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The team here at 3D Marketing Solutions brings many years of experience in a wide range of marketing and communications fields. CookiesThis site uses cookies.By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Video realizado em Troia para a colecao Edicao Limitada da maior marca portuguesa de bikinis.
Realizamos a campanha da Feira de Marco 2016, a maior montra economica da regiao centro de Portugal. Criamos e desenvolvemos o stand da marca francesa Renault para o concessionario Entreposto A. Produzimos e realizamos o video do empreendimento ICON, na cidade do Porto, para a empresa Civilria. Produzimos a apresentacao do novo Renault Megane nas cidades de Aveiro, Albergaria, Sao Joao da Madeira, Oliveira de Azemeis e Santa Maria da Feira para a empresa Entreposto A.
A nova plataforma online da Sociedade Portuguesa de Ceramica e Vidro foi criada e desenvolvida pela INvisual. Estamos a desenvolver fotografia de produto e o novo website da marca de cadeiras de escritorio Alital.
Ideal for marketing, photomontages are also becoming a prerequisite for Council applications, allowing them to understand the implication of the proposal against the immediate local environment.
Plans and specific building finishes are intricately measured and digitally modelled to showcase the floor plan with selected materials and furniture layout.
Animated fly throughs allow you to explore the digital realm of your prospective project, these digital environments help communicate the understanding of relative spaces. Email marketing has become one of the most preferred internet marketing tools of varied businesses to generate business leads and drive sales opportunities. A email marketing newsletter is a document that notifies, advises, communicates and advertises about a business to its target audience and customer base. When comparing to other public relation tools such as telesales, press advertisements or postal services, newsletters are very cost effective and their results are measurable. Emails can be trackedInformation is a powerful ally when is comes to the promoting your business products or services, you can easily measure your subscribers interest into your offer. You get a higher ROIROI is significantly higher on average compared to other forms of media including direct mail.
Stay connectedYour newsletters can be easily seen on the go by any of today’s mobile technologies. John has an E-commerce site and wanted to promote his top selling products to people who have signed up to his monthly newsletter, he had no easy way of sending emails other than by outlook and had no ability to make then look nice nor track how successful his promotions had been received. With a little investment in time John has learnt to use our marketing system and had seen an increase in sales.
If you would like to discuss our services further or have any comments please us the button at the bottom of the page or give us a call we could do with the break.
A Little BiographyAxisware are a UK software development company based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. A Buzz 3D Interface is the World's most flexible and cost effective solution for simulating reality within an interactive Virtual space using little more than a 3D gaming laptop.
Planogram workflow is fully supported using either a Buzz 3D standalone template or integrated with your existing planogram software. Overview of adding, editing and repostioning products, POS and gondolas within the 3D scene. Temporal Heat Mapping - realtime eye tracking results displayed as both per-product sequencing and per-pixel diffusion.
Product interaction - discover how two products are picked up, interacted, zoomed into and compared before adding to the basket.. We draw on 14 years experience as we begin a new era under our new brand. We look forward to working with you as we grow and develop our range of 3D services.
Think 3D, think 3D Design Bureau – Delivering Quality Design, Planning & Marketing Solutions. Our dealings with 3D Design Bureau have been characterised by top quality service and complete professionalism. The complex brief involved the modelling of a proposed large private house to demonstrate the impact of the development on neighbouring properties.
3D Design Bureau have carried out 3D Visualisation work on a number of our residential and commercial projects over the past 5 years. KANsolve Technologies is a leading software development company specializing in custom software applications.

