have become even more dominate after the Hummingbird update (September 2013) and the resent Panda 4.0 update (on 19th July 2014).
After a high number of criticism Google included other video sites such as Vimeo in its latest algorithm update Hummingbird and Panda 4.0. Our Facebook marketing services focus on both new customer acquisition as well as up-selling and cross-selling to your existing customers.
The CMA element allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster.
Not only that, but the syndication process will be as simple as dropping a few lines of JavaScript. The tool connects with sites already in use, including Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and Google Reader. La clave del marketing es satisfacer las necesidades del mercado con tus productos y servicios, las necesidades de tu mercado objetivo, osea el mercado al que te estas dirigiendo (al que diriges tu blog, tu comunicacion, etc).
Tu compras tal perfume porque te gusta el olor o la imagen que proyectas, tienes tal celular porque va de acuerdo con los usos que necesitas, y vas a tal restaurante porque te gusta la cocina y el ambiente. Has buscado en internet y te has encontrado con decenas de sitios web de mala calidad que no te dieron solucion.
Dentist SEO strategies have their own challenges that need to be dealt with by professionals with experience in SEO for dentists that is why we specialize in Dental SEO service.
Keywords based on all the medical services you as a dental professional provide, are a very important factor.
As a dental professional on the first page of Google, you will be seeing increasing traffic and contact requests that will translate into new business for your dental business. Video and YouTube marketing is the best thing you can do to grow your dental business fast.
All SEO work can be focused on Off-page SEO to ensure that your now most relevant web content also becomes the most popular web content and by this ranking with the top search results of your desired keywords. By appearing higher on Google results pages as a result of site optimization geared towards local searches, your website will get exposure and visibility, helping to solidify your brand.
However as YouTube has been perfectly optimized by Google throughout the past years YouTube videos will still outrank all other videos if all other aspects are the same.
Getting your message heard and retweeted on twitter is a very effective way of broadcasting your message and increasing you social influence. Ahora bien, tengo que reconocer que a pesar de ello, los sitios web de descuento como Groupon o Grupalia se estan haciendo bastante conocidos y creciendo enormemente en el mercado. Pero repito: la promocion online es gratuita en dinero, pero no en esfuerzo, perseverancia y habilidad. Once the keywords have the right targeting you will need a copywriter for your dental content – a general copywriter will not get you the desired conversions and rankings. Included in our On-page search engines optimization Are important aspects like analyzing your competition, analyzing your website, and if necessary we will make specific changes to the fundamental web code on your website by assessing: Meta Tags, Content Optimization, URL Optimization, Site Structure and Social Media Integration. Ranking your social media sites for local searches will also give your brand very powerful social proof.
The features of a CMS system vary, but most include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control, and indexing, search, and retrieval. Ellos te compraran porque tu producto o servicio resuelve sus problemas o les hace la vida mas facil.
Y meses despues te cruzabas con una empresa que ofrecia el producto que necesitabas, de muy buena calidad, pero ya no lo necesitabas. Pero si estas grandes empresas pierden algunas ventas, te imaginas cuantas ventas pierden las empresas pequenas que no saben promocionarse y que son la mayoria de casos?
With our Local SEO services we will not only help you rank your usual Google Places listing but also focus on ranking your social media sites for specific keywords. Empieza por comprender que necesita tu mercado, que comprarian, y luego, produce lo que quieren.

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