Kaona€™s interactive 3D Product Models (which look and behave exactly like the actual products) allow you to control your own interactive product demonstration on any device. 3D Product Models are created ONCE, and reused everywhere by Sales and Marketing personnel without having to be re-formatted, re-created, or re-developed, allowing for a consistent customer interaction every time a customer encounters your product. The Kaon v-BriefA® interactive storytelling application, communicates your unique value story through a variety of real-world scenarios that solve a customersa€™ business challenge. The Kaon v-Brief is created ONCE, and reused everywhere by Sales and Marketing personnel without having to be re-formatted, re-created, or re-developed, allowing for a consistent customer interaction every time a customer encounters your product.
In order to differentiate ourselves we must cost-effectively create a consistent and convincing product experience everywhere that Sales, Marketing and customers meet. BUTa€¦ PowerPoint slideshows, videos and brochures arena€™t compelling enough, so prospects dona€™t remember key product messages.
ANDa€¦ when I develop marketing content, I end up having to create something unique for each venue or piece of hardware a€“ we just dona€™t have the budget or resources. In order to accelerate Sales cycles and close more opportunities, we must deliver engaging and persuasive product information, at a momenta€™s notice.
BUTa€¦ products arena€™t always available for Sales demonstrations and can be very expensive to ship. ANDa€¦ even if a product is available, ita€™s difficult to show how it works and I often dona€™t have a product expert available to demonstrate all the product features.
The award winning Kaon Application Delivery Network (ADN) revolutionizes interactive sales and marketing by giving savvy B2B companies an easy, cost effective way to deliver interactive product and solution demonstrations globally, to unlimited users, on any device, without paying to reformat the application or its content. Using the Kaon Share Card, marketers can easily and quickly share all versions of the Kaon interactive application on all platforms (e.g.
For the first time marketers are able to eliminate the need to migrate or re-create interactive appications when moving from one operating system or browser to another, better leveraging their initial investment. Available on: Android, iOS, Kindle, laptop, desktop, Web and Kaon v-OSK MT touch screen appliance. The Kaon ADN includes powerful analytics for tracking and measuring all aspects of user engagement, delivering real insight into the effectiveness of 3D Product Models and interactive storytelling applications. Kaona€™s innovative database-driven design provides companies with the unique capability to quickly and cost effectively deliver multiple language translations within one interactive application. The new Kaon Application Delivery Network (ADN) eliminates the hidden costs of maintaining interactive 3D product applications on multiple platforms, ensuring that these engaging experiences ALWAYS work. Jump right into an interactive 3D product demonstration anywhere, anytime on your mobile device. Looking for a tool that will allow prospects to obtain a deeper understanding of your products and increase the average length of stay on your website? Laptops are the most ubiquitousA tool currently used by Sales teams, Channel Partners and Marketing professionals. Kaon's 3D product applications incorporate 3D Product Models, product messaging, video and collateral to explain a producta€™s benefits and accelerate the sales cycle. Kaon's 3D product applications run natively on iOS and Android phones without an Internet connection, giving your team the freedom and flexibility to engage with prospects and present their products like never before. In addition to two-finger zoom, pan, and measure, the six-point multi-touch hardware supports a variety of intuitive touch gestures, as well as multiple users engaging simultaneous with content, allowing for an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and gesture integration.
Available in 40a€?, 46a€? and 55a€?, the smaller-sized bezel and narrow profile create a sleek, modern appearance, perfect for any B2B Sales or Marketing environment, occupying less space in your trade show booth or Executive Briefing Center. This free-standing product demonstration rack offers an interactive, highly-realistic and engaging way to demonstrate and differentiate complex rack-based products and solutions while clearly showing how they integrate and work together, something that would be almost impossible to demonstrate on the physical products within a server rack. From helping you to set up a customer database to social media and email campaigns with info and tempting special offers, we can can help you out.
Whether your business currently has no marketing team in place or recent expansions have exposed gaps in your marketing provisions, let 3D Marketing Solutions be your marketing team. Not only that, but we have a network of associate consultants who bring other skills to the team when needed. These plans help create a sense of scale and movement in the space by exhibiting spatial relationships.
Arch Media Solutions personalise each fly through by incorporating music and commentary to suit your needs. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. When your messages are targeted to your audience they will be more engaged and responsive to your newsletter. He is able to see who was interested in which products, has been able to work out which time is best to send the newsletters, his site has seen a rise in returning customers and has been able to obtain new business from sharing his newsletters on social media sites.

We are a highly skilled team of professionals with many years knowledge developing software and eCommerce websites to the highest standards. Gone are the days of meticulously laying out planograms - simply drag and drop products onto shelves in a Buzz 3D environment. We have watched as 3D Design Bureau brought our ideas to life, everything from floor plans to interior design and landscaping – no request was too complex and 3D Design Bureau at all times placed our satisfaction as their number one concern.
3D Design Bureau were quick to understand and able to deliver a highly effective set of images.
The standard of their work is excellent and they always produce the required images in a timely and professional manner. Our creative and highly experienced team of software development consultants are able to provide solution to any software development challenges your business is faced with. The Kaon ADN enables a a€?create once, use everywherea€? approach to developing your interactive 3D product applications. Unique to the Kaon ADN, analytics are tracked both online and offline, and across all devices, allowing marketers to understand how frequently people use their applications, what paths they take, and what products or content is of interest to them. Regardless of device or geography, these experiences are now put into the hands of the people who need it most (prospects, customers, sales teams, channel partners and marketing professionals).
Kaona€?s interactive product applications incorporate 3D Product Models, product messaging, video and collateral to explain a product's true value and accelerate the sales cycle. Ita€™s time to replace your static product photos or videos with interactive 3D Product Models and Interactive Solution Storytelling Applications that grab a usera€™s attention and transform their passive sales process into an active, dynamic one. Sales teams, Channel Partners and Marketing professionals demonstrate entire product portfolios with an intimate hands-on experience all on their Smartphones. Greater modularity of the Kaon v-OSK MT computer platform allows for easy field replacement and upgrades. If this sounds familiar, we can help make the changes you need to generate business from your online activity. Perhaps you are worried about having a one-person team and what happens if they get sick or have to take holidays? With a simply web interface you will be designing your own newsletters in minutes, not hours! Buzz 3D can recreate everything from the Virtual Store to simply an aisle using Virtual Shelf. The team were highly communicative & cooperative which I believe was integral to the successful delivery of the high quality CGI’s. This allows for applications to be re-used across all devices, saving marketers significant content re-creation costs and time to market. This insight gives marketers tools to refine their messages and increase the applicationa€™s usefulness. The ability to create a consistent message internationally is a game changer for brand marketers. Applications are continuously updated to support new operating systems, devices and web browsers and Kaona€™s 3D Product Models, interactive solution stories and collateral are updated in real-time, without a trip to the app store.
Available to unlimited users, Kaon's applications allow customers, Sales teams, Channel Partners and Marketing professionals to demonstrate entire product portfolios with an intimate hands-on experience, regardless of geographical location.
Visitors will delve into animated product features, see differentiators and benefits with a personalized experience they will remember, because of their high level of engagement with your website.
These applications show 3D product demonstrations and interactive solution stories and communicate product complexity in a visual way that customers remember, and reveal features not easy seen or understood, even with the actual product present. Having 3D Marketing Solutions provide you with a Virtual Marketing Team makes these problems disappear. The intelligence built into the Kaon Share Card recognizes the usera€™s device and directs them to the appropriate iTunes App Store, the Google Play Marketplace, the Chrome Web Store, or to launch the application directly within their modern web browser.
We provide solutions to a wide range of industries and professions working with clients throughout all stages of their projects. By clicking on the social media buttons within the Kaon Share Card, companies can post social media links that drive people directly to their interactive applications or 3D Product Models.

